A Gainesville man, Daniel Marion Jackson has been charged with multiple counts of vandalism for property damage of Gainesville homes and stores. Many of us thought the vandalism was caused by kids. Not quite. The perp is 23 years old. How juvenile and destructive.

If found guilty, I hope the book is thrown at this young thug. The people of Prince William County should be free to support any candidate they so choose.

According to the MJM(or whatever its new name is):

Twelve houses, a church, seven businesses and a home owner’s association sign in Gainesville were spray painted with anti-McCain sentiments, profanity and the number 666 on Oct. 25.

Police said they identified Jackson during their investigation and he turned himself in. He is being held without bond and has a court date of Dec. 3.

Vandalism of this sort, like all vandalism is so totally pointless and defenseless. Kudos to the Prince William County police for making quick work of this investigation. I certainly hope the victims of this vandalism get some free work on their houses and yards by this jerk (I am trying to remind myself about innocent until proven guilty). A little community service is in order for certain.

38 Thoughts to “Gainesville Thug Arrested for McCain Vandalism”

  1. Rick Bentley

    ONE GUY did 20 buildings? This guy is out of control. I hope he gets some serious jail time.

  2. Rick Bentley

    Takes a lot of class to tag a church too. But I guess he’s a want-to-be satanist.

    This guy should be made to pay for this. He may or may not be mentally ill but I hope before any slate gets wiped on this that he compensates people or the commuinity as a whole for this damage.

  3. Moon-howler

    NO argument here, Rick B.

  4. Chris

    I’m right there with you.

    His years might be that of “man”, but his actions prove otherwise. Hopefully, he’ll spend some “quality” time in the slammer, and be get ordered to pay some serious restitution, and do community service as part of his probation following his jail time.

  5. Leila

    This article from the “Gainesville Times” has a list with street addresses of all the places he defaced. Since I don’t live in PWC or know it, I have no idea how close these are to each other. Anyone care to comment on that?


    I wouldn’t call him a “thug” exactly since that implies violence. The word has a very specific sense. But I agree with everyone else that the punishment needs to be meaningful. I am curious what it will be since he turned himself in. It’s interesting he’s being held without bond.

  6. Jurtuna

    So much for all the conspiracy theories….. 🙂

  7. Moon-howler

    Ah thugs are low-lifes. I am comfortable calling someone who does this kind of property damage a thug.

    Yes, Juturna, I don’t think old Jackson here looks like a Democratic operative. I wonder if he even voted?


    I’m so glad they got him. I couldn’t imagine that they wouldn’t since he targeted all those stores…they’ve got cameras all over the place. He’s a young, dumb idiot for trying to pull this off. Doubt the dark side will report on this…they’ll still want people to believe it was Democratic operatives.

  9. Bring it On

    Hang-em high.

  10. “Yes, Juturna, I don’t think old Jackson here looks like a Democratic operative.”

    I don’t recall anyone suggesting that the vandalism was organized by a “democratic operative”…only that it was committed by an Obama supporter, or democratic SUPPORTER. Now, could you tell me just what an Obama or democratic SUPPORTER looks like? I didn’t realize that they could be physically profiled.

  11. Sorry…I should have capitalized “Democratic.”

  12. Moon-howler

    Sorry. Sarcasm button on. I was kidding around with Juturna. Is that not allowed? No one sent me the memo.

  13. Obviously, Moon-howler, your “sarcasm” