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A regional report commissioned by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald Connolly shows Northern Virginia to be a different place than it was thirty years ago. Amid large population growth, the outer Southern rim of Northern Virginia has seen a demographic change as a more ethnically and racially diversified population has sought affordable housing in the outer suburbs.

The study, which offers a preview of the 2010 census reports:

“Of the 270,000 people who moved to Northern Virginia between 2000 and 2007, 75 percent settled in Loudoun County, Prince William County, Manassas or Manassas Park.
In Prince William, the growth was driven almost entirely by minorities, who accounted for 94 percent of the population increase.

In contrast, the inner suburbs of Arlington County and Alexandria, once considered gateway communities for immigrants, have lost minority residents since 2000, becoming more white and more affluent. “

Since the data was compiled in 2007, it may not reflect any demographic changes which may have resulted from PWC’s and the City of Manassas’s efforts to target illegal immigration or from the recent foreclosure crisis or economic downturn.

It’s not so expensive in the outer suburbs, which drew thousands of immigrant and minority families because of lower housing costs and rapid job growth.
“Because we’re far less urbanized, it’s an easy assumption to make that we’re a predominantly white community,” said Prince William Supervisor Martin E. Nohe (R-Coles), who attended Billingsley’s presentation at a recent meeting of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. “But my hope is that people will recognize that our community has changed, and I think the change we’re experiencing is a positive one.”

Nohe said it would be a mistake to supplant one false impression of Prince William with another: that the county’s population growth is driven entirely by low-income families. “We’re also seeing large numbers of affluent and middle-class families of color moving to Prince William,” Nohe said, “and that violates the paradigm of who would have come to Prince William in the 1960s and ’70s.”
He continued: “What we’re experiencing now isn’t white flight. We’re seeing middle-income and upper-income families choosing to leave inner jurisdictions because they see something here in Prince William that isn’t available to them inside the Beltway in terms of quality of life.”
No members of minority groups serve on the heavily Republican Prince William Board of County Supervisors or on the city councils of Manassas and Manassas Park, but Nohe predicted that, too, will soon change. “As newcomers to our county get more established, you’ll see more minority participation in politics,” he said, noting that the county has a black sheriff and black School Board members.

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17 Thoughts to “PWC Declared Most Ethnically and Racially Diverse in Region”

  1. IVAN

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if PWC delivered Virginia to Obama and put him over 270 electoral votes.

  2. Censored bybvbl

    The quotes above are from the WaPo article not the report it’s reporting on.

    IVAN, it’ll be interesting to see if we (PWC) can make that difference.

  3. Glad Nohe went to the meeting and endorses diversity. Stir-it-up must be drooling with rage.

  4. michael

    How could anybody smart or fair endorse diversity? The definition of diversity is “get at least one person from each nation into the country, into your school, into your workplace, and that makes it “fair, equitable, and even in terms of equal opprotunity. Nothing could be more further from the truth in actual fact and analysis.

    If there are 100 jobs, slots in school or quotas in immigration law, and 1 person from one nation is given preference to get into your workplace, school or nation, then that person has a 1 out of 100 chance of receving the benefit they are seeking. If 1 person from some 100 different ethnicities, races, genders or religions gets a “diversity” privilege slot, then 1 out of HOW MANY 305 MILLION INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES gets a FAIR and equitable slot?

    This is why diversity makes no sense and will never be fair and just for all. It DOES NOT ACCOUNT FOR FAIRNESS TO INDIVIDUALS!!!!!!
    It takes into account no “individual” skills, attributes, abilities, performance and PUNISHES individuals who are not in the smallest percentage “numbers” of ethnic, racial, gender or religious “classes”
    If you look at racial, ethnic, gender and religious group “numbers” of individuals,

    The folllwing is raciAL BALANCING, DIVERSITY AND QUOTaS AT ITS WORST, AND IS AGAINST THE SUPREME COURT ruling equal opprotunity, but not equal outcomes.
    IF YOU followed diversity and RACIAL BALANCING or Quotas
    Then 63% of those equitable slots should be white
    12% of those slots should be black
    15% of those slots should be hispanic
    5% of those slots should be asian
    5% of those slot would be other (all 1000+ other possible ethnicities)

    Eskimos and Aborigines, and almost extinct NATIVE PALEO INDIAN DNA fragments would get 100% of all the available slots, leaving 1 for all the rest of the 305 Million Americans, JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE AN EXTREME MINORITY AND FOR NO OTHER REASON.

