It is rather neat that a Prince William County immigrant was chosen to introduce the Republican Candidate for Vice President of the United States. Only in America. Gov. Palin now mentions Tito in most of her speeches, including the out of state rallies like Kissimmee, Florida.

The next video continues with the one showed on the previous thread. Tito the Builder very eloquently introduces the candidate and gives us a little biographical glimpse of our Prince William Icon.

Has the local media overlooked the national attention Tito the Builder is getting? I thought surely some of the other blogs would pick up on his recent fame.

23 Thoughts to “Tito the Builder: Tito Introduces Governor Palin in Leesburg”

  1. IVAN

    It looks like Tito hasn’t gotten his RNC clothing allowance yet.

  2. hello

    That’s a good one IVAN… 🙂

  3. Moon-howler

    Ivan, I agree with Hello. Very good one!

  4. Censored bybvbl

    But there’s already a knock-off line of Tito duds out there. Check out the person behind him sporting a yellow sticker-ladened hardhat and shades on this overcast day.

  5. Jorge Pollo

    I was thinking she might be “Mrs. Tito”

  6. I’m very much a fiscal conservative. I don’t believe in any of the democratic platform save that I support their social liberalism and equal rights for all minorities.

    I hope Latinos never let Toto here forget that he stood with those who call his children anchor babies.

  7. hello

    Hi Mackie, I’ve stated here before that I don’t care for the “anchor baby” term. However, don’t Latinos mostly vote Republican?

  8. hello

    so I suppose a majority of Latinos will have to remind each other as well huh…

  9. hello,

    Only a buffoon would speak in support of a party that embraces people who call their children ‘anchor babies’, born of a primitive culture, and suitable to be penned in with electrified fences.

    Only a buffoon.

    Unfortunately, there’s one born every minute. Witness Toto.

    I hope the wiser ones choose not to forget those who compromised self-respect. We should remember their names.

  10. hello

    Mackie, I could be wrong on this but I don’t recall McCain using the term “anchor baby”. If you know of a time can you please provide a link?

  11. hello

    Also, it’s Tito, and I don’t think he is a bafoon at all.

  12. ShellyB

    Are McCain/Palin supporters supposed to show in costume now or is Tito actually a builder?

  13. Mackie, let’s be fair to McCain. Everyone is disappointed with the campaign he has run, but prior to that, he had been a great Senator. He is not a bigot and would never use the term “anchor baby.” He was the nation’s strongest advocate AGAINST anti-Hispanic bigotry, and the strongest advocate FOR comprehensive immigration reform. The bill had his name on it after all. It is perfectly allowable for a Hispanic person to be in favor of John McCain, even if they are disgusted by the Republican party. McCain was trying to save the Republican party, by keeping it broad and inclusive enough to include people like Tito. Sadly, he has failed, as most Americans know all to well, but only because the pressure of a historic Presidential campaign forced him to make some mistakes … mistakes I’m sure he will acknowledge one day in the not too distant future.

    The ugliness and name-calling, the dirty politics that have characterized this campaign are not the real John McCain. Perhaps Tito is someone who knew him before he went through this trial. Or, perhaps Tito is someone who is loyal to the Republican party. It takes all kinds, as they say. His view is no threat to your view.

    The truth is that the anti-immigrant movement has destroyed the Republican party, not because of McCain, but in spite of McCain. I think the traction that GOP strategists thought they were finding with the anti-immigrant movement a year ago was still fresh in their minds, which led to the disaster that was Sarah Palin and the politics of fear and hate that has infected the campaign since her arrival.

  14. hello,

    No, it’s Toto, like the dog. You know, the dog that licks your boot and humps your leg until you smack him away.

    Oh yeah, you mean the John McCain who uses the term Gook to refer to the people he dropped bombs on?


  15. ShellyB

    Mackie, are you Hispanic? I hope you don’t mind me asking. But I’ve noticed that people are sometimes more upset when someone they identify with takes a different position. Like successful independent women are more offended by the insulting Palin pander than anyone else. Or African Americans are more offended by the extreme views of Clarence Thomas. Could that be part of this?

