Holy Bat Crap!

It looks like it all winds up right here, right under our noses. Yes, Virginia, our votes count.
A good friend just beeped me this news alert which I will post as is, since it is the middle of the night.

Posted at 10:33 PM ET, 10/30/2008
Obama Will End Campaign in Northern Virginia
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama announced tonight his final event of the campaign will take place Monday evening in Northern Virginia.

Obama plans to hold a large rally in or near Manassas Park, although an exact location has yet to be determined.

Obama’s decision to end his 20-month campaign in Virginia is yet another sign that he views Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in 1964, as a crucial battleground. Obama has made 10 stops in Virginia since June, when he kicked off his general election campaign with stops in Bristol and at Nissan Pavilion near Manassas.

Considering Obama has drawn crowds that exceed 100,000, Monday night’s rally could be a massive affair, although its unclear if the campaign can find a large venue in that part of Prince William County.

Posted by Tim Craig
Washington Post

49 Thoughts to “Final Obama Campaign Stop: Manassas,Virginia!!!”

  1. DiversityGal

    OMG!! I hope I can go, but I may not be able to get out of work early on that day. Where will they host this thing??

  2. Marie

    I know the chair of the Democratic party for Manassas/Manassas Park. I sent an e-mail this morning to see if I can get more info. Will post it when I do.

    I also heard on MSNBC this morning that Obama and McCain will do interviews during halftime at the Redskins/Steelers game. That is a first!

  3. Not Me, Bubba

    Holy shnikies! Will SO BE THERE….wowzers!!!!!

  4. Hopefully the Secret Service will be well informed about HSM, hopefully the Holy Successionist Militia will behave themselves, but I would not put any cowardly/treacherous act beyond their capibilities.

  5. Elena

    This is very exciting indeed! Hey, Virginia handed the democracts the Senate with Jim Webbs win, maybe we can do the same for the country. Did anyone see the op-ed by George Will in yesterdays paper? It was outstanding. George Will sees his party in an intellecutal spiral downward, it was truly insightful coming from a conservative republicans persective.

  6. Sandy

    I hope they find a place large enough for us to see Senator Obama. My niece is been looking forward of seeing him, she only 11 years old. I hope we have a change to see him!!

  7. Robb Pearson

    I find it ironic (though pleasantly so) that Barack Obama — who, if elected, will be the first black President in American history — will end his campaign in a county which has become the center of gravity for racism against Hispanics/Latinos.

    It’s somehow apropos. And in a very good way.

  8. Poor Richard

    Pray tell, where is a spot large enough to hold this in Manassas, Manassas Park
    or western PWC? Nissan maybe – even with huge traffic problems? Will be
    interesting to see their selection. At least the local weather forecast looks good
    for Monday night.

  9. Moon-howler

    Poor Richard, I thought the same thing myself. I know of no place that large. High school football fields-too small. Nissan, maybe. I can’t even think of an outdoor area that large. Now I am thinking Woodstock Obama 2008. Stay tuned, I guess.

    Marie, let us all know what you find out.

    Elena, will you link the George Wills piece?

    Rod, so good to see you back for a visit.

    Everyone else, Good morning.

  10. Censored bybvbl

    The MJM is reporting that Hillary Clinton will be here as well – on Sunday at GMU.


  11. Vampire Slayer

    What is the capacity of the George Mason venue?

  12. Censored bybvbl

    GMU info says that Verizon Auditorium holds 300. Is there any larger space there?

  13. Jason

    This is great news. I haven’t made it out to an Obama event yet this year, will definitely try to take advantage.

    Whether you’re for Obama or McCain, how amazing is it to be in Virginia this election where your vote will really make a difference?

  14. NotGregLetiecq

    I will be so proud if Barack Obama wins the Commonwealth of Virginia. I think that would show how far we have progressed in this decade, despite all the awful things that have happened. For each George Allen, there has been a Jim Webb. For each Virgil Goode, there has been a Mark Warner. For each Corey Stewart… well, I suppose we have yet to produce someone who is as forward-thinking and inclusive as Corey Stewart is hate-mongering and opportunistic, but how about Gerry Connolly, our next Congressman for a start (=

  15. Frankenstein

    Jason– totally amazing.

    NotGregLetiecq–for every Corey Stewart there is a Frank Principi.

