You don’t have to be a Republican to feel the internal strife between the McCain people and the Palin people. Many blogs around the nation are commenting on the rising tensions between the 2 encampments.

The McCainites feel Palin is a loose cannon and want to rein her in. The Palinites feel that she was sabotaged at every turn, from her initial introduction to the shopping spree that she had nothing to do with, according to her.

From the Washington Post (E. J. Dionne’ Blog):

It’s hard to believe that the infighting in the Republican camp is so fierce with a week still left to go until Election Day. The battle between the camps of John McCain and Sarah Palin is something to behold. McCain’s loyalists are clearly trying to shift some of the blame for the ticket’s troubles to Palin, and Palin’s people are fighting back. In today’s Post, Dana Milbank cites this astonishing quotation that a McCain adviser offered CNN: “She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also, she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party.” The McCain adviser also described Palin as “a diva.” Palin in the meantime is reported to be furious about how the McCain campaign botched the roll-out of her candidacy. She feels a need to defend herself, particularly against charges stemming from the Republican National Committee’s high-end shopping spree on her behalf. Since I thought from the beginning that the choice of Palin was a mistake I’m not surprised that it’s all come to grief for both of them. Palin is certainly right that the McCain campaign’s too obvious fear of letting her off on her own did her image no good….

Now it’s your turn. Who is to blame? Has Palin been short-changed or is she a prima donna? Has McCain been set back by Palin? Has she hurt or helped the ticket?

What do the folks on Anti think?

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  1. freedom

    Absolutely, “hello” — but you’re wasting your time trying to convince those who have refused to consider facts throughout the entire campaign. How sad.

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