Sarah Palin is stumping in Leesburg with Woodbridge’s very own Tito the Builder on her right. Is this the Republicans’ new ‘right hand man?’

They are up chanting ‘Use your brain, Vote McCain.’
Now they are chanting ‘I am Joe, I am Joe!’ Don’t they know their man Tito is right there?

Tito has been recognized and introduced. He is now the the topic of conversation. Sarah Palin tells his story. Tito Tito Tito! Tito says he was born in Colombia but made in the USA. He owns a small construction company. Tito really lives in Woodbridge so he is our own homegrown icon.

He is truly the Republican icon now. He remained on the stage with Sarah Palin throughout the speech.

Live from Leesburg….

2 PM
Addendum…make that A-ddendum. Tito also warmed up the crowd at the Leesburg rally this morning. He introduced Sarah Palin and First Dude to the enthusiastic crowd of cheering supporters.

Tito the Builder has risen in the ranks from outside the McCoart Building to introducing the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. Si se puedo! Amazing that Tito was chosen for this honor rather than the BOCS chair who purportedly
brought the McCain/Palin Campaign to Prince William County.

You betcha!

Check out the job done by Tito!

54 Thoughts to “Tito the Builder Part 2”

  1. michael

    They just don’t get it. Tito is a citizen. NO-ONE is against “legal citizens” in Prince William County, not even Cory Stewart.

    What if Tito were an “illegal” immigrant? Would Sarah Palin or John McCain still be supporting him? No.

    Tito thinks, and other Hispanics voting for John McCain think that because he is a citizen his non-citizen “illegal” immigrant brother will also be given amnesty by McCain. Not likely, but OBAMA is even more not likely to give his non-citizen “illegal” brother the right to continue crossing the border “illegally”.

    Cory Stewart should be voting for Obama very soon now, with the rest of us fiscally conservative Republicans moving over to create a NEW REPUBLICAN PLATFORM in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The rest of the Republican have failed us, the republican majority, and left a Republican fanatical religious “minority” behind. Wish we could start a third party, one that throws out the radical elements in both parties and keeps only the sane people of the middle.

  2. michael

    Obama will win Virgina because he will get the republican vote that is against radical religious people dominating the Republican party, and the vote for the candidate most likely to “stop illegal immigration”. You do not see Obama parading an ethnic person or ethnic centric campaign, or using an ethnic person to make an ethnic group statement. He is above that and would not pull the same stunt as the republican party just did to get more ethnic group votes to support thier fanatical religious group vote.

    McCain et al. you are not smart enough to understand that Obama has taken the higher moral ground and represents everyone, not just some specific ethnic or fanatical religious group.

  3. michael

    He shut down his own “race” for making racial and ethnic centric statements, do you not see the wisdom and charactor of a man that can do that? He is the future of America if he can bring “indivudals” together without making racially or ethnically motivated “campain decisions” like McCain just did. It takes a racist to use another racist without any thought of higher moral ground or ethics of such an approach.

    Obama simply said “that is not what I am about”. Vote for him as he has the potential to be a great president on the caliber of FDR, Lincoln, and Ronald Regan. McCain and his INSECURE personality reminds me of Nixon, and LBJ, who did anything to win an election, including unethical politics.
    LBJ was so self-centered and egotistical and insecure, he started a war to win his 2nd election, thats a fact. Nixon broke laws to win his.

  4. Moon-howler

    LBJ and Nixon were both more powerful characters than McCain. I also believe McCain is a far more decent person politically than either of those guys.

    My statement in no way speaks to the person attributes of the 3 men. I am sure their families and personal friends saw a far different side than any of us would ever see.

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