  16. –Hopefully the Secret Service will be well informed about HSM, hopefully the Holy Successionist Militia will behave themselves, but I would not put any cowardly/treacherous act beyond their capibilities.–

    Rod, why not write to the DEMS and the FBI or whomever and tip them off?

  17. Elena

    Here it is Moon-Howler!


    Call Him John the Careless

    By George F. Will
    Thursday, October 30, 2008; A23

    From the invasion of Iraq to the selection of Sarah Palin, carelessness has characterized recent episodes of faux conservatism. Tuesday’s probable repudiation of the Republican Party will punish characteristics displayed in the campaign’s closing days.

    Some polls show that Palin has become an even heavier weight in John McCain’s saddle than his association with George W. Bush. Did McCain, who seems to think that Palin’s never having attended a “Georgetown cocktail party” is sufficient qualification for the vice presidency, lift an eyebrow when she said that vice presidents “are in charge of the United States Senate”?

    She may have been tailoring her narrative to her audience of third-graders, who do not know that vice presidents have no constitutional function in the Senate other than to cast tie-breaking votes. But does she know that when Lyndon Johnson, transformed by the 1960 election from Senate majority leader into vice president, ventured to the Capitol to attend the Democratic senators’ weekly policy luncheon, the new majority leader, Montana’s Mike Mansfield, supported by his caucus, barred him because his presence would be a derogation of the Senate’s autonomy?

    Perhaps Palin’s confusion about the office for which she is auditioning comes from listening to its current occupant. Dick Cheney, the foremost practitioner of this administration’s constitutional carelessness in aggrandizing executive power, regularly attends the Senate Republicans’ Tuesday luncheons. He has said jocularly that he is “a product” of the Senate, which pays his salary, and that he has no “official duties” in the executive branch. His situational constitutionalism has, however, led him to assert, when claiming exemption from a particular executive order, that he is a member of the legislative branch and, when seeking to shield certain of his deliberations from legislative inquiry, to say that he is a member of the executive branch.

    Palin may be an inveterate simplifier; McCain has a history of reducing controversies to cartoons. A Republican financial expert recalls attending a dinner with McCain for the purpose of discussing with him domestic and international financial complexities that clearly did not fascinate the senator. As the dinner ended, McCain’s question for his briefer was: “So, who is the villain?”

    McCain revived a familiar villain — “huge amounts” of political money — when Barack Obama announced that he had received contributions of $150 million in September. “The dam is broken,” said McCain, whose constitutional carelessness involves wanting to multiply impediments to people who want to participate in politics by contributing to candidates — people such as the 632,000 first-time givers to Obama in September.

    Why is it virtuous to erect a dam of laws to impede the flow of contributions by which citizens exercise their First Amendment right to political expression? “We’re now going to see,” McCain warned, “huge amounts of money coming into political campaigns, and we know history tells us that always leads to scandal.” The supposedly inevitable scandal, which supposedly justifies preemptive government restrictions on Americans’ freedom to fund the dissemination of political ideas they favor, presumably is that Obama will be pressured to give favors to his September givers. The contributions by the new givers that month averaged $86.

    One excellent result of this election cycle is that public financing of presidential campaigns now seems sillier than ever. The public has always disliked it: Voluntary and cost-free participation, using the check-off on the income tax form, peaked at 28.7 percent in 1980 and has sagged to 9.2 percent. The Post, which is melancholy about the system’s parlous condition, says there were three reasons for creating public financing: to free candidates from the demands of fundraising, to level the playing field and “to limit the amount of money pouring into presidential campaigns.” The first reason is decreasingly persuasive because fundraising is increasingly easy because of new technologies such as the Internet. The second reason is, the Supreme Court says, constitutionally impermissible. Government may not mandate equality of resources among political competitors who earn different levels of voluntary support. As for the third reason — “huge amounts” (McCain) of money “pouring into” (The Post) presidential politics — well:

    The Center for Responsive Politics calculates that, by Election Day, $2.4 billion will have been spent on presidential campaigns in the two-year election cycle that began in January 2007, and an additional $2.9 billion will have been spent on 435 House and 35 Senate contests. This $5.3 billion is a billion less than Americans will spend this year on potato chips.

  18. Elena

    I agree, how appropriate that Barack Obama, the antithesis of hate, should be here in VA, making his final bid for the Presidency.

