Our neighbors to the north in Frederick, Maryland are encountering some of the same type of ‘Help Save’ maniacs that we saw here last year. Thankfully their elected board has yet to adopt any of the hair brain schemes proposed by their HSM – Help Save Maryland which is currently trying to convince Frederick officials to order a head count of students ‘legality’.

Unfortunately, this video can’t be embedded but it’s worth the look.


And, thank God for people like Vanessa Rinni Lopez who confront the hate-mongers and tell it like it is.

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  1. Elena

    Yes Second Alamo,
    As frustrated as Corey is, he can only keep the hysteria about those “illegals” alive for son long. But hey, NOW PWC is known for its forclosure rates, now THAT is reason to be proud……….

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Hate-mongers, hate-spewers. Or people who care about the law? People to whom the law actually means something that is to be respected, not to be broken, flaunted, and set aside when inconvenient. The laws on speeding are very inconvenient to me….can y’all fight to get them set aside for a while?

  3. Rick Bentley

    “the only difference between legal and illegal immigrants is a piece of paper”

    No, it’s the act of staying here illegally that’s the diference, and typically the act of using false ID.

    Your assertion is like saying the only difference between a pedophile and a non-pedophile is a flag in a database.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    Incredible. Not only have the anti-immigrant lobby failed to adjust their mantra for a post-McCain GOP primary, the truth is they haven’t updated their mindset from the days of Jim Crow, The Chinese Exclusion Act, or the Alien-Sedition Act. In fact, even sending the military out to destroy Native American villages was justified based on the argument that they were lawless savages.

    No, no, no. First you identify a target and then you find a way to slander them as lawless, illegal, criminal. Then you justify politicised oppression with slogans like “rule of law” and “tough on crime.”

  5. I realized that Vanessa Rinni Lopez has coined the perfect term to describe what has been happening:

    Ethnic Removal

    I tried using ethnic cleansing but it carries too much association with violent expulsion and genocide. Even ethnic cleansing lite or bloodless ethnic cleansing was too much for some people.

    But ‘ethnic removal’ has the perfect pitch to capture the systematic, bloodless, under the guise of the law, oppression and removal of an ethnic minority.

  6. Not Me, Bubba


    The number of foreclosures is evidence that illegal aliens were buying up mucho homes and inflating prices in PWC even above the national norm …

    The number of foreclosures indicates that far too many people who would normally be unqualified to get a loan (or qualify for such a HUGE loan), were sold BAD loans by mortgage brokers and the institutions that packaged them. Oftentimes they were subprime loans bundled with AAA rated loans – so that the whole package would technically be considered AAA rated!

    Now in my neighborhood, it is true that many hispanic/latino people all of a sudden moved in en masse – and left at the same time too. I have NO idea of they were legal/illegal. they weren’t the best neighbors. In fact many were downright ghetto-pigs. Cars parked on lawns, paint spilled in driveways, piling up garbage, overcrowding, noise, no parking space, weeds/unkempt yards…etc. NOT all – but MANY were. And as soon as they arrived it seems – they all left in the dead of night. They paid on average 500-550K for the homes. Today the homes are worth no more than 250K – that is a 50% plus decline in housing value! Is it all to blame on “Illegals”….I am sure there were some illegal people living in my neighborhood. But I cannot say that they were the problem – when it was the very people in their own community peddling these loans and selling them the homes – LEGAL residents who screwed the pooch for all of us. As are the mortgage companies who packaged these craptastic loans. Plenty of Americans are suffering as well….for the foreclosure crisis isn’t unique to our area. People were buying homes with loans based on their CREDIT SCORE with no verification of income! And that went for anybody – legal/illegal.

    Now, I’m happy the slobs left. However, in tehir wake they have left a swathe of devalued housing that is depressing the whole area. Shame on them for taking more they could afford. Shame on the lenders who sold them these loans…and shame on the banks who saw profit as more incentive to sell bad loans off to each other at the expense of the average American. Shame on them all.

    how you think it’s good for them to live crammed into those houses bringing down standard of living and paying far less property tax per capita while consuming services is beyond me … you may have an affinity for poor people but I think you need to consider the impacts when you welcome them en masse into a community.

  7. Not Me, Bubba


    I meant to delete the last paragraph in the above post. My bad….

  8. Rick Bentley

    Not Me, Bubba – I’m glad they’re gone … had they stayed in the numbers they were here (40% is about right) with as many people crammed into homes consuming services our budgets would burst and we would inevitably become a Spanish ghetto. No middle class citizen would want to live in the neighborhood I was stuck in 2-3 years ago. And people were fleeing.

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