Last minute thoughts about the election? Halloween? Local events? Perhaps its time to have an open thread without topic. Too much structure is not always a good thing, even though we aren’t the structure police. Enjoy.

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  1. Yeah….I know a community columnist that wants events and stories about your happenings. She’s a great gal and really nice (outside of Anti, that is heee heee…).

    Send your articles to:

    Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
    Freelance Writer for News and Messenger
    Brentsville, Bristow, Nokesville, Gainesville & Haymarket

    Please keep your hate mail here in Anti. πŸ™‚

  2. Information Only..

    Palin to hold rally in Leesburg Oct. 27
    By Staff
    Source: Loudoun Times-Mirror

    The Loudoun County Republican Committee announced that Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, will hold a rally Oct. 27 in Leesburg at JR Festival Lakes. Gates open at 7 a.m., and the rally is set to begin two hours later.
    Complete story here.

  3. Oh yeah and one more thing….she says she will NOT discuss immigration on any level in her articles, on interviews or on the telephone. That subject and rants about the BOCS are off limits. She thanks you for your consideration.

  4. Alanna

    Congratulations Katherine on your new assignment. I will be sure to keep you informed on local events here in Haymarket.

  5. Thanks! I need some for the upcoming deadline which is this weekend. πŸ™‚

  6. Not Me, Bubba

    I saw Greg L on 66 yesterday afternoon in rush-hour traffic. HIs truck is plastered with bumper stickers for RW republicans. The one that really stood out was the John Stirrup one…LOL

    I had to do a double look, but it was him alright. At least he didn’t violate HOV and get into those lanes….if he did, I would be here telling a whole different story! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Okay, carry on…had to share…

  7. Censored bybvbl

    Congrats, Katherine!

  8. πŸ™‚

    Just saw my own column and had to giggle. Okay, I’m a geek. I’m tickled!! Can’t wait to hear the comments from “the dark side.” That in itself should be a RIOT!

  9. Information Only..

    Computers are down at all BB&T banks and their ATM’s are down too. If you plan on cashing a check today they have a limit of $100 check cashing limit.

  10. ShellyB

    What? Pinko is a columnist now? Where where where? Congratulations are in order. It’s really great how the presence of alarmingly extreme xenophobes in the area has pushed so many good people into action. There always has to be a spark. I guess that’s the good thing about Corey Stewart coming to town. He may have mobilized all the nutty extremists, but the result has been the empowerment of some of the county’s most intelligent and forward-looking thinkers like Katherine, Alanna, and Elena, and their engagement with some of the most outspoken here on this blog. It’s amazing how well this has all turned out considering where we were a year ago. Thanks to the brave ones. And thanks to the incognitos too!

  11. marie

    Congrats, Katherine.

    My comment for the day. I will be sooooo glad when the election is over. I am so sick of the negative ads, back biting and bickering.

    Heading out to the Study Circle tomorrow morning at George Mason. Hope some of you will join us. There is room for more.

  12. Chris

    I will be there! I’ve been trying to get others to join us.

  13. Moon-howler

    Chris, once again you are to be commended on your efforts to invite people from a variety of postions on immigration. I guess those who have been critical of you behind your back think they are too good to sit down and exchange ideas. I think those types feel that bullying is the only way to get their point across.

  14. Thanks, Marie, and yes, Shelly, I’m Pinko, reporting live from…my basement. πŸ™‚

    Marie, I agree. I cannot WAIT until this nasy election is over. It gets worse and worse the closer we get to 11/4

  15. Censored bybvbl

    Has anyone else seen “W.” and ,if so, what did you think of it? DH and I saw it recently and liked it. Neither of us are or have been GWB supporters but thought the film handled the material pretty evenhandedly. It’s a work that will probably fair better in the future when it may be possible to view it as a kind of Shakespearean tragedy. Right now the wounds from his presidency are too raw to cut him that break.

  16. ShellyB

    People who go after Chris are not “too good” they are too insecure to exchange ideas in a setting where someone could actually challenge those ideas.

  17. ShellyB

    Basement? I thought that was a cliche. I blog from my bedroom.

  18. ShellyB

    Censored By, regarding W, it looks like a SNL skit that never ends, from the commercials. Do you ever begin to believe this is a real story unfolding, or does it always feel like a spoof? Is it structured like a rags to riches movie like La Bamba?

  19. My basement is my office and our family room. πŸ™‚

  20. Red Dawn

    Congrats KG πŸ™‚ I have a suggestion for you. Go visit Roy Parker and get some REAL history of PWC.

    Here is the link on BVBL, I suppose was WAITING for you πŸ™‚ see comments πŸ™‚

  21. Censored bybvbl

    ShellyB, it felt like a real story, but it’s hampered by its immediacy. That’s why I think it, the treatment of his personal story and not his presidency, may be viewed more favorably in the future – because the SNL skits will be something that comes to mind and that’s a problem to overcome (as well as the botch he’s made of everything). Some of the actors are much better at avoiding the SNL pitfall than others.