  16. Mackie, that video establishes the fact that McCain once said “gook” (and has since apologized without any known repetitions of the phrase). It does not prove he said “Anchor baby.”

  17. Moon-howler

    I have never known a vietnam vet who did not at some point in time use the word ‘gook.’ That is very typical to have ‘war derogatory names’ for the enemy. I would never hold that against Senator McCain; not after where he has been and what he has been through as a POW.

    I have never heard McCain say ‘anchor baby.’ Mackie, people who serve in the military do not set policy or decide who they drop bombs on.

    Actually this election is probably no nastier than any of the others. We just don’t remember all the sordid details. I can’t even blame Sarah Palin. She has done what she was selected to do: she has brought out the conservative base. I think McCain would have served himself far better to have gone out to snag the middle rather than trying to cultivate the Far Right and the evangelicals…but that’s just me.

    I could have supported him until his entire campaign moved so far to the right. Actually, I have found it difficult to support either candidate.

  18. DiversityGal

    I understand the instinct to defend McCain about his use of the term “gook” because of his background, and also to excuse the encouragement of prejudice in the American public by his campaign by saying, “That’s not the real McCain.” I get the fact that John McCain has done a lot of great things and has endured some horrible things in his time. My question is, when are we supposed to hold John McCain accountable for his own words and his own campaign? When is that OK to do?

    Have people used the term when they’ve been in such situations? Of course. However, some of McCain’s fellow POWs will tell you that they fully understood the meaning of the term, and ceased to use it long before 2000. Are we really saying that it is OK for McCain to have said such a thing to the public in modern times…when he was running for leader of our country? We must remember that he didn’t apologize simply after saying it. He was upset that anyone even criticized his usage of the term and said that he would continue to use it. He only stopped after political pressure.

    In addition, for those of you who would like to find more about McCain when it comes to race, you may want to google his family ties in Teoc, Mississippi. He has some family there that he has not acknowledged, talked to, or visited, while even his brother Joe has. I definitely have to ask myself why. Not much has been made about this in the press, which is interesting…since a Pandora’s box always seems too much for them to resist.

  19. Moon-howler

    I was not aware that McCain is still saying ‘gook.’ If he were a private citizen and did it in private, his business. If he is using it now, as a public figure then it is time for him to find a different way to express himself. To my knowledge, he has.

    Having said that, if he said something to the affect of ‘and when I was in prison camp the gooks held me down and broke both my arms,’ I have no problem with it. (or Krauts or Japs or whatever ‘war words’ a former POW uses) Had he said he was going to Vietnam to secure a trade deal with the ‘gooks’ I would take exception. To me, there is a huge difference.

    Right now, I am trying to settle in my mind how the word ‘commie’ differs from ‘gook.’ ‘Commie’ was a cold war word and people seem quite comfortable throwing around nowadays, almost 20 years after the cold war was ‘over.’

  20. ShellyB

    “commie” and “gook” are both words that are supposed to inspire people to want to murder other people. That is why it is offensive that McCain would use one word off-handedly in a remark (gook) in his 2000 campaign, and the other is being used as part of his 2008 campaign. Both words can cause people to scream out things like “kill him!” as the 2008 campaign has shown.

    McCain comes from another era when such things were common place. But there is NO PLACE for hate speech in the modern era.

  21. ShellyB

    Certainly there should be no place for hate speech at political rallies where emotions are already running high.

    McCain has integrity. But he no longer has the strength nor the discipline to keep his troops in line (and his discipline was never that good in the first place). The McCain/Palin campaign right now is reflecting that. All this back biting and finger pointing. It’s a crying shame.

  22. hello

    Hi ShellyB, I don’t think I’ve heard McCain call any one a “commie” in this election. A bunch of other things but not “commie”. Also, I don’t know if anyone has told you or not but nobody ever said “kill em” at any of the rallies. The FBI did a full investigation, nobody ever said “kill em”. Some other despicable things were said and McCain stepped up and called them out and corrected them. If you going to bash the guy at least get it straight, or try to.

  23. Moon-howler

    To continue my obsession with Tito the Builder, here is more.

    He was featured on Fox News with morning. He seems like a nice guy. Very patriotic.

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