    Who in their right mind, would accept the fairness of THAT DIVERSITY CONCEPT to the other 305 million “individuals”.

    This is why most of you who advocate for the fairness of “diversity” have no clue what it really means in terms of unfairness and denial of “equal opportunity” for INDIVIDUALS.

  5. michael

    Since China has a population of 1.5 Billion, DIVERSITY is the MOST UNFAIR to INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE CHINESE. INDIA has mow many billion, is probably the second most discriminated group that wouls be the most impacted by UNFAIR and discriminatory DIVERSITY concepts.

  6. michael

    Personally I would prefer letting in more Asians, as they seem to be the most productive of all “individuals” and likely currently have the greatest numbers of highly intelligent people on the planet.

  7. michael

    The bottom line is, OPPORTUNITIES need to be given to “individuals” ONLY on their own individual merit as human beings, no more no less.
    This means you CAN’T use “numbers”, percentages, and quotas, or RACIAL BALANCING (i.e.DIVERSITY) and you can’t use RACES, GENDERS, ETHNICITIES or RELIGIONS to make these “allocations and preferred opportunities”.

  8. mikey,

    Personally I would prefer letting in more Asians, as they seem to be the most productive of all “individuals” and likely currently have the greatest numbers of highly intelligent people on the planet.

    Scientists say that the people who settled into latin america originally came from asia. They crossed the land bridge between siberia and alaska and moved down the continent.

    So you see Mikey, you must support illegal immigration.

  9. michael

    This will really side track you, but it is an inconvenient truth about life and how it evolves and has evolved in our history. There is another hidden and much darker flaw in “diversity” (remaining distinct and apart as an evolutionary advantage to success in having wealth, food and children). What is the evolutionary incentive for “brilliance” if the only driving factor to success in having significant numbers of babies before you stop having children is wealth, food, and opportunity based entirely on how “diversity” and how many DNA “diversity genes” a human can create? Such evolutionary forcing functions would create entire new species of humans very, very different from one another in only a couple of hundred generations if they remain isolated and “prefer only their own kind”.

    There was one previous time this “diversity” happened on the planet. 1.5 million years ago there were at least 4 or more totally different species of “humans” (Hablis, Agasta, Erectus, etc), who by 1.5 million years ago could talk, think, create tools and communicate with each other. This evolutionary divergence was a result of competition for food, food niches, plentiful food, diverse food, and small numbers with space to grow huge populations. The divergence came from successful genetic mistakes that resulted in several different species having far more babies than another survive to child bearing years as a result of greater intelligence passing on before being killed or dying typically at a very young age.

    What was the driving force for “high intelligence”?, Famine, drought and weather threatening death to all “individuals” except the smartest who could guarantee they had children who could survive the famine and drought. By 500K years, only two species were left (the rest starved), and had evolved modern intelligence as a result of 4 ice ages, causing drought. loss of food habitat and famine (Sapiens and Neanderthal). Their are remnants of both DNAs (some sapiens had neanderthals children from rape) in all of us today, but the smallest surviving group (of less than 1000 people) left Nile river valley Africa 30K years ago to Australia (modern aborigines), and during a second greater ice age drought (desert everywhere in Africa), less than 5000 survived, left Africa for Kurgistan, Asia 20K years ago. There in less desert conditions (grass ranges) they survived the Wisconsinian Ice age, it took them 10,000 years to enter Europe, 12,000 years ago (over the URALS), killed off all the existing Neanderthals (by competing for food), entered North America, 10,000 BC. from both France and Alaska (where they merged around Clovis New Mexico 6000BC), and rapidly (within 100-200 years) when into South America killing all the aborogines who had come there previously 9,000BC).

