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By Uriah A. Kiser

Published: November 1, 2008

Barack Obama will hold his final campaign rally at the Prince William Fairgrounds in the Manassas area Monday night.

The event will begin at 9 p.m. and is expected to welcome nearly 40,000 people.

The presidential nominee is expected to talk about the economy, health care and providing tax relief for Virginia residents, campaign spokesman Bobby Whithorne said.

This is Obama’s 11th trip to the commonwealth since the end of the primary season in May.

The Illinois senator spoke to about 7,000 who packed the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow on June 5, after he became the Democratic presidential nominee.

There, he was joined by Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and Sen. James Webb as he thanked his principal rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, for making him a better campaigner.

Manassas Park was announced on Friday as the possible host for the Illinois senator’s campaign stop, but city officials now say they have no venue large enough for so many people.

Signal Hill Park and Manassas Park High School were two of the sites the city was considering to stage the event, City Manager Mercury T. Payton said.

Payton learned just before 2 p.m. on Saturday his city was not chosen.

“I think it was just a matter of logistics and the fact we couldn’t hold as many people as he needed to hold,” said Payton.

Payton didn’t consider the campaign’s decision not to hold the rally there a negative blow to the city.

Obama is expected to return home to Chicago after the Manassas area rally, Whithorne said.

99 Thoughts to “Fair Grounds Chosen as Final Obama Rally Before the Election!”

  1. NotGregLetiecq

    Hello, hello: also, dishonest “news” outlets, manipulative pundits, as well as certain brain dead consumers playing along at home love to tout the fact that Congress has a lower approval rating that George Bush the Second.

    Funny how they always leave out that 50 percent of Americans erroneously believe that Republicans have controlled Congress during the past 2 years since the Democrats took over.

    An intelligent analysis of these polls reflect a general disaffection with the way our federal government has been bungled for the past 8 years, as well as the disappointment of those who opposed the Lied-us-into War in Iraq, and believed that the Democratic win in 2006 would mean adult supervision for the boy king President.

  2. hello

    Hi NGL, I don’t think you can call the Washington Times, New York Post and the Dallas Morning News “minor newspapers”. How the hell is that spin? Also, I didn’t read about this on Fox News, it was on CBS:

    Desperate… no, informed. So according to you If you criticize Obama or Biden your “desperate” or “dumb”. Nice… Your response reminds me of how the Obama campaign treats people who don’t agree with them.

  3. Moon-howler

    Pink, you cannot have volunteer cops at an event like that. You need objectivity.
    Virginians have never had this kind of election attention on this scale, at least to my knowledge. Maybe we now kjnow how the rest of the nation lives. New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida and Ohio come to mind as states that continually get bombarded with the election assault.

    Hello, both campaigns should be ponying up, in my opinion. It isn’t just Obama who has been running up the bills.

    That press corp plane story fairly routine. Did you hear the reporters who were bumped? They were fairer about it than most McCain supporters. All reporters end up getting where they need to be. They just don’t get to ride with the chosen few. Fair? Life isn’t fair. Politics REALLY aren’t fair.

    WHWN- were you alive in 1992? There was great energy and great Hope back then.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    James, are you still trying to fool people with your “Borat” character?

    Give me a break. Just be honest about your views and where you are coming from. The readers here are not as dumb as you think. We don’t dole out extra points for feigning ignorance about this county, and/or prefacing obvious partisan slants with the words, “in my country.”

  5. Moon-howler

    Hello, that single digit approval rating is shared by all members of congress. I might also ask you what the Republcian congress the previous 6 years got accomplished. Pretty much …well nothing to crow about.

    My problem with your attacks on the Democrats is that pretty much the same thing can be said about the Republicans. Let’s be even handed. The country is too divided for much to get accomplished at the moment and this discussion seems to be futher proof. I am not even a Dem, but an Indie.

