It was just announced that Barack Obama’s grandmother who he called ‘Toot,’ Madelyn Payne Dunham (pictured on right), has passed away. Grandparents play special roles in children’s lives and he often spoke of how much Toot had sacrified for him. Rest in Peace, Toot. Thank you.

7 Thoughts to “In Honor of ‘Toot’ : Madelyn Payne Dunham”

  1. DB

    I will and can always remember my grandmother as an awesome, feminist,educated individual. She never baked cookies but introduced me to literature. As a librarian she sent me boxes of books. She read with me, corrected the sentences I wrote her. She embraced my desire for knowledge and fed me what she knew. She was and still is my hero..a person who always believed that women are intelligent. She was a woman who insisted that her daughters be college educated. This was a woman that reveled in every diploma her 16 granddaughters received.

  2. KathyZ

    Too bad she didn’t live to see the day her grandson elected.

  3. Was this the Grandmother that was a “Typical White Person”?
    She seemed like a wonderful lady, Sacrificing so her Grandson could go to Harvard.

  4. Moon-howler

    PWConservative: Not sure that is exactly what was said. You have taken his comments out of context. Let’s not dishonor either one of them over his grandmother. Election issues, fine, but not anything to do with Toot.

  5. Moon-howler

    Kathyz, I agree.

  6. JustinT

    PWCon, shocked you’d sign your name to such a cheap shot. Not every happening is an opportunity to shove another wedge into the manufactured culture war.

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