Prince William County Supervisors need to account for this phenomenon. What is the difference between the Counties? What accounts for this horrific occurrence of foreclosures which will most likely have lingering effects for a decade? Plain and simple, it’s the immigration resolution. The sooner Supervisors recognize this fact the faster we could turn this thing around. They have the power to stop the hemorrhaging but will they act on it? Do they prefer to see property values decline, real estate assessments plummet and the County’s budget completely destroyed? Perhaps so.

In my opinion, a more prudent course of action would be to not give anybody further reason to abandon a home. There’s never been a complete cost benefit analysis and it’s becoming pretty evident that any perceived savings from drops in ESoL enrollment have been more than off-set by devastating losses in our residential real estate market. These losses are causing extreme economic hardship among home owners who planned to use their home equity to finance their kid’s education, retirement or financing for business operations. Eventually, we will hit rock bottom but at what cost?

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  1. NotGregLetiecq


    Just re-read my post.

    The term “bigoted white dudes” sounds hurtful and could be interpreted to mean that all white dues are bigoted. I certainly didn’t mean to say that.

    I know I get upset when I see “illegal Mexican alien” or something like that because it seems to imply that all Mexican Americans are “illegal” and “aliens.”

    Michael, I don’t think either are true. Sorry if I made you think that of me.

  2. michael

    That’s All I meant NGL, glad you introspected, my opinion of your character rises accordingly.

  3. michael

    I don’t fear diversity, as much as I fear people not seeing each other as “individuals” belonging to a common national culture and ideology that prevents war, promotes the common good and looks more for similarities than differences to define themselves.

    Commonality and individuality “unites”, differences and divergence “disintegrates” a nation. That is MY introspection, and a leap to treat all people the same regardless of their race, religion, gender or ethnic group.

    I only draw the line between “healty” and “diseased” communities by “illegal” and “legal” behaviors and acts of “individuals”. That is why so many of you wrongly dis-agree with me, many just root for the little guy, even if he is wrong and a criminal.

  4. hello

    Hi NGL, I’m glad to see your statement clarifying what you meant by “bigoted white dudes”. However, this constant fixation on race is not good. I don’t typically see anyone else here so fixated on race as you. It seems like in just about every thread you point out someone’s race. It doesn’t add anything to most of the topics and your constant use it and saying “white” people so often can lead some to think that it is you who are the bigot. I’m not saying your are but I am saying that some could see it that way.

  5. Censored bybvbl

    Heads up, people. Corey Stewart will be taking questions about the election tomorrow on Too Conservative. Here’s the chance to ask him any particulars about our economy or his future.

  6. Moon-howler

    I just think there are too many reading comprehension problems today.

    No one here has ever said that we want criminals on the street. Most of the regulars on anti support the 287(g) program which is NOT part of the resolution.

    Just roughing the math we have about 50% more foreclosures than Loudoun County per hundred houses.

  7. NotGregLetiecq

    Michael and Hello, I’m sure one thing we can agree upon is that the immigration controversy that engulfed our community a year ago has left some scars, as well as some rifts, that have yet to heal. A lot of the rifts are on racial lines, for obvious reasons. Also I think you would agree a lot of the rifts involve ideology along party lines.

    People of color are all on the same page when it comes to the exploitation of racial resentment for political purposes. We don’t like it. We feel targeted. And we feel betrayed by those elected officials, pundits, and politicians who indulge in it (hear me Corey Stewart?).

    The real divide exists among non-ethnic people, some of whom embrace diversity and abhor hate-mongering for political gain, others who reject diversity and champion hate-mongering for political gain. In between, there are also some who embrace diversity but briefly tolerated political tactics like hate-mongering out of party loyalty.

    Let’s face it: diversity tends to benefit one party (witness all the complaints about Northern Virginia no longer being “real Virginia” due to the shifting demographics here). And hate-mongering for electioneering purposes benefits the other party. So what you really have is a split among non-ethnic people on the role of race and racism in our electoral process. It is a RIFT ALONG IDEOLOGICAL LINES that really has little to do with me except that I hope one side wins decisively on Tuesday.

    It sounds to me like many who post here are on the right side of this issue. But due to the demagougery of 2007, many remain hyper-focused on legal status.

    This gives me hope. Because as John McCain likes to say, “Change is coming.”

