According to the Gainesville-Times, Corey Stewart is not too happy with the McCain Campaign because Senator McCain did not address the immigration issue. McCain supports a pathway to citizenship and co-sponsored an Immigration Reform bill in 2007 which went down in defeat.

Apparently, Corey Stewart felt that the McCain Campaign dissed him and his fellow Republican leaders at the October 18 rally at the County Complex:

…Stewart resented what he perceived as the McCain camp’s attempt to distance itself from the county’s crackdown.
“We had no real place other than getting introduced through a long line of people,” Stewart said of his fellow Republican county supervisors, referring to an honorees list read by Clerk of the Circuit Court Michele McQuigg.
Though she had asked the audience to hold their applause until the end, Stewart’s name was the only one cheered after she read it.
“I don’t feel that proper protocol was respected, and I think that’s going to hurt him, frankly. The local Republicans know how to win elections here,” said Stewart.
“I’m very, very disappointed in McCain’s campaign here,” he added.

Earlier in the week Stewart bragged that he has practically begged the McCain campaign to come to Prince William County. The Gainesville-Times further elaborates on the immigration issue in Prince William County and how it relates to Stewart.

One issue noticeably absent from Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain’s speech to supporters in Prince William on Saturday was illegal immigration.
Unlike the majority of the Republican base, McCain has supported a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
So for him to stop in the county that was the national hotbed for illegal immigration controversy just last year and not talk about the issue troubled of Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart (R).

Stewart complained :

“But I think that clearly McCain’s campaign has tried to distance itself on Prince William County’s local crackdown on illegal immigration,” he said. “And I think that’s a blunder. And I use that word very strongly and I mean it.”

In order to connect with the crowd on illegal immigration, “All he had to say was ‘Protect the borders’ and unlike [Democratic president nominee Sen.] Barack Obama, he does not favor workforce rights and giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. That’s all he had to say,”

Does this mean that Corey is going to just get angry and support Obama? Somehow I can’t see that happening. What I do see here is a sore loser. I wonder what he thinks about the campaign choosing Tito the Builder over him?

Did Corey think the McCain Rally was his very own little pep rally, just for him and his buds? Let’s hope Corey doesn’t trip over his lip.

55 Thoughts to “BOCS Chairman Stewart Not Too Happy With McCain Rally”

  1. Mom

    Stewart and Frederick both need to learn when to shut their respective pie holes and be team players. Anyone who needs to find out what is wrong with the GOP, locally and nationally, need look no further than these two twits for a case-study.

  2. ShellyB

    I agree with you Robb and Mom. Corey Stewart is a cry baby AND a crying shame. Perhaps the “Tancredo Effect” should be renamed the “Corey Stewart Effect.”

    I put both his first and last name in because I know some good people named Stewart and some good people named Corey. It would not be fair to have their names be synonymous with such morally reprehensible failure.

    Kind of like the name Crapper was soiled (no pun intended) after Thomas Crapper invented the toilet.

    Corey Stewart did not invent “over-investment in his own ego” as a humiliating downfall, but he will be the most notorious case in Virginia history for a long time to come.

  3. michael

    Pinko, I did not say people who foreclosed are “criminals”. that is an assumption you made by running two concepts together. I said that “criminals” are and will continue to be uncovered by the FBI, who is currently investigating fraudulent and illegal practices by individuals on loan documents, who lied on their income, debt and status in order to obtain sub-prime loans they could not afford. Those individuals defaulted on loans they could not afford. In cases where brokers helped them lie or falsified documents themselves so they could get loans approved and make commissions, those acts of fraud will also be uncovered and prosecuted by the FBI.

    In a seperate concept I also said, that a significant number of people who defaulted on loans were first time homeowners, and a significant number where at some point in the last 25 years people of “illegal” status, who created a huge population bubble, that provided the growth conditions for a sub-prime housing market bubble, and that many of those people who got loans were not able to afford those loans, but got them anyway thinking they could sell and make a quick profit if necessary or simply walk away from the loan with no consequence. I am blaming the conditions for a demand for houses and initially cheap low interest ARM loans creating a “bubble” as a result of “uncontrolled” growth caused by “illegal” immigration over 25 years of time.

  4. michael

    “Legal” immigration would have controlled this growth, so the economy and “loan risk” laws, as well as fraud investigation so critical to truth in lending and loan risk assessment could keep up and not create the conditions for a demand “bubble”.

    Do not make the mistake of blending “illegal” and “legal” immigration into just “immigration” they are vastly different.

  5. KathyZ

    Too bad, so sad for Stewart that he felt shafted by the McCain camp.

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