  19. Marie

    Just got a response the Dem party for Manassas/Manassas Park. Site is not known at this time and as soon as they get it they will send it via e-mail. Maybe the media will get it sooner.

    The response I got was Obama will be in Manassas Monday night more to follow.

  20. NotGregLetiecq

    Frankenstein, thank you! You are right. Frank Principi is, in terms of his courage and his principles, the hero to Corey Stewart’s dastardly anti-immigrant deeds.

    I only wish he were as well known as Corey Stewart. When I dwell upon the humiliation that Corey Stewart, Virgil Goode, and George Allen have caused Virginians with their blatant and overt racism employed for political gain, I look to politicians with national recognition like Jim Webb, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine to balance the sheet. Let’s face it: Virginia is known for three of the most racist politicians in America (add to that Jeff Frederick and that McCain spokeswoman lady who said we’re not the “real Virginia” anymore because of too many ethnic minorities). The only way to combat that is with nationally known figures like Warner, Webb, and Kaine who unite people instead of dividing them.

    Principi has not been a uniting figure because he is not known statewide (let alone nation wide) and also there really is no hope for unity in PWC as long as Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq control the Board of County Supervisors.

  21. NotGregLetiecq

    Oh, but back to the point: if Obama were to win Virginia, it would show that the “Real Virginia” is a state where racism and hate-mongering for political gain is rejected, at least on the statewide level in 2006 and now 2008.

  22. Moon-howler

    Elena, that was an excellent opinion piece. Isn’t George Wills one of the more conservative columnists? That speaks volumes.

  23. michael

    In addition to how he is going to address the criminal fraud in the lending industry and fraud by borrowers, and solutions to the current economic situation, Obama needs to address the following because of its high importance to PWC and northern Virginia:

    What he is going to do about Immigration law and “illegal” immigrants.

    He needs to address WHY immigration law was created:
    Immigration law was created to limit the political and social damage caused by “out of control population growth” due to diasporas (people fleeing war, famine, bad government, etc) Diasporas are good for the people involved in them but generally bad for the countries absorbing them if you look at the post diasporic environments historically. In most post diasporic events, people who settled in regions of their new host country generally do not adopt the traits of the culture they are residing in, especially for several generations and if those ethnic, gender, religious, and racial traits remain solidified as diverse, segregated, conflicting and arrogant political entities, then the regions they settle in become ethnic, or religious warzones with the surrounding community, often for several generations and hundreds of years (in some cases, like the Christian and Muslim Diasporas, thousands of years of un-relenting conflict. In RARE cases, such as the European diasporas into the US, their are enough common characteristic between the new and the old cultures, and the changes brought about by those cultural differences slow enough and small enough, that rapid and destructive change does not happen in a diasporic absorbing society, it has the time through “controlled growth” and “legal immigration law” to slowly absorb the change over several generations without the violence and conflict usually associated with rapid diasporic events typical of massive cultural migrations over short periods of time into areas of vast cultural and social differences.

    He needs to address what he is going to do to prevent “uncontrolled” population growth in the US, that will affect both future economy, glbal warming and consumable natural resources:
    The base issue is “controlled growth” that prevents conflict and war. In most other parts of the world, growth is neither slow, nor controllable, as a result of “illegal” immigration, war or desire for “choice land and mineral resources”, In these regions historically conflict is endemic, people refuse to change, cultures collide, people live in fear of one another, and political parties representing each “diversity groups” ethnic, gender, racial and religious “attributes”, fight for supreme political power at the cost of peace, prosperity, ethics, law and freedom from criminal political oppression.

    To prevent “out of control” population growth and out of control DIASPORAS with severe negative consequences, Immigration law is established and enforced by all countries to attempt to prevent war and conflict between groups of people who refuse to identify and merge into a common peaceful culture. Some diasporic groups of people are worse than others in relating only “to their own kind”. It is these groups that create future wars and conflict as they gain political power.

    He needs to address how he feels about the need or not for Immigration law reform:
    Immigration reform is needed when the current immigration laws do not prevent “uncontrolled growth”. Immigration reform is not needed when the current immigration law provides a mechansim for people to legally enter a country at the population levels and growth rate the country can absorb peacefully and with stability. Immigration reform is also not needed when it is the diasporic people who want increased “quotas” for their own personal gain, when allowing “illegal” people to become “legal” will cause even more out of control growth, instability and potential for future ethnic, racial, gender and religious conflict.