    When comprehensive immigration reform is enacted next year, the vast majority of Americans will be ready to let bygones be bygones. The “illegal aliens” will be just like anyone else, all immigrants will be required to obtain legal status, and the process will be expedient enough that there will be no excuse not to do it. At that point there will be no good arguments for profiling anyone based on race, and people like Michael will no longer be put in the position of siding with people who reject diversity and fear the weakening of the white majority for some paranoid reason (a viewpoint I know he deplores).

    Comprehensive immigration reform might enrage a few extremists, but for the vast majority of Americans, it will be a healing and uniting milestone on our path to forming a more perfect union.

  8. How is Corey Stewart qualified to answer questions about the election? And why is he doing it on a blog and not in a press conference?

  9. hello

    Hi Pinko, because he holds public office and nobody asked for a press conference or interview, except for the blog.

  10. hello

    just a guess…

  11. Marie

    Yes, the City is enacting its 287(g) program effective December 1. Chief Skinner in his presentation to City Council said that it mirrored the PW amended resolution. He also pointed out that the council had frozen two of the positions for 287(g) that were approved during the budget process. Now those two positions will not be filled. It is my understanding there have been some officers trained and the department will be trained but it is unclear whether or not there will be designated officers for 287(g) now.

  12. Marie

    Does the graph include City of Manassas and Manassas Park? Often the cities are lumped in with the County.

  13. Marie

    Not Me Bubba
    Last time I checked Jesus Christ was not in a christmas tree.

  14. michael

    Your comment toward me is in-excusable and not based on any fact on anything I have ever said, only on what others have said that has no truth in it.

    “At that point there will be no good arguments for profiling anyone based on race, and people like Michael will no longer be put in the position of siding with people who reject diversity and fear the weakening of the white majority for some paranoid reason (a viewpoint I know he deplores).”

    I do not fear the weakening of the “X” majority, it makes me mad to even stoop to your bigoted term of using that expression.

    I fear that creating a dominant ethnic, racial, gender or religious “culture” of ANY POLITICAL GROUP by using “diversity”, or “racial balancing” concepts in any form to create this dominant political framework for specific racial, gender, religious and ethnic groups, simply divides and separates people into conflicting and warring factions that hate each other, claim racial profiling, claim racisim, claim prejudice and social rights to special laws as groups (such as Sharia Law, or other nation’s militant laws) that will eventually seek warfare and oppression on all who do accept or do not belong to that specific ethnic, racial, gender or religious group. This concept is like a “mega-gang” who will only allow you to belong to their political party unless you have an “attribute” of that group (or say the secret password, handshake, secret language or hand sign).

    I believe that “profiling” exists mainly in the minds of the people who use the term to express their own bigoted anger toward others they do not like based on their own self-described “victimization” of my race, gender, ethnic or religious group”, when in reality they are being investigated for suspicion of some activity identified as “illegal” and questioned by lawful police officers up-holding common law.

    You have no idea that “bigotry” starts with defining how proud you are to belong to an ethnic, racial, gender or religious group, and then spit at the “majority” who typically are all about “democracy as individuals”. You can judge no person except as an “individual”. I do not condone the anti-racial behavior of ANY race, gender, religious or ethnic group, and the most guilty of these perpetrators are those groups themselves, not people like me who are angry at such behavior that rewards criminals and punishes innocent people affected by “illegal” behavior.

    I am against “illegals” because they are causing enormous problems in our communiy as a result of their “illegal” behavior. I will not reward “law-breaking” and destruction of community, wealth, and security, by encouraging more people to break the law again with “amnesty for those that have”.

    You have no right to characterize my beliefs to anything other than the “facts” you gather from my statements.

  15. michael

    You show your bigotry when you use the term “people of color” and “white dudes”. You are far more dangerous to a peaceful society as long as you hold the belief that you should remain seperate and apart as a “social class” and create words of hate for “another social class”. Your view is the antithesis of “democracy” if you believe “classes” or “ethnicities” should retain definable “attributes” as they rise up against another “class” in political power. If you want peace and prosperity, you will start thinking in terms of true democracy, that looks only at the needs of individuals, rights of individuals and laws applied toward individuals. Every other viewpoint is a prelude to “autocracy” and “ethnic’ based ideologies, which ALWAYS historically lead to conflict and war in nation seperated by ethnic, racial and religious ideologies. They do not live in harmony, they live in fear of one another.