    It focuses on his attempt to gain his father’s approval or admiration and how he ends up being in over his head – rising to the level of incompetence. The only other US president that I quickly think of when it comes to classic tragic figures is Richard Nixon – another Prez that I didn’t like or vote for.

  22. –Here is the link on BVBL, I suppose was WAITING for you see comments —

    Red, I only report on certain areas. Can Roy help?

    Also, please POST the comments here on Anti for my reading amusement. Remember, I am banned there!

  23. Guess I’m not banned anymore! I think Roy might be out of my area though. I’m reporting for Brentsville, Bristow, Nokesville, Gainesville & Haymarket.

  24. Red Dawn


    Bristow is on the border of Nokesville and I am not certain but Bristow never seemed to be spoken of as an “area “( here goes my written handicap) called Bristow. It was always considered Manassas heading out toward Nokesville.
    I think there was confusion and questions raised when Nissan Pavilion came about and the DISTINCTION of Bristow, VA. ( otherwise, headed in the Nissan Pavilion direction it was Manassas toward Centreville) Handicap button off. I know there was an article about the confusion!!! I will search πŸ™‚

    ANYWAY, Roy is full of knowledge of ALL the areas!!!!! WE even talked about a cover up of a slave jail, etc.,….cool stuff. I will try to find the article about the confusion of Bristow, Va πŸ™‚

  25. Red Dawn

    Where is Big Dog or Poor Richard? They would know what I am talking about.MJM achieves? Nobody ever referred to the area as Bristow, until Nissan Pavillon established and it even had the old timers scratching their heads and saying where is Bristow? LOL
    Roy can tell you the history of Nokesville, Warrenton, the Shennandoah Valley and how all the areas came into play πŸ™‚

    Still searching for the article….

  26. Red Dawn

    I give up searching. I used to know how to do that online until they (MJM) changed the format around. It is neither here nor there. You are writing in an area rich in history and full of stories. I just suggest speaking with him for the start of your journey πŸ™‚

  27. Loudoun

    “This poll shows the American people, no matter their politics or ethnicity, want public officials to enforce federal immigration laws. It is difficult to find any political issue that inspires such unanimity,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The presidential candidates and the media have virtually ignored the illegal immigration issue in this campaign but it remains an important issue to voters. And the message from the American people on immigration is clear: Enforce the law. End sanctuary policies. And stop using tax dollars to help illegal aliens find illegal jobs.”

    “71.5% said they agree local law enforcement officers should enforce federal immigration laws, including 51.5% of Hispanics and 56.2% of self-described “liberals.” ”

    This poll reinforces the fact that the MAJORITY of people (which means those in PWC like Help Save Manassas, Corey Stewart, John Stirrup, etc. are not a vocal minority, but a VOCAL MAJORITY) want local law enforcement officials to aid in the enforcement of illegal immigration.

  28. Chris

    “Real Bristow” is located off of Rt. 28 on Bristow Rd. If you are traveling from Manassas south on 28 you make a left on to Bristow Rd just before the railroad tracks are few old houses and Rollins Store(no longer open) there has always been a green state sign reading BRISTOW.

    I think the sad reality regarding Nissan is they didn’t want to say it was in Gainesville or Manassas, because not many knew where Bristow really was. When my family migrated from Warrenton they went to live in Brentsville just a couple of miles past Bristow.

  29. A loving son, a devoted brother, a cherished friend.

  30. Moon-howler

    Quoting Judicial Watch as an unbiased source makes as much sense as me quoting Mother Jones as an unbiased source.

    I don’t believe thinking people want to pay for their police force to do the job of the Feds. What unfunded mandates would the Feds have us take over?

    Our police force here in Prince William County will never chase down ‘the illegals,’ regardless of how much some wish it so.

  31. IVAN

    News reports state that the reason Obama is polling ahead of McCain in Colorado is because Hispanic voters have been leaving the GOP and switching to the Dems. in large numbers this election cycle. It would sure be ironic if the Battle Ground state that put Obama over the top was the one whose outcome was determined by the Latino population of the state. That would make for some pretty interesting topics-post election. Of course, those same news reports also state that if Obama takes Virginia it’s virtually over anyway. I wonder how the Hispanic vote will go in this area?

  32. TWINAD


    It will be interesting. I can tell you my brother in laws (if they could vote) would be voting for McCain. They are a little irked with my Obama sticker! My husband would support Obama if he could, though. My BIL’s are still associating McCain with the way he was when he worked with Ted Kennedy on the immigration bill. They liked him then and their feelings haven’t changed.

    You know, the Latino evening news is the best news around. You flip to the big 3 and they do a lot of fluff pieces even during the “heavy” news hour. Don’t get that from Jorge Ramos on Univision. Straight talk news on the issues of the day. The big three could learn a thing or two. If you talk to a Latino that watches the daily news, they are very in tune with what the big issues of the day were and are.

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