Final Obama Campaign Stop: Manassas,Virginia!!!

Holy Bat Crap!

It looks like it all winds up right here, right under our noses. Yes, Virginia, our votes count.
A good friend just beeped me this news alert which I will post as is, since it is the middle of the night.

Posted at 10:33 PM ET, 10/30/2008
Obama Will End Campaign in Northern Virginia
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama announced tonight his final event of the campaign will take place Monday evening in Northern Virginia.

Obama plans to hold a large rally in or near Manassas Park, although an exact location has yet to be determined.

Obama’s decision to end his 20-month campaign in Virginia is yet another sign that he views Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in 1964, as a crucial battleground. Obama has made 10 stops in Virginia since June, when he kicked off his general election campaign with stops in Bristol and at Nissan Pavilion near Manassas.

Considering Obama has drawn crowds that exceed 100,000, Monday night’s rally could be a massive affair, although its unclear if the campaign can find a large venue in that part of Prince William County.

Posted by Tim Craig
Washington Post

All Eyes are on the PWC Budget

The BOCS Halloween Financial Retreat begins today. Instead of going to some swanky place to convene, to their credit, the PWC BOCS are staying put and doing their work right at County Complex.

Their task is daunting. Running a county on a $190 million dollar shortfall is not for the faint of heart nor for one with a personal agenda. Pre-released agenda documents pretty much spelled out how dire the situation is.

At root of the financial problem is the huge, disproportionate amount of foreclosures in PWC. Each foreclosure lowers the property values of the houses around it. Many people have seen an almost 50% drop in the value of their home in the past 2 years.

The loss of value of the homes naturally changes the property tax assessments. As if things weren’t bad enough, sales tax receipts have dropped for 5 months in a row. The county is hurting.

Each county department was directed to create a budget with 10%, 20%, and 30% cuts. Looking through the documents, there were some extremely severe cuts. All eyes will be on the public safety departments first.

According to the Washington Post:

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