  16. michael

    I fight to educate people who don’t understand this because I was a soldier and saw the “worst” of “ethnic diversity” where people live not in harmony but in fear. It starts by claiming “group attributes”, seeking politicsl power to overthrow another “group” and creating anger toward other people you label with “group attributes” just like you do.
    Those nations like the US who make laws as “individuals”, decry group superiority and group political “classes”, are the most peaceful and least oppressive in the world. I’m fighting to prevent idiots who make such naive mistake by loving their own “ethnicity” more than “individuality” from oppressing everyone they hate and turning this wonderful nation into a political model of ethnic hatred by getting their “group” to have a higher population and more political power than “another group”.

    This blog has a lot of people commenting from those “nations” bringing their “trash political philosophy” into this great nation and thinking that is “Democracy”. They never heard of a concept of “individuality” as the only definable human attribute for peace and prosperity.

  17. Moon-howler

    Michael, your ideology can be confusing. Which countries to you feel are the main offenders of ethnic diversity?

    Do you not think that people finding more in common with ‘their own kind’ has historically been the way mankind has existed?

  18. Red Dawn


    “I fight to educate people who don’t understand this because I was a soldier and saw the “worst” of “ethnic diversity” where people live not in harmony but in fear.”

    How do you feel about the banks being nationalized ( latest example) and the lack of TRUST and RESPECT in our government? Since 9-11 things have changed rapidly based FEAR. Fear being FIRST and the lack of RESPECT followed by not securing OUR borders FIRST and ended up with a war and our constitutional rights being stripped away with such things as the patriot act BUT yet, our borders are not secured….this is what I do not get? It’s like our government is doing EVERYTHING but securing our borders and causing neighbor against neighbor disputes.

  19. michael


    Just look at every country that has ethnic, racial, religious or gender based political gangs, ethnic and religious wars between themselves. Each of these nations has great ethnic diversity, NONE of them can live in harmony, All of them live in fear of rival Ethnic and religious gangs or militant groups. All of these groups started with ethnic or religious group hatred as their political foundation.

    Very few of them value Democracy (most are criminal autocracies), very few of them can make and pass laws equally on all “individuals” but all of the persecute others under different laws based on what ethnic or religious group they belong to.

    Racial balancing and population growth through “diversity” is not a panacea for equal political power, it in no way rewards individuals for being fair and just to all other individuals, it encourages political divisions, political hatred for others not of the same group and in those nations who have reached “boiling points of ethnic, gender, racial and religious hatred” they all reached them because of political leaders claiming how much they love their own ethnicity and how evil all other religions and ethnicities are.

    It should not matter what “population” numbers you have if you only see everyone as “individuals”. This nation has 360 million “individuals”. NONE of them deserve anything more than ANY OTHER based on their race, religion, gender or ethnic group, without hurting the equal opportunity of any other “individual”.

    The fact that people claim racial, ethnic and religious attributes, to gain political power, is why all nations who do this, with people of “great diversity” who do this are at war and live in fear of each other.

    The only thing deserved by any individual is “protection” from the harm done to them by other “individuals” when laws made to protect ALL are ignored and “illegal” behavior is allowed to go unpunished, while it continues to hurt other “individuals”.

  20. michael

    I do not believe the banks should be nationalized, or the people who profited from excessive greed be bailed out to save their “billions of dollars of riches” by their fellow political and government cronies. I do not believe the people who falsified loan documents and misrepresented risk should be allowed to go unpunished either for the role they played in this terrible national crisis. They have wreaked irrepairable damage on all of us who followed the law, and we all deserve compensation for their “lawbreaking and enormously excessive greed”. These people should be in jail, with their wealth re-distributed as compensation to the victims they harmed. I will support any and all legal agency efforts such as the FBI and the future policies of the future President to root this criminal behavior out and punish it so it never happens again.

  21. Red Dawn

    “Just look at every country that has ethnic, racial, religious or gender based political gangs, ethnic and religious wars between themselves. Each of these nations has great ethnic diversity, NONE of them can live in harmony, All of them live in fear of rival Ethnic and religious gangs or militant groups. All of these groups started with ethnic or religious group hatred as their political foundation.”

