Today’s MJM is just full of stories about misbehavior and vandalism– basically, people not having respect for other people’s property or other people’s opinions. Major vandalism happened in the Virginia Oaks neighborhood in Gainesville, where spray paint was used to write all sorts of unattractive epithets about Senator McCain on people’s homes. The vandals also spray painted Target, Giant and Best Buy in the nearby shopping center.

Back in Manassas, the vandalism went the other way(see picture above):

Residents in and around the city on Friday lamented that this year’s presidential race has drawn such passion that placards are being destroyed or snatched from yards under the cover of night.
Charlotte Boynton, who’s lived at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Tudor Lane in Ma-nassas for the better part of three decades, erected a handmade sign bearing the message, “Real patriots do not steal signs,” after thieves swiped an Obama-Biden sign from her front lawn.
A Quaker, Boynton had previously put up an anti-Iraq war sign that stated, “War is not the answer.” It fared better than the Democratic candidates’ sign, which she noticed Monday was missing.

Is this vile behavior just kids doing a little pre-Halloween vandalism or is this nastiness rooted in partisanship? I would like to think it is just kids out who need far more supervision. Surely adults don’t think this is the way Americans act or that their candidate will fare a bit better by stealing a yard sign.

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  1. I didn’t read ALL the comments here NGL. I was busy over the weekend. I think everyone has to stop. The polls are going to end up being dangerous places if we don’t.

  2. I meant “Hello” not NGL.

  3. Hello,

    If you are against assuming who did the crime, then stop assuming who is posting here.

    ––yes, I am aware of that (Republicans on this site) but I think that the number is much lower than what is claimed.–

    So people who don’t talk about their political preference, are Independents, or others here are liars?

  4. hello

    Wow Pinko, once again your putting words in my mouth that I never said. I was answering a point Moon-howler made. The only thing I said is that I know there are Republicans here, but not as many as it’s portrayed. Did I ever call anyone a liar? Please read the whole thing before you accuse me of this type of stuff.

  5. When you say “not as many as portrayed” you are calling people who say they are Republicans LIARS. And you are assuming people like me who are Independent are LYING. I don’t have to put words in your mouth when you already said it with your own mouth.

  6. hello

    Oh give me a break… try another tactic why don’t you. If that is what you got out of what I said your dead wrong.

  7. Choose your diction more carefully if you want to avoid miscommunicating. And clarify. What WERE you trying to say?

  8. hello

    Pinko, to set the record straight, I always here about how many Republicans are here on this site. However, I feel that a majority of the posts don’t reflect that. There, I’m done with this subject with you. Lets move on…

    Maybe you can answer my question in my post above, why is it that the story of the crazy lady who made up the story of being attacked all over the news but the real thing (which I posted a link of above) isn’t?

  9. Because the media reports what the media wants to report. Outside of that, it could be no one investigated it until it was discovered to be a fraud. Not all police activities are reported on, especially when we don’t know the whole story.

  10. — However, I feel that a majority of the posts don’t reflect that.–

    Maybe the Republicans are just quieter! 🙂

  11. hello

    Also, how do you feel about the vile Holloween decorations being put up? One has Palin being hung by a noose:

    Another has McCain dressed in a KKK outfit chasing Obama:

  12. HORRIBLE! Unacceptable. This is why we have graffiti “artists” and thugs. The propaganda and hate are going both ways and it’s really killing any chance we have of uniting and fixing this damn country.

  13. hello

    Pinko, you stated “Not all police activities are reported on, especially when we don’t know the whole story.” and I agree with that. However, that doesn’t explain why the Manhattan McCain volunteer being hit in the face with a stick didn’t make it to the “top news stories”. It was investigated fully, here is the police report to prove it:

  14. hello

    Pinko, I couldn’t agree with you more when you said “The propaganda and hate are going both ways and it’s really killing any chance we have of uniting and fixing this damn country.”. I just feel one side of the story is being deliberately ignored by the media.

  15. I wonder if the blog owner sent it to the press. That’s the other thing. Unless the press is notified, no one knows.

  16. hello

    I don’t buy the “unless the press is notified” excuse. So by that logic the press has to be notifed before they report on a story? How were they notified about the quack that made up the story of being attacked? Wouldn’t they have known of this report of a real attack?

  17. hello

    Also, about the Halloween decorations, they weren’t done by kids, graffiti artist or thugs. There were done by grown adults, the one who dressed McCain in KKK gear is Ron Havens, “a staunch backer of Obama’s bid for the White House”. The Palin hanging by a noose was done by Chad Michael Morrisette, another grown adult. That is the scary part, these things aren’t being done by “kids”. So why is it so hard to believe that the vandalism in this thread is being done by adults? For some reason it’s automatically assumed that only kids would do this, here is proof that it’s not just kids.

  18. Again, the press reports what they want to report. Actually, the less they report on crap like this, the better in some ways. Why encourage people like the graffiti artists?

  19. Could BE adults, Hello. DISGUSTING. What are we teacning our kids about democracy when we act like this?????

  20. hello

    great question Pinko. 🙂

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  22. TWINAD

    With all the businesses that were damaged, I will be very surprised if there is no video of the culprits spray painting Giant and Best Buy especially. I hope the video is released…there has got to be something.

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