How do Virginians typically see this Election 2008? The Washington Post interviewed a cross-section of Virginians at the Virginia State Fair, an annual event that traditionally takes place in the last week of September and runs into the first week of October.

Not surprisingly, many different people, in all walks of life, from all areas of Virginia, voiced an opinion.

With one week to go before the election, the surrogates are swarming all over the state. The party faithful and the stand-ins are out en mass trying to carry the candidates’ messages. The candidates, all 4 of them in fact, have visited the Old Dominion multiple times. How will it all end this November 4th?

The last time Virginia voted Democratic, as a state, was for LBJ in 1964. Will it return to being a blue state, after 44 years or will it continue down the red path? Do ordinary people care that much about party affiliation except during a presidential election? Can Virginia even consider itself a red state with 2 Democratic senators and a Democrat for governor?

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  1. Censored bybvbl

    Mando, SERVE can’t even keep its food pantry stocked so I’m not impressed by having the private sector take care of hunger – even at so small a level as PWC. The local churches may be able to house a family or two for a short time, but they can’t handle hundreds of people for an extended time. It’s one thing to say “get a job” to a single mother with five kids but another thing to actually set up a system whereby she can.

    What about the country’s infrastructure? How does the LP believe that should be funded? I’m very familiar with funding a very small section of roadway within the county. When maintaining the roads was voluntary about thirty percent of the residents paid and the rest of the deadbeats road on their dime. We went to court and created a taxing district to force the deadbeats to pay their share for maintenance. They bellyached about it at a few public meetings and a few refused to pay – thus ending up on the county’s deadbeat taxpayer list – but eventually things settled down and some of the deadbeats moved (not without absconding with some of the district’s records).

    So, how do you pay for schools, bridges, roads, SS, etc. if you’re a Libertarian? I know there’s waste that can be eliminated in budgets, but some people are deadbeats who will pay for nothing and take advantage of things other people pay for.

  2. Moon-howler

    Mackie, Read Carl Sagan on abortion. It offers a fresh perspective.

    People seem to be either fetus focused or woman focused. Its a tough issue but who should be making the decision? I sure don’t want the govt making that kind of decision for me.

    Mando, I think after looking at that page I would have to declare him a social conservative. Family funding abroad pushes me over the edge on that one right off the bat.

    To both M’s, I understand about the labels. I am very much a hybrid politically. Most people just label me a liberal until they hear me on voting rights and the death penalty. A park bench is an address? UFB!

  3. Mando

    “So, how do you pay for schools, bridges, roads, SS, etc. if you’re a Libertarian?”

    What are we getting out of the money the govt. is bleeding from us now? Public schools are a disgrace. Bridges are falling down. Roads suck. SS is joke. There are alternatives. Privatization for starts.

    “Mando, SERVE can’t even keep its food pantry stocked so I’m not impressed by having the private sector take care of hunger – even at so small a level as PWC.”

    Govt. acting as a charity is not what the founding fathers had in mind.


    Libertarians would not ban gay marriage. Republicans are more than eager to do so. There go the Evangelicals.”

    I know you don’t like ’em, but Evangelicals are capable of compromise. It goes a little further then banning or legalizing same sex marriage. And, like I said before, the LP platform fits very nicely with Christian ideals.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    Was Ron Paul secretly in the Libertarian Party? What’s up with all the kids who are sitting out the election because the GOP wasn’t brilliant enough to nominate Ron Paul?

  5. Censored bybvbl

    Mando, give me an idea of how schools would operate/be funded in Mandoland? Who would build bridges and how? What if I don’t want to contribute to the “public good”? How are you going to make me pay my share?

    “Govt. acting as a charity is not what the founding fathers had in mind.”

    Governments evolve. Our founding fathers might be surprised by modern weaponry, airplanes,computers, etc. – some of which need regulation.

  6. Mando

    @ Censored

    Of course govt. will have to play some role in infrastructure. But keep that role as small as possible.

    “Governments evolve.”

    Our government has evolved into a monster. A very cash and power hungry monster. Exactly what our founding fathers were against.

  7. NotGregLetiecq

    M-H, it has been a very long time since only male, white property owners were allowed to vote in this country. Homeless people should have the same right to vote as people who are having better luck. In Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State is trying to disenfranchise 20,000 voters just in time for the election. One of the main targets is homeless people who use shelters (not park benches) for addresses.

  8. chet bowie

    Agreed Mando. The US government has evolved into a monster with an insatible appetite for money and power. Thank you for the informed views on the Libertarian Party. Bob Barr realized the reality of the Republican Party and made his conscience choice to step out and align himself with thinking that supports the Constitution. Both policial parties need to control. My hypothesis on Ron Paul is his affiliation with the Republican Party gives him an opportunity to convey a libertarian message. In his book, THE REVOLUTON A Manifesto, exposes core truths behind everything threatening America, from the REAL reasons behind the collapse of the dollar and the looming financial crisis(which IS now upon us), to terrorism and the loss of our precious civil liberties. And when he spoke candidly during the presidential nominee debates, was shunned by his own party. He is truly an independent, brilliant thinker. Keep in mind Texas is a big GOP state, at least for now. Amnesty will change this. Will be interesting where Ron Paul will go in the future!

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