    Holy snake Sh$t, this sounds just like America, right NOW! ( and my point)

  22. Red Dawn

    your response to me ( as I was typing the one above in response to moon, lol-we always do that)

    The banks are nationalized,the should of , could of moment is NOW! Where do we go from here? I think that the ULTIMATE damage has been done. The blame game is the after effect, the denial and so forth. Do you trust our governments new CONTROL?

  23. Alanna

    Hold up Michael. Here’s a screen capture from a couple weeks back. Look closely – Lending Tree advertising no ssn required. So, these loans aren’t necessarily being funded fraudulently.

  24. michael

    Mankind has been at war for “thousands” of generations because they define themselves by commonality and love of “their own kind”, and hate/mistrust differences they have identified in “other kinds”. You can’t do that with “individuals” because “individuals” are so unique, they only have two options, find common attributes in humanity as “unique individuals”, in which case they can only hate non-humans, or define themselves with “attributes” tying them to ethnic, gender, racial and religious groups, in which case they hate and fear every other race, gender, ethnic and religious group, going to war whenever they cross political “buffer zones”.

  25. michael

    The fraud is in the misrepresentation of income, mis-representation of debt, mis-representation of job stability and misrepresentation of the risk of their ability to pay the loan through its entirety. People only care about fraud in SSNs when someone else is expected to pay the debt created by an individual. Other unlawful acts are individuals who unlawfully used a number not representing themselves or an address not representing themselves or another family member’s personally identifying information and credit not representing themselves. These people will be exposed for the fraud they committed, by the laws they broke in misrepresenting themselves and their ability to lawfully secure the loan.

  26. Moon-howler

    I don’t believe the banks have been nationalized.

    Michael, how about some specifics. Name some countries. Your descriptions sounded like a lot of places I can think of.

  27. Red Dawn

    “These people will be exposed for the fraud they committed, by the laws they broke in misrepresenting themselves and their ability to lawfully secure the loan.”

    The banking institutes would be liable, not the potential homeowner.Hence WHO are being BAILED out.

  28. michael

    I only trust ethical intelligent people at this point. That is why my investigation into each Presidential candidates CHARACTER, INTELLIGENCE and ETHICS is so important to the future of our nation. My research into each candidate’s lifetime BIO gave me enough information to see OBAMA is clearly superior to all the other candidates in these most important areas.

  29. michael

    The banks are not the only one’s with legal liabilities in these investigations, any and all laws broken are subject to punishment at all levels of the crimes committed.

  30. michael

    I don’t need to name countries, the list is too long. Eveyone should know what countries they are if the read global news at all. Our country is heading in a direction to join them, however. That is what upsets me.

  31. YOO HOO

    “The banks are not the only one’s with legal liabilities in these investigations, any and all laws broken are subject to punishment at all levels of the crimes committed.”

    I MOST certainly agree BUT they are the ones that are being bailed out right NOW, BEFORE a proper investigation. It will not come down to the homeowner as the lenders and all those secret handshakes are in bed with each other and are going to wipe THEIR slate clean, just like a pig ( lol, ears, pork and wiping a slate clean)

    Reminds me of a video:

  32. YOO HOO

    “Our country is heading in a direction to join them, however. That is what upsets me.”

    YES, this is what I was looking for! YOU, Michael, a defender of our country, ADMITS we are headed in the wring direction ( remember trying to comfort me and my concerns?) I admit and it was validated that I am not good conveying my thoughts in words ( I will never deny that! LOL…I am vocal and asked myself why the freak would I be blogging…lol)

    IF it upsets YOU, the soldier, what the hell do you think it does to individuals that want to BELIEVE and SUPPORT our OWN government? 🙂

  33. –Hi Pinko, because he holds public office and nobody asked for a press conference or interview, except for the blog.–

    Yeah, you’re probably right, Hello. Then again, maybe the press KNOWS Stewart doesn’t know what he’s talking about so why bother asking HIM?

  34. YOO HOO

    AND ( the point I am trying like hell to make-lol) is that If YOU are concerned about the way OUR country is headed, has it occurred to you that mayb , those that are coming over here for a better LIFE, INSTEAD of trying to fix their own government, know something that we don’t.

