Just released on Fox News:

Obama has visited Virginia 28 times since January 2007.

Between October 7 and October 13, Obama spent $3.9 MILLION on Virginia ads.

Hampton Roads is home to 50,000 vets.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has examined the influence of the military on Hampton Roads and thus, on Virginia. There are some very different views out there, as you will see viewing “God, Guns, and Guts, Pts. 1 & 2.”

God, Guns, and Guts Part 1 looks at the military’s devotion to the Republican Party and to one of their own– navy flier and former POW John McCain.

God, Guns and Guts Part 2 shows that not all military personnel falls in to the traditional stereotype of voting Republican. Many of these military folks and vets want NO parts of the ‘Maverick.’ They unequivocally support Barack Obama.

6 Thoughts to “Virginia Election Statistics: The New Battleground”

  1. The largest number of contributions from the military during the primaries went to Ron Paul.

    He was the guy who dared to say 9-11 was related to our abusive foreign policy.

  2. NotGregLetiecq

    Mackie, how did I know you were a Ron Paul guy!?

    I’m just glad that the new gemeration of military people no longer feel forced to obey right wing war profiteering foriegn policy beliefs.

    I guess that’s one good thing about the Bush/McCain catastrophe in Iraq in response (somehow) to Sept. 11th.

  3. hello

    NGL, I don’t understand your statement “military people no longer feel forced to obey right wing war profiteering foreign policy beliefs.”. Military people obey orders, period. If you don’t like an order from a superior what are you going to do, your not going to say “I’m not doing that, I don’t believe in your right wing profiteering foreign policy beliefs”.

  4. Moon-howler

    My guess is you can not like it, not believe in it, and still follow orders. I certainly do not think that every person who has served in Iraq has thought being there was a good idea. Some of them have been very vocal in the bloggosphere against our involvement.

  5. hello

    Several of my friends from high-school have been there and back and you do have a point Moon… some of them didn’t agree with why they were there but by no means did they feel they were “forced to obey right wing war profiteering foreign policy beliefs.”.

  6. The founding fathers abhorred the idea of a standing army for good reason and that reason is still valid today.

    Have army. Will use.

    The temptation to engage in imperial ventures is too great for any president to resist when he has a standing army at his disposal and a voting electorate he needs to please.

    A military does one thing and one thing only. It kills people with savage ferocity. All it’s functions are in support of that one goal.

    Our idiotic attempts to pretty up war with concern for civilian casualties, rules of engagement, etc. serve to fool ourselves into believing that war can be precise and bloodless and make us appear as spiritually weak moral cowards in the eyes of our enemies. They are watching us closely. Osama Bin Laden has taken our full measure and accurately labeled us ‘a paper tiger’. Such a dismissive remark, coming from someone who fought for years against the horrendous brutality of the genocidal murderers known as the Red Army in afghanistan, should give us reason to reflect that the enemy is much tougher then we give him credit for.

    Our military should be a weapon of absolute last resort, deployed only for the sake of national security, but when deployed (with the intention of actually winning), it should annihilate without mercy until the enemy is broken. So we should never, never allow it to be deployed unless we are ready to fight to win and ready to accept the mountains of dead civilians that are the inevitable byproduct of war in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    It was true of Vietnam, and Korea before it, and now it’s true of Iraq. Our military doesn’t belong there. We have no place there. We should leave tonight.

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