    When “illegal” people can and do hurt a nation, they should not be re-warded for their illegality, especially when that reward promotes even more “illegal” behavior and even more “diasporic destruction” and future potential for war and conflict.

    It is my point of view that we do not need immigration “reform” just to make family members of “illegal” people happy, when the consequence of doing do is to invite even greater destruction and conflict in your future society, by rewarding “unlawful and “criminal” behavior.

    He needs to offer some solutions that will prevent future “illegal” immigration:
    I see we only have three possible solutions to prevent future conflict and ethnic, gender, racial and religious wars similar to those already underway in other countries with the same or worse problems the US is currently experiencing.

    1. Treat everyone the same (under law), identify and promote common “attributes” and similarities between diverse ethnic, gender, racial and religious groups, with the goal to as quickly as possible merge cultures, languages and “attributes” to a common national culture enabling peace, prosperity and social stability between ALL “individuals” in a society.
    2. Prevent political and social “diversity and divergence”, which is self- destructive, destabilizing, and militant in its political purpose to overthrow or dominate a nation’s political infrastructure, especially if the mechanism of overthrow is aristocratic, autocratic, socialistic, communistic or criminalistic. Democracy is the only historically proven governmental system that can peacefully create unified national cultures out of diasporic nations (the greeks were the first to understand and discover this simple truth, while they were at war with their diasporic neighbors).
    3. Prevent “illegal” people from gaining amnesty and future “illegal” people from entering that will encourage furthur “uncontrolled growth” by rewarding “unlawful and criminal” behavior with the very thing the unlawful and “criminal behavior” is motivated to gain. This behavior cycle which rewards “lawless” behavior will continue until the punishment is sufficient or consequential damages fearful enough to stop it for good.

    He needs to address the concerns of military officers and soldiers in this nation that fight for our freedoms and protection and see that the US political system is disintegrating into a third world political system of ignorant government and criminal political behavior:
    As a soldier who fought for this nation, this is what I see and stand for. My arguments are against any of you who want to undermine our nation and create the conditions that will turn the US into a political and militant gang warfare environment the same as nations at war around the world. Our national government and political system is disintegrating because people with naive and angry minds are causing fraud, corruption and political formation of ethnic, gender, racial and religious political factions that will cause the nation to live in a society where we live fear of one another as do most of the other nations of the world.

    If I and others like me who understand some basic causes of disintegration and conflict through personal experience of the global issues (as a result of fighting in those wars, and understanding the root cause of those wars), do not stand up for what we believe is right and wrong with this nation, and if we do not defend our nation at home as honarably as we defended our nation abroad, we will have failed each of you who are against the above solutions that are too un-informed or ignorant to know any better.

  24. michael

    Sorry to carry the issue forward but it is too improtant to leave it behind.

  25. inon

    George Will’s point is that McCain and Palin are not Conservative Enough to satisfy him….and you guys agree with that?? I’m shocked.

  26. Moon-howler

    One simple way to control overpopulation is to make sure birth control is available to those who want it. Not only is safe, reliable birth control needed nationally, but also world-wide.

    We need to get rid of the Mexico City Policy that Republican presidents allow themselves to be bullied into enacting. Overpopulation in other countries often leads to overpopulation in the USA. Regardless of where it happens, it is extremely sad and leads to famine, wars, and dislocation.

    The Mexico City policy has nothing to do with illegal immigration. It has everything to do with keeping safe contraception out of under-developed nations.


  27. Alanna


    It is my point of view that we do not need immigration “reform” just to make family members of “illegal” people happy, when the consequence of doing do is to invite even greater destruction and conflict in your future society, by rewarding “unlawful and “criminal” behavior.

    In the case of your wife, would you say that her unlawful, criminal behavior of overstaying her visa has caused destruction to our society? I have a very hard time reconciling the fact that she was once illegal and your position that illegals are unethical, destructive, etc…

  28. Frankenstein

    The old women on the dark screen seem more concerned with what’s going on here than they do their own business and their own agenda. They sound like a bunch of hens clucking.

    Old biddies, all of them. Makes old Frank N Stein laugh mightily and merrily.

    They are all over having the big O over Obama. Solid as Barack.

