Fair Grounds Chosen as Final Obama Rally Before the Election!

Here’s the info we have all been waiting for. From Insidenova.com

By Uriah A. Kiser

Published: November 1, 2008

Barack Obama will hold his final campaign rally at the Prince William Fairgrounds in the Manassas area Monday night.

The event will begin at 9 p.m. and is expected to welcome nearly 40,000 people.

The presidential nominee is expected to talk about the economy, health care and providing tax relief for Virginia residents, campaign spokesman Bobby Whithorne said.

This is Obama’s 11th trip to the commonwealth since the end of the primary season in May.
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Secret Service and Campaign Eye Several Venues

Ok, so where is the huge Obama Rally? The prognosticators and I have narrowed down the venue to 4 places: the Fairgrounds, Nissan Pavilion, Costello Park, or out in the middle of a field reminiscent of the Woodstock Days.

[update 1:20 PM Nov. 1, 2008: insidenova.com provides another clue]

Let’s examine each. Obama has been drawing crowds in the neighborhood of 100,000 cheering spectators. Is there anywhere around here that could accommodate that kind of crowd? Washington Mall—that’s about it. Smaller huge venues would be Scott Stadium at UVA in Charlottesville or FedEx field over in Maryland. Scott Stadium makes sense. It is in the heart of Democrat-land also. FedEx does nothing for Virginia.

Nissan only holds about 35,000 people. Is this big enough for an Obama crowd the second time around? After all, he did kick off his official campaign here, right after the Democratic Convention. Traffic patterns are already established.

The Fairgrounds? Who knows how many people you can fit there. I can’t really see Obama speaking where the tractor pull is held or where the donkey dive used to be held before PETA got it. Parking there is just a nightmare.

Costello Park and an open field seem to be not very viable options. The battlefield has no parking and I doubt seriously if our 2 biggest landowners in the county would want throngs schlepping all over their property. Besides, they aren’t even Democrats.

Manassas Park cannot handle this one. It looks like Prince William inherits the King. Stay tuned and place your bets here: Which venue will it be?

(There is always the chance they will pack up their marbles and go elsewhere.)

Update: Hillary Clinton will be in Fairfax, not Manassas.
Change We Need Rally
with Senator Hillary Clinton

George Mason University
Johnson Center
4400 University Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22030