15 Thoughts to “An Early Happy Halloween”

  1. hello

    Uh… where is the old, grumpy, deer in the headlights guy….. Biden?

  2. Moon-howler

    Hello, this is going to scare you. I didn’t see a comment and came on here to ask where Biden was. Be afraid. We are starting to think alike. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH

    SCREEEEEEEEAM! Be Afraid. Just kidding of course.

  3. hello

    that’s funny Moon…. 🙂

  4. hello

    This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, it’s almost like Biden never existed… it’s as if this video is a Obama, McCain, Palin zombie party because Biden is finally gone.

  5. YOO HOO

    Have no fear! Biden is not hiding, he is girding his loins. BOOOOOOOOOOO, lol


    okay, joking aside, here is my halloween joke and video:

    How come witches don’t have babies? Because Warlocks have hallow weenies…gird them loins, lol 🙂

  6. hello

    6 months from now…. I’ve got the exclusive transcript of an actual even which happened on 4/1/09:

    (White House – April 1st, 4:20 PM – Iran has just threatened U.S.)
    … Binden gets the call. It’s Iran on the phone.
    Iran: “U.S., this is Iran, we are going to attack you”
    Joe Biden: “hee hee, is this a joke… hee hee.”
    Iran: “this is no joke…”
    Biden: “your mean, your mean Iran, I ban you!”
    (Biden then scurries behind Obama, crouching down while pulling on his jacket to cover his eyes)
    Obama: “Joe, what’s wrong Joe… come on, you can tell me, I won’t let them hurt you”
    Biden: “Their mean Obama, (whimper, whimper..) they scared me, protect me… I don’t know what to do when someone says something I don’t like?”

  7. I was just on JibJab this afternoon. I assume you’ve all seen “Time for Some Campaigin”? Obama riding on the Unicorn through the enchanted wood is my FAVORITE! I laugh my ass off every time I see it (and I’ve played it mutiple times because the music is catchy too).

    Google it. I can’t seem to get links through here on Anti.

  8. YOO HOO


    the punch line is RUN like hell?????????


    I am all about sayings….where did that saying come into play of every man for themselves? NOW that is scary….booooo

    okay, I will lighten things up with this video:

  9. Hey! It went through! Hee hee! Listening to it now.

  10. Moon-howler

    You all want it posted?

  11. Moon-howler


    Pretty clever, I just don’t agree with you. 😉

  12. Moon-howler

    To Pinko,

    ….like the change we must change and the change we hold dear…..

    (Oh the times, they are a changin’)

  13. ….like the change we must change and the change we hold dear…..

    LOL! I was singing that and laughing my butt off AGAIN this morning!

    It really doesn’t take much to amuse me. 🙂

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