  35. Leila

    Michael, the United States doesn’t have 360 million people. That is just the first of a long list of errors in your posts today and in many past posts.
    Why keep repeating this stuff?

  36. NotGregLetiecq

    Michael, I don’t know where we got off track.

    I wasn’t saying you are racist. I was explaining your side, and pointing out why you are often mistaken for one on this blog. You have a strong devotion to the principle of proper paperwork. Your principle causes you to see the immigration issue in a way that unites you with people motivated by fear and hatred (as well as the politicians who manipulate them). So when you both use the same arguments, you often get lumped in together. That’s unfortnate.

    My point was we should all look forward to comprehensive immigration reform, when no one will be able to point at any single minority community as “probably illegal” (however true or untrue this stereotype is today, it will be entirely unfounded after comprehensive immigration reform).

    And you should look forward to that too. I know it’s frustrating to be confused with racists and xenophobes when you are not one. When there is no longer an underclass defined by real or perceived lack of documentation, people like you who are sticklers for rules and paperwork will be clearly separated from the racists and xenophobes. You’ll be focusing on other issues. They’ll still be looking for ways to target minority communities.

    Won’t that be a relief to you?

  37. Moon-howler

    Michael, I am sorry that you won’t name a country or 2. Examples are often the easiest way to see another’s point of view.

  38. Marie

    I looked into this issue with Lending Tree not requiring a SSN a few months ago. I have even talked to a rep. You can get quotes and compare mortgages without a SSN but when you make application for a loan a SSN is required. Can you tell me where I can get a copy of that screen print from yahoo?

  39. michael

    Leila, I don’t care about exact numbers. 360 million people is in the ballpark to get the proper concept across. The exact number according to the last census clock is 305,545,442. Does that really change the point of my arguments? feel better? I use 6 billion as the number of people in the world too, The exact number is 6,733,828,495
    I can lookup nits for nitpickers when I need to, most of the time my arguments are logical and do not need accurate data to be logically correct. I’m an engineer and a pilot. I deal with approximations when I need to and accurate numbers when I need to, the experience is in knowing when you need to do one or the other.

  40. michael

    NGL, I’m not upset with you and I know you are not calling me a racist based on your previous retrospection. What you are doing however is misrepresenting my character and arguments for your own personal gain in a debate by not using factual concepts about me or my position. I want everyone to clearly understand what I am for and why, and I am not again in your inaccurate negative characterization a “stickler for rules and paperwork”. What I am for is law abiding citizens who uphold democracy and law and against people who break the law and hurt innocent people. Again you are miss characterizing the important distinctions by a gross inability to properly assess what a person is saying and understand what they represent as a valid and consistant argument in a debate. You will not win a debate by twisting words negatively in a myopic way, to mischaracterize truth and create fiction just because it sounds like it supports your distorted argument. You are not even close too understanding the nuances of my arguments or the “illegal” issues in a consistant way. I have maintained consistency, much to the dismay of people who don’t like consistency and logical debate. They like you prefer to emotionally wander all over the place and character assassinate their opponents with half-truths and misconceptions that make them look like they know what they are talking about, because others emotionaly agree with such negative character assasination, gossip, rumors and negative images, but in reality they are far off base from a workable solution or understanding of the real issues.

  41. michael

    MH one of the reasons I don’t want to list specific countries, is because I want people to take the time to look up global issues and compare the problems with those countries “ethnic, gender, racial, and religious issues, legality and “illegality” of immigrants with our own, If people do this hey will find striking parallels far advanced from our own growing problems that “predict” the demise of our future nation if we continue on the present course led by militant “social engineers” and naive people who knowingly or unknowingly are intent on destruction and “destructive change” of our society.

  42. michael

    NGL, let’s talk logically about comprehensive immigration reform.

    Immigration law was created to limit the political and social damage caused by “out of control population growth” due to diasporas (people fleeing war, famine, bad government, etc) Diasporas are good for the people involved in them but generally bad for the countries absorbing them if you look at the post diasporic environments historically. In most post diasporic events, people who settled in regions of their new host country generally do not adopt the traits of the culture they are residing in, especially for several generations and if those ethnic, gender, religious, and racial traits remain solidified as diverse, segregated, conflicting and arrogant political entities, then the regions they settle in become ethnic, or religious warzones with the surrounding community, often for several generations and hundreds of years (in some cases, like the Christian and Muslim Diasporas, thousands of years of un-relenting conflict. In RARE cases, such as the European diasporas into the US, their are enough common characteristic between the new and the old cultures, and the changes brought about by those cultural differences slow enough and small enough, that rapid and destructive change does not happen in a diasporic absorbing society, it has the time through “controlled growth” and “legal immigration law” to slowly absorb the change over several generations without the violence and conflict usually associated with rapid diasporic events typical of massive cultural migrations over short periods of time into areas of vast cultural and social differences.

    The base issue is “controlled growth” that prevents conflict and war. In most other parts of the world, growth is neither slow, nor controllable, as a result of “illegal” immigration, war or desire for “choice land and mineral resources”, In these regions historically conflict is endemic, people refuse to change, cultures collide, people live in fear of one another, and political parties representing each “diversity groups” ethnic, gender, racial and religious “attributes”, fight for supreme political power at the cost of peace, prosperity, ethics, law and freedom from criminal political oppression.

    EVERY SINGLE NATION AT WAR, IS AT WAR FOR DIASPORIC “diversity” in its ethnic, gender, racial and religious political sects and refusal to identify commonalities rather than differences to unite them as a unified national culture AT SOME TIME IN ITS PREVIOUS HISTORY.

    To prevent “out of control” population growth and out of control DIASPORAS with severe negative consequences, Immigration law is established and enforced by all countries to attempt to prevent war and conflict between groups of people who refuse to identify and merge into a common peaceful culture. Some diasporic groups of people are worse than others in relating only “to their own kind”. It is these groups that create future wars and conflict as they gain political power.

    Immigration reform is needed when the current immigration laws do not prevent “uncontrolled growth”. Immigration reform is not needed when the current immigration law provides a mechansim for people to legally enter a country at the population levels and growth rate the country can absorb peacefully and with stability. Immigration reform is also not needed when it is the diasporic people who want increased “quotas” for their own personal gain, when allowing “illegal” people to become “legal” will cause even more out of control growth, instability and potential for future ethnic, racial, gender and religious conflict.

    When “illegal” people can and do hurt a nation, they should not be re-warded for their illegality, especially when that reward promotes even more “illegal” behavior and even more “diasporic destruction” and future potential for war and conflict.

    It is my point of view that we do not need immigration “reform” just to make family members of “illegal” people happy, when the consequence of doing do is to invite even greater destruction and conflict in your future society, by rewarding “unlawful and “criminal” behavior.

    I see we only have two possible solutions to prevent future conflict and ethnic, gender, racial and religious wars similar to those already underway in other countries with the same or worse problems the US is currently experiencing.

    1. Treat everyone the same (under law), identify and promote common “attributes” and similarities between diverse ethnic, gender, racial and religious groups, with the goal to as quickly as possible merge cultures, languages and “attributes” to a common national culture enabling peace, prosperity and social stability between ALL “individuals” in a society.
    2. Prevent political and social “diversity and divergence”, which is self- destructive, destabilizing, and militant in its political purpose to overthrow or dominate a nation’s political infrastructure, especially if the mechanism of overthrow is aristocratic, autocratic, socialistic, communistic or criminalistic. Democracy is the only historically proven governmental system that can peacefully create unified national cultures out of diasporic nations (the greeks were the first to understand and discover this simple truth, while they were at war with their diasporic neighbors).
    3. Prevent “illegal” people from gaining amnesty and future “illegal” people from entering that will encourage furthur “uncontrolled growth” by rewarding “unlawful and criminal” behavior with the very thing the unlawful and “criminal behavior” is motivated to gain. This behavior cycle which rewards “lawless” behavior will continue until the punishment is sufficient or consequential damages fearful enough to stop it for good.

    That NGL is what I stand for. My arguments against any of you who want to undermine our nation and create the conditions that will turn the US into a political and militant gang warfare environment the same as nations at war around the world are disintegrating from because people with naive and angry minds cause ethnic, gender, racial and religious political factions to live in fear of one another.

    If I and others like me that understand some basic causes of disintegration and conflict through personal experience of the global issues (as a result of fighting in those wars, and understanding the root cause of those wars), I we do not defend our nation at home as honarably as we defended our nation abroad, we will have failed each of you against this solution that are too un-informed or ignorant to know any better.

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