  29. DB

    Some may think that a black man doing well in PWC or the city of Manassas is something out of the ordinary. But if one looks back in history, looks at what Jennie Dean did after the civil war, looks at how many Manassas families(white and wealthy) supported her endeavor and made it real…one would realize how progressive Manassas/PWC has been for years. Is there any other NoVA jurisdiction willing to give a name to, and celebrate black teachers who integrated their white schools? (Ellis, Porter) Have any of you ever wondered about Portner, Grigsby, or Ewell lanes? Do you realize that the “Brown School” (first PW county school for “colored children”) still stands on Liberty Ave. in the City of Manassas to this day?

  30. Manassas/Manassas Park Cities Democratic Committee &

    Manassas Park City Council Candidates Suhas Nadonni & Peter Farrell

    Invite you to join us Election Night as we celebrate a new direction for Virginia, for America and for the world! We are painting Virginia Blue!

    Tuesday, November 4th
    7:30 pm

    Peter Farrell Supercars, Inc.
    8511 Manassas Drive
    Manassas Park, VA 20111
    (corner of Centerville Road and Manassas Drive)

    703-361-3220 Authorized & Paid for by the Manassas/Manassas Park Democratic Committees

  31. (BTW, I just got the announcement. I’m not a member of the Dem. Party. I’m a Pinko.)

  32. SecondAlamo

    I love it, after all this time some are still referring to PWC’s actions as racist. Look, if that huge billboard didn’t convince anyone, then how about just giving it up. In a phrase: ‘It’s the ILLEGALs stupid!’

  33. No, it’s about Stirrup and his notion of “OUR culture.” When you say in a televised public hearing that you want to defend your culture against someone else’s and you use that as an excuse to implement a policy taken from a hate group, you are being RACIST. Stirrup implemented the plan. Stirrup is Racist. Hence, we are all implicated.

    Stewart is the BIGGEST supporter of racists in the county. And he does it with OUR MONEY.

  34. DB, 31. October 2008, 20:27

    Thank you DB! I grew up in Prince William County myself and have said essentially the same thing to largely deaf ears. I have seen more racism (and I don’t mean only among the “whites,” but all the races) in the past two years than in my previous 47 years here! We were never separated until everybody starting telling us we were.

  35. Frankenstein

    Yes, Loudmouth of the darkened screen. Gotta check on the stupidity. You bettcha.
    You just gotta be stirring up something…..getting that much needed attention.

    And who is your boytoy? The choices are endless.

  36. Frankenstein…the Doctor, I presume as the monster was actually a rather sympathetic character.

    I would venture to say, sir, that I have offered my opinion on these pages far more often than you…which is actually irrelevant. What IS, however, relevant is that I offer my opinion whereas you apparently prefer to offer your bile. A rather disgusting substance, that.

  37. Frankenstein

    The message was not for awcheney. The person for whom it was intended knows who it was for. Neither Dr. Frankenstein nor his monster feel AWCheney is a loudmouth.

  38. TWINAD

    Michael said:

    It is my point of view that we do not need immigration “reform” just to make family members of “illegal” people happy, when the consequence of doing do is to invite even greater destruction and conflict in your future society, by rewarding “unlawful and “criminal” behavior.

    Okay, since this was obviously directed to me, I guess I need to respond. I am not seeking immigration reform to make me “happy”. I am seeking immigration reform so I can feel “secure” in the fact that if I die while my son is still a minor, that he will still have a parent able to care for him in his own country. My family doesn’t live around here and I would want him to be raised where I was raised just about as much as I would want him raised in Central America. No diversity in either place. I can die knowing that the amount of life insurance I carry will provide for them for a long time, either here or in Central America, but my life insurance policy offers no guarantee thay my husband can remain in the US to raise our son. He is not a criminal, he is not corrupt, he does not exhibit lawless behavior. If he did, he would have been arrested by now, 12 years after he entered the country to work. He pays his taxes, keeps his nose clean, he is a good and loving father and husband.

    There are hundreds of thousands of American’s married to “illegals”. This is not just for me, but for all the other families that are in the same position.

  39. SecondAlamo

    So Barrack’s “Aunti Zeituni” was suppose to leave the country, and yet is still living on tax supported public housing. Now I know why Barrack wants to raise taxes to help the ‘middle class’ wink wink. By the way what is the final cutoff point for tax increases? Every time he speaks the income level changes. It started at 300,000, then banded about at 250,000 in the last debate, then went to 200,000 in his infomercial. There’s a lot of people in limbo on their tax impact with this guy, that’s for sure. Will he be this confusing as president also?