    The point of this? Drought, famine, survival and INTELLIGENCE was the forcing function that made us who we are, evolved the outer cortex of the brain, the eyes and reflexes (for food), and the ability to think about more than the present, but to anticipate the future and to survive the future (Neanderthal could not do this and died) not DIVERSITY. DNA Diversity and specialization actually caused extinction of several viable human species, because of their diversity causing specialization could not adapt to change and survive. DIVERSITY specializes a species, isolates a species, and causes a species to lose adapability essential to survival. What we need most is integration of humanity, integration of DNA, and a forcing function that causes “brillliant people” to have more babies that survive into the future, adapting quickly to changes in the future that will very soon be the same changes of the last 10,000BC world (another massive drought due to global warming and changes due to loss of oil in our future causing MASSIVE famine of 9 billion people by 2035-2050). Global warming will reach its peak 5-6 degrees in 2100, only four generations away from today’s child-bearing adults. We should be entering an ice age now, but burning fossil fuel has created conditions that will approach those of the EOCENE Epoch (35 million years ago), one of the hottest periods on the planet where even the poles were tropical and the rest of the world a massive desert, and a period of great extinction of species on the planet.

    Another sober reason to “integrate the sub-species”, by cross ethnic group marriage” so we have the most flexible and adaptable DNA. Besides if we do we will have extremely beautiful people come from that “mixture” by all estimates and DNA predictions done in computer models.

  10. michael

    Mackie, they came from BOTH France and Asia 12000BC, and merged when the group that inhabited the Chesapeake Bay-New Jersey area, was forced west to Clovis NM, by the desert this area became after 11,000BC until very recently (6000BC or so). The bay is covered under 1-2 feet of desert sand. Below that layer are French Paleo artifacts (Clovis arrowheads)

  11. michael

    No I don’t support illegal immigration, the French paleo “invaders” were killed by the Alaskan “natives” when they where not the dominant numerical group back in those days.

    This is a superflous perspective anyway, having nothing to do with modern law and why we have “illegal” immigration impact from “uncontrolled population growth” that we do today, based entirely on competition for limited resources that will only become even more limited in the near future. The smallest populations will be the most likely to survive 2035-2050 global famines.

  12. Dolph

    Michael, how come you aren’t at the Obama rally? I saw where you were supporting him.

  13. Censored bybvbl

    Michael, the article deals with a pronounced demographic change in the outer suburbs. Regardless of how a person feels about ethnic or racial diversity or whether a person feels that that diversity is good or bad, the area has seen a dramatic change in demographics in the last 30 years. It’s no longer overwhelmingly white. And , like Nohe, I’d expect to see that change reflected in the make-up of our BOCS and City Council in the future. And some people (one racial and gender group in particular – white males) who have monopolized the positions of power are going to be more affected by those changes than others who have seldom been in positions of power.

  14. Chris

    I would like to see an Independent on the BOS, and some more “girl power”. The “monopolizers” you mention are a dwindling group. I think we will see a more diverse BOS in three years.

  15. michael

    Who cares if its not overwhelmingly white? I’m concerned that “individuals”, regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnic group are being discriminated against if they don’t belong to the absolute smallest minority group of people when “diversity” concepts are used to make decisions about privilege and advantage. Diversity and racial balancing is illegal according to the supreme court because it discriminates against ALL individuals.

    You don’t get it do you Censored? Your comments indicate your own “veiled” form of racism. It should not matter what “color” sits on the BOCS. If you think it does you are as big a racist as anyone.

  16. michael

    If you think it matters what RACE is in power you are also a huge bigot and racist as guilty as any racist you claim is in “power”.

  17. michael

    When I voted for Obama, I could care less what “color” he was. I only cared that he was the smartest, most ethical candidate that would give the nation what we need, a national health care system, increased middle class small business incentives, tax the excessively wealthy (which never trickles down its wealth), to pay for the middle class to create a wealthier nation overall.
    AND I AM A REPUBLICAN! I also voted for Frank Wolf, becase he is a candidate who will stop “illegal” immigration. I did not vote for McCain, because he will not stop “illegal” immigration, and from my studies of Obama, he does not support “illegals”, only “legal people and processes.

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