  6. hello

    Hi Moon-howler, I really don’t think that having a majority of either party in congress, the senate and the presidency all at the same time is good for the country. There needs to be some balance, this is why a president Obama scares me.

    When you talk about raising taxes during a serious recession and at the same time bankrupting an industry what do you think is going to happen? With a democratic majority those things are very likely to happen. If Obama is elected I feel that you can say bye bye recession, hello depression.

  7. hello

    Also, coal is one of our most abundant natural resources. If you put coal out then what do you think will happen to our dependence on foreign oil? What do you think will happen to your electric bill (coal generates nearly half of all of our energy)?

    So, in the face of a bad recession your going to force electric companies to severely raise electric bills, kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and raise taxes? Does that really sound like something we need right now?

  8. Moon-Howler, I did not think much of Clinton in 1992, so if there was hope in the air, I did not sense it. I felt like a clown had hijacked the debates and the national press (Ross Perot), jumping on he scale with his personal fortune, and handing the election to an unknown country bumpkin (Bill Clinton).

    So, no, sorry. I don’t see the analogy. Back then, I saw Clinton much the way I saw Obama until recently. Perhaps because Clinton pleasantly surprised me, I am more open to Obama, and, as such, I have not been as despondent as I might have been (though I have suffered greatly) watching Sarah Palin destroy the McCain campaign.

  9. Moon-howler

    Hello, would you feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot as it was in 2000? I thought that was scary also. I would just as soon not have that super majority. On the other hand I would also like to try the Dem control for a while. I am tired of the social conservatism that keeps creeping through congress under the current administration.

    James, If Obama scares you, then be glad that you don’t have to make a choice about who to vote for. When can you apply for citizenship? Like in Greece, different people have different opinions. whwn is just as entitled to his as the next guy since he isn’t badgering or belittling anyone. He has had to make a radical change in his thinking. He used to be a Republican if I am not mistaken. He has expressed his disappointment in the McCain campaign over and over again. Be gentle with him.

    I don’t think Obama plans on raising taxes. Of course neither did George Bush the first.

    I don’t freak over raised taxes as much as some people I guess. If we survived George Bush, we can survive anyone. Besides, the election isn’t over.

  10. NotGregLetiecq


    Just keep trying to convince us that you understand economics better than Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, and the nation’s leading economists. Keep trying to convince us that Republican talking points from the previous century are all John McCain needs right now. That tax cuts for the wealthy are good for the rest of us thanks to trickle down economics. And a three percent increase in taxes for the wealthy will send us into the Great Depression. All the Democrats are asking your fat cat friends on Wall Street, at Exxon, and at Halliburton to do is to go back to the same tax structure we had during the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION, remember, when our economy was BOOMING, and your fat cat friends were doing well, and the REST OF US were doing well too?

    Middle class tax cuts will be good for America. Don’t let Sarah Palin scare you! If we went back to the Clinton economy, what would be wrong with that?

  11. hello

    Moon, yeah, I was just as concerned in 2000. As a conservative independent I like to see a good mix of the two, all of one is good for none.

  12. NotGregLetiecq

    M-H, higher taxes and socialism are the last gasps of the old talking points from the latter half of the 20th Century. After trying every other trick in the books, Palin and McCain have sadly and selfishly resorted to archaic ideas about Democrats equaling higher taxes. That’s only true for people who make over $250,000 a year.

    All of us know that.

    But it’s obvious to me that the Palin/McCain campaign is not looking for the votes of people who would bother to look up the two competing tax policies before voting. They are aiming for the low information voter, and only the low information voter.

    “Hello” is the top of their intellectual food chain, and that isn’t saying much.

  13. james

    Well Mr. NGL the offer I made previously (which you have never responded too) to meet me in person still stands. I would like to see if you would be able to make such nefarious comments to me in a personal setting. It’s completely amazing that such people as you that have such a negative outlook on life and the population in general exist. I strive to look for goodness in people. However persons such as you bring down the population in general and drain the positive energy from their lives. I honestly feel sorry for you.