  40. DiversityGal

    Shoulda known this was going to come up for you, Second Alamo. I was just counting the minutes until someone brought this up.

  41. SecondAlamo


    Don’t worry. It won’t have any negative effect any more than all the other questionable circumstances that has surrounded him. Most will just turn their head and tow the party line. The difference in all these events is that they are fact due to them being either video taped or sound recorded instead of hear-say, and yet people still pretend there’s nothing to it. I just hope they are right, because to be wrong is to be putting our country in jeopardy.

  42. Elena

    My perception was very different. I believe George Wills was saying that the Republican Party had completely lost its way. I don’t agree with the tenents of all consveratism, but it is an interesting perspective that the republican party has been reduced to sound bites and simplicity.

  43. Censored bybvbl

    Don’t worry. It won’t have any negative effect any more than all the other questionable circumstances that has surrounded him. Most will just turn their head and tow the party line.

    Kinda like what happened with George W. Bush?

    You know, on one side of my family I have about ten first cousins whom I haven’t seen or heard from – except one of them – in thirty years. Should I be responsible for knowing their whereabouts and lawfulness? How important do you think Joe McCain’s recent antics were? I realize, SA, that you wish this would make all the difference in this election – that it apparently is more important to you than Sarah Palin’s imcompetence.

  44. SecondAlamo

    No problem Censored, just make sure you own up to your support for Obama unlike all those that voted Nixon in and then later wouldn’t admit to ever having voted for him.

  45. Marie

    Wait a minute on the aunt thing. I believe she is the sister of Obama’s father, whom he hardly knew. So, tell me exactly why this is Obama’s responsibility?

  46. Jurtuna

    I have an Aunt I’d like to send to Kenya…… 🙂

  47. Moon-howler

    The aunt business sounds like a last ditch effort to discredit a candidate. How about those 2 half sisters of Mrs. McCain that she never brings up? You know, the ones that somehow got left out of the will. They probably wish THEY were an illegal aunt, just to get acknowledged.

    Obama is not responsible for his father’s family in Kenya or from Kenya. It takes 30 seconds to be a father and a life-time to be a dad. It sounds like Obama’s grandfather was the dad figure in his life and his biological father was merely the sperm donor.

  48. Becca

    Monday, November 3rd
    Doors Open: 5:00 p.m.
    Program Begins: 9:00 p.m.

    has anyone attended a Obama rally before?
    it says the doors open at 5, but what time should i reeeeally get there???

  49. michael

    No Twinad, my comment was not directed at you. It was directed at anyone who supports, aids and abets “illegal” immigrants. Normally marriage is a reason and justification to request a green card, but I know you have special circumstances where your husband entered illegally, must go back and submit proper paperwork for entry. A criminal by my definition is anyone who breaks the law. That may not be yours, as you probably feel it is ok to break law as long as you don’t get caught. That is an opinion often shared by others who have “illegal relatives”. That is not the perspective of the majority of law-abiding citizens, who feel that people who break laws are committing crimes. I’m sure your husband is a great guy, however we have “immigration” laws designed to protect the rest of us from the negative impact of “illegal” people coming into the country “illegally”, one that is directly a consequence of “out of control growth”. Your husband as a minimum has contributed to that, and anything else he has done that is not inside the boundaries of community law, state law or federal law in order to even exist here as an “illegal”.

    This is not personal, but I know you feel we should make exceptions. I do not, except those already allowed by law, using the process that is called “applying for a green card” and following that procedure, returning to your country until that paper is approved, OR A WAIVER IS GRANTED FOR HUMANITARIAN REASONS. Humanitarian reasons are very clear that is usually under duress of personal risk to life and limb, threat of death, political persecution or other reasons to grant asylum, typically family reasons (kids, relatives are not considered humanitarian waiverable as nothing prevents a single person from raising a child here, the child to accompany a parent or both parents to accompany each other to a native country, all options people don’t like, but are not typically waiverable. You of course have two options as a result of willingly accepting continued “illegal” behavior, stay and risk being caught, or apply for Green Card status following the guidelines of the application process in your circumstances.
    I wish the best for you and your family, unfortuately it does not change my opinion of lawlessness, and the fact that a law and likely several have been and continue to be broken.

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