17 Thoughts to ““yes we can””

  1. What a milestone in racial equality this election represents.

    You added your voices to the chorus of voices calling for a just new world, hoping you would be heard.

    You took the love you carried in your hearts and placed it on the scales of justice, hoping it would tip the balance.

    And now perhaps, the sun is coming over the horizon again.

  2. Elena

    I hope so Mackie, I hope so.

  3. black velvet reporter

    Big fight going on –atheists vs the velvets. Amazing that the velvets are defending God while being meaner than cross eyed rattlers. Remarkable bunch of sickos.

  4. DiversityGal

    I went over there to look. Some of the posters over there are bringing me down, man. I am so sad for some of them. It saddens me that there are actually people who feel like America is spiralling into hell because of Obama’s election. I worry about people who really internalized the smear campaign, and still believe that Obama will force Islam, socialism, communism, etc. on them. I think they need to take a careful look within and think about why they believe/fear that.

    It truly concerns me that some say he was only elected because of his skin color. That is so funny to me, since the only skin color that has been represented in the white house until now is white. Having dark skin was seen as a liability until now, no? I can’t tell you how many times I heard people actually utter, “He won’t get elected elected; America isn’t ready for a black president.” But now, apparently, some people are saying it was an easy road for him to achieve this BECAUSE of his skin color?

    This kind of statement, while COMPLETELY demeaning and insulting the intelligence of Obama voters, truly says more about the person who thinks and says it, rather than Obama or his voters. If that is what some believe, perhaps THEY are the ones having a problem seeing past his color and appreciating his ideals, accomplishments, and leadership capabilities.

    I will keep hoping that their anger, fear, etc. will ease with time. This is a joyous moment for America, and it truly saddens me that some will view it with bitter or hateful eyes. I appreciate those who, though disappointed, are ready to give Obama a chance, move on, and work for the betterment of this country.

  5. Devil's Advocate

    Howard Stern did a bit where he interviewed people that were Obama supporters and asked them if they thought Sarah Palin was a good running mate for him. He got a handful of them to say yes.

  6. If people voted for Obama over his skin color, then these people obvioulsy dislike him for his skin color. But we can’t expect anything more from BVBL, the “anti-brown” campaign.

  7. DiversityGal

    oops…repeated a word back there. must have been too early in the morning:)

  8. NotGregLetiecq

    I appreciate the updates, but at a certain point the orgiastic spiral into madness on the “stinking bathroom” floor becomes a personal matter for Greg Letiecq and his four remaining fluffers to deal with. It might be best to look away, and allow them their privacy.

    November 4th 2008 was the dawning of a new era, where peddlers of hate were doomed to cater to smaller and smaller clientele.

    Remember, the KKK once dominated national politics. Today, they are a politically irrelevant, an all but forgotten stain. BVBL never rose to the prominence of the KKK, neither did its mother ship, FAIR. As Alanna pointed out on an earlier thread, the mother ship has been rendered politically irrelevant as of Tuesday. Therefore, the stain they leave behind will be even more easily forgotten.

    Look away.

  9. ISO Decency

    Hard to find decency when so many are so evil.

    It is like looking away from a wreck on the highway. Something just makes you turn your head to look. I especially enjoy the self-righteousness and lying for ‘da cause.’

  10. ShellyB

    I thought I was going to make it through Obama’s speech without crying, but then he mentioned his grandmother and I lost it. The rest of the speech was an open floodgate and even my husband shed a tear or two. So many Americans didn’t live to see this, and that is sad. But so many of us did, and that is the point.

  11. Moon-howler

    I honestly do not see how anyone sat through that last speech dry-eyed. The grandmother got to me too, but so did some other important people in my past who never lived to see the day. In fact, I cast a ‘proxy’ vote for an important elderly man named Thomas.

  12. Just Cause

    PAP said ” If people voted for Obama over his skin color, then these people obvioulsy dislike him for his skin color”-

    WHAT?!?!?! That makes no sense at all….geez

  13. Moon-howler

    Just Cause, I have a solution, ask Pink to clarify. I am certain she would be happy to.

  14. In other words, if they are accusing people of voting based on skin color, then THEY are NOTING skin color themselves when (according to THEM) skin color shouldn’t come into play.

    Plus,they are accusing people of voting based on skin color when they have no CLUE why the others voted that way.

    Therefore, they must have something against whatever that skin color is because they are making a big freaking deal about it when no one else is. If the whole skin color thing isn’t bothering them, why bring it up at all? Obviously, it IS about skin color to them because THEY are talking about it. Have you ever heard anyone say, “You know, I think I will vote for Obama just because he is black”? I know I haven’t.

  15. Let’s put it another way: “Thou dost protest too much.”

  16. Moon-howler

    Pink, define who ‘they’ are.

  17. Just Cause

    PAP- hmmm now thats intense…lol

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