  14. hello

    NGL, you asked “If we went back to the Clinton economy, what would be wrong with that?”… a TON given our current economic situation. A few years down the road when the economy has rebounded a bit, okay, I can maybe see that. During times like this “what would be wrong with that”, everything.

    I’m not sure what industry you work in NGL but I’ve got a bunch of friends in IT. Most of which work as contractors. Another thing the democrats would like to do is cut the defence spending by 25%. I’m not sure if your aware of this but there are a ton of IT jobs in the Manassas area at places like Lockheed Martin. What do you think is the first to go in defence spending cuts, those jobs which will also mean those high paying IT jobs will be leaving the Manassas area.

  15. hello

    NGL, NGL… ““Hello” is the top of their intellectual food chain, and that isn’t saying much.”

    Now your resorting to personal attacks? Nice, you truly are a closed minded person who resorts to such tactics when you can’t debate the subject. Like a spoiled brat who doesn’t get her way you start in with the pouting, stomping of the feet and name calling. Your true colors are really starting to show.

  16. james

    MR. NGL has much hate and discontent in his/her life. This is the problem with this country, much hate and despair. You should be spreading happiness instead of hate. This blog is so full of hate!! I think the other blog is just full of buffoons but the real hatred exists here. And Borat was from Khazakstan not Greece.

  17. hello

    I would agree with you james but not all people here are as hatefull as NGL (there are some but not all), allot of people here can talk about issues without having to resort to calling people names or belittling them. NGL is not one of them.

  18. NotGregLetiecq

    Borat is a fictional character, James. That’s my point.

    Hello, I don’t hate you. You are funny to me. You represent the Cliff Notes version of Sean Hannity, who is less funny because he fools people like you.

    If there’s anything I hate, it’s when conversations that are very important are trivialized by prankster bloggers and Fox News parrots who have zero capacity for critical thought.

    There is nothing personal about what we do on this blog. Almost no one here uses their real name. Those who do, yes, they are attacked personally. But b.s. artists like you and James have no impact on me personally. It’s the shallowness and insincerity of your ideas I object to. Who you are as real people is of no consequence.

  19. james

    thank you very much Mr/Mrs. hello,

    it is encouraging to the success of this blog that people such as you exist here. If the spirit of this blog is to be met then people should be debating in a sensible manner. Just when I think that seems to be happening, people such as NGL come in and post their hateful words. In blog world I would suppose this would be called a “troll” and they should not be fed. I would be more than happy to meet this person face to face, I’ve always felt that personal meetings were best for expressing personal views and talking was always the best avenue for getting points across. I doubt that NGL will accept my offer but I felt it necessary to provide that avenue if he/she wishes to engage in a healthy conversation.

    Persons who are so aggressive and hateful usually back down when provided an avenue for a face to face meeting so we now see what type of person NGL truly is.

    Some interesting blogging happening in northern virginia. some very spirited comments but at the same time plenty of hate to be spread around in mass. What’s distressing is that you can view one forum and someone will be advocating against hate but then go to another and same person is voicing hateful words. It just seems to me that many people enjoy shifting sides like the tides in the ocean.

  20. james

    what is so interesting about Fox News channel? Do they have some interesting fare that is not supplied by the local news channels?

  21. Mando

    I like how someone that ALWAYS resorts to personal attacks considers themselves intellectually superior.

  22. hello

    I see NGL, if someone has a different view than you they are “funny to you”, “prankster bloggers”, “Fox News parrots”, “have zero capacity for critical thought”, “b.s. artists”, “shallow” and apparently not real people (and that’s just from one post!). Keep digging the hole NGL, pretty soon you will be in China.

    It’s difficult not to react in a negative way to your comments but I’m going to give it a shot… I think that your the uninformed one which is obvious by your total and complete trust of liberal media. You automatically dismiss any and all opposing views or thought. When your so one sided and closed off to outside of the main stream media you my dear “have zero capacity for critical thought”.

  23. james

    Another thing,

    would not NGL be a fictional character as well? You purport yourself to be the anti-thesis of an individual on another blog. You have provided nothing of your background or character other than spreading hateful words. And you expressly mentioned in your last post that you do indeed attack people. It is truly amazing that you hide behind a fictional character but you will not meet me in person. You hide behind words because you are too cowardly to back up those same words with your personal voice. I find you inept, unintelligent and belligerent. You look to written forums to post your hate for life and humanity in general and I would suspect you are a fairly mean person in real life.

  24. hello

    it’s Mr. hello James… 🙂

  25. NotGregLetiecq

    Hello, you do deserve an answer to your “Clinton Economics Bad” argument, and I’ll try to do it without sarcasm or any other word choices that might hurt your feelings.

    What’s happened to the McCain economic argument is that it is using the rhetoric of the past to defend the ideas of the past.

    Less military spending. That’s the boogie man from the Reagan era. But the truth is that the same war profiteering companies you worship can and will diversify their outlay of resources and development research toward non-military technology, such as communications satellites (which they already do), and new energy technology. These same corporations will become leaders in developing cleaner-burning energy technology to power our military machines (which will be crucial for our national security).

    Think about it, Hello. Makers of typewriters and “Whiteout” may have been put out of business by the advent of the personal computer. But that didn’t mean a “Great Depression” for our national economy. On the contrary, there was an economic boom with the dawning of the information age.

    So if there are less wars in the 21st century than the 20th century, don’t despair! You are correct, there will be less war profiteering if there is less war….

    BUT a new energy economy like the one Barack Obama is proposing will be the engine of the the global economy, not just ours. Instead of investing in creating bigger and better killing machines (that only need replacing if we find a country to blow them up in), we can invest capital in cleaner and more efficient energy technology, INCLUDING clean coal technology which will, yes, allow us to make use of our most abundant energy resource without destroying the environment.

    If America becomes the world’s unchallenged leader in such technologies (just as we were world leaders in space and aeronautical technology thanks to Kennedy’s lofty goal of landing on the moon), we will be able to sell this technology to emerging industrialized economies like China and India. The jobs and profits that this will create will power our economy into the 21st century, allowing us to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and make our homeland safer. Why safer? Because our killing machines will not have to be powered by somebody else’s oil.

    McCain’s policies, and the lobbyists who crafted them for him, are grounded in the 20th century economy, which was greatly dependent on fossil fuels, the oil industry. As long as the oil industry and the war profiteering industry control the White House, we will continue down the path we have been on since the early 1900’s. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will go to more efficient and cleaner burning fuels, and 10 years from now, America would have to wake up and see that McCain’s archaic 20th century politics had caused us to miss the boat. We’d be forced to by new energy technology from Japan, Korea, India, and China. We’d be consumers instead of innovators in the 21st century economy, because we held on to the 20th century mindset while the rest of the world raced into the future.

    Meanwhile, here you are, trying to get us riled up about whether rich people pay a Clinton tax rate or a Bush tax rate. We simply can’t afford that.

  26. Mando

    “Instead of investing in creating bigger and better killing machines (that only need replacing if we find a country to blow them up in)”

    Ahh yes… then the obligatory straw man. So… we have personal attacks then straw men. NGL is truly a wonderful debater!

  27. hello

    NGL, I think someone needs to inform Biden about clean coal plants because according to him “none will be built in the U.S.”. Is there going to be a big, new industry for clean coal, yes, but it won’t be here if Obama is elected. Also, check out this quote from Mike Carey, the president of the Ohio Coal Association:

    “Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.”

    I would have to agree somewhat with his statement… If you think your electic bill is high now, just wait.

    Also, it’s not just “rich people” who are going to be paying more in taxes. Do you have any idea of the tax cuts he is going to roll back? Do you have any idea of additional new taxes he is for? Don’t be fooled by only “rich people” are going to be paying more in taxes. It’s not true, all of us are going to be paying more in taxes weather it’s an increase for guns or ammo or more in capital gains.

    Just sit back and watch as the market takes a huge dip if Obama is elected because people will be selling off so that don’t have to pay 10% more in taxes.

  28. james

    I still have not received any answer NGL to my offer to meet personally. Maybe at one of the Immigration circles or even one of your economy parties? I would like to give you ample forum to speak your words to someone in person vice hiding behind a blog. I’m more than willing and able, I really enjoy meeting new people and expanding my horizons. Even if it is necessary to confront and agent of hate such as yourself.

  29. hello

    don’t hold your breath james…

  30. NotGregLetiecq

    James, I don’t buy your schtick. Why not take up your analysis of the two blogs of PWC with someone who does?

    Most here have stopped reading the other blog, and truly, it is the issues and the choices we face that are of importance, not which blog you prefer.

    Hello, thanks for being issue orienteted at least. There is an election tomorrow after all.
    I’ll respond to your coal industry quote later.

  31. hello

    NGL, food for thought… this article was written earlier this summer, it breaks down both candidates economic plans and is critical of both:

    Take a closer look at the capital gains issue with Obama’s plan – “it will come out of the pockets of the 30 to 40% of the population that pays most of our taxes.”. That doesn’t sound like he is only going to raise taxes for 5% of Americans. Again, don’t be fooled by only “rich people” are going to pay more in taxes.

  32. NotGregLetiecq

    Hello, why not go to the source instead of relying on the writings of people who have a financial stake in seeing one candidate win?

    McCain does not mince words about a plan that provides massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and the oil companies. He opposed these measures before the primary, but he embraced the Bush tax cuts when he realized his primary opponents were attacking him from the right. Now he’s stuck with them. So, you have to go through eight clicks to find his tax policy on his website (I saved you the trouble). And, all he does is rely on 20th century scare tactics about Marxism, socialism, and communism when he is out on the stump, hoping the average voter won’t take the time to look up what his tax policy actually does.

    McCain wants to leave the middle class out when it comes to tax relief. Obama wants to give tax relief to the middle class, and ask the wealthiest Americans to go back to the tax rates they had during the booming Clinton economy instead of the imploding Bush economy. I have no hope of earning $250,000 this year or next, so I’m not too concerned about this.

    My guess is that you are closer to my tax bracket than Warren Buffet’s. But you are driven by social issues to support McCain/Palin through thick and thin. That’s fine, but don’t try to make economic arguments that don’t hold water.

    It’s a philosophical difference. How well does trickle down economics work in a global economy. McCain says great! Look at the Bush economy and you will see!
    Obama says, not so great, look at the Bush economy and you will see.

  33. hello

    NGL, so I take it you didn’t read the article… some interesting points from it:

    “The effects of a capital gains tax cut is larger than the gains alone would indicate; there is not just a revenue effect, but how much good it does in raising wages and creating jobs.”
    Alternatively, under the Obama plan, “some of the capital we have put in place since 2003 will no longer be profitable and won’t be replaced, and we will see wages and jobs decrease,” Mr. Entin said.

    Again, your still stuck on only rich people are going to pay more in taxes. Obama’s plan to nearly double the capital gains will result in decreased wages and jobs thus indirectly affecting the middle class. Trust me, there are things about McCain I don’t like. The difference between you and I is that I can admit to them. You keep beating the 250k drum while not looking at other parameters.

  34. hello

    I didn’t see anywhere on Obama’s site where it talked about the negative effects of raising the capital gains, did you? That is why I don’t rely 100% on what the candidate says, politician don’t always tell you the whole story. If you take everything Obama says as fact than he would have had town hall meetings and used public campaign funds and we all know how that turned out. You can go on and keep believing that 95% of people aren’t going to have their taxed raised or that his tax plan won’t affect the middle class, good luck.

  35. NotGregLetiecq

    Hello, if you’d like I can point you to dozens of more recent and better researched articles, many of them written by Republicans who are simply making an informed choice based on issues, leadership, and policy platforms. But thanks for sharing the source of your certainty. When I have more time I will investigate. I am interested in your view. Thanks for being so open.

  36. Moon-howler

    I am not sure about the capital gains taxes. I thought I heard Obama say you would only pay increased capital gains tax if you made only $250k as an individual, not a family.

    What does everyone think of Elizabeth Dole calling her opponent, Kay Hagan, ‘godless.’ I always thought the Doles had more class than to get in to that sort of stuff.

  37. james


    I would agree with you. It does not appear that this blog has too much of a following outside a few insiders such as yourself. That could be one reason why it may not be around for much longer. Again, the invitation stands. I will make every immigration circle and economic party (assuming they still exist) and will ask around to see if you have made it. I’m for real but what remains to be seen if you have the bark to back up that bite you have. The ball is in your court and it remains to be seen whether you are up to the task of playing.

  38. IVAN

    Considering what’s going on on Wall Street right now, exactly who is earning capital gains?

  39. Censored bybvbl

    Well, Moon-howler, as a godless person, I’m offended by Elizabeth Dole’s remarks. They’re the spoutings of a desperate woman afraid of losing the election, not her soul. They’re such twentieth century Republican rantings…

  40. hello

    Hi Moon, Dole’s ‘godless’ claim was about as stupid as another Elizabeth’s comment… Elizabeth Edwards main complaint about McCains health care plan:

    ‘McCain’s plan fails in all important areas by leaving the decision-making process up to individuals, who can frequently “make stupid economics decisions.”’

    So Elizabeth Edwards thinks Americans are too stupid to make their own decisions, that government is the only one qualified to make that decision for us. Oh, by the way, she is a health care advisor for Obama.

  41. hello

    NGL, sure, if you can provide more recent and researched articles I’m always open to reading them…

  42. Moon-howler

    Hello, Do you suppose that Eliz. Edwards misspoke? That statement certainly doesn’t fit in with what I have heard her say in the past. I didn’t see that or the context. I would be willing to forgive Eliz. Edwards for almost anything. She has been through a great deal.

    My guess is she got side tracked fanticizing about how she would like to neuter her errant husband.

  43. hello

    She could have misspoke I suppose Moon, at the same time she did say how she was not fond of Obama’s health care plan either, this is where I read it:

  44. Moon-howler


    I cannot comment because I don’t even know what she means. It sounds like something fundamental got left out of that quote.

    I do know that determining the best rx plan and bridge plan under medicare is difficult to determine. I tore my hair out trying to help my mother. You need a ph.d in something and I am not even sure in what.

  45. Moon-howler

    James, didn’t you indicate that you were a recent immigrant?

    Perhaps you could come to one of the anti blog get togethers. I am not sure that a study circle would be a good place for you and NGL to air your differences. It sounds like it could get disruptive.

    While I am sure you and NGL are both adults, we certainly do not encourage political adversaries to meet in private settings, especially when one is female. You know, safety and all that.

  46. JustinT

    Why don’t a group of us go to meet “James?” I’m curious to see if it’s really true someone traveled all the way from Greece to help Greg Letiecq’s wounded ego, and join this blog in order to criticize it, but have no other opinions or agenda. Fascinating story.

  47. Slither Hither

    If it’s a group of three or more it might be considered “gang activity”. I do like your idea though. Fascinating story, indeed.

  48. JustinT

    How about a “Save PWC’s Economy and Unmask ‘James'” Party?

  49. Moon-howler

    How about a celebrate the election over party and everyone can come and be on their best behavior? James is welcome also. He can tell me about the Acropolis and the Oracle at Delphi. I will never make it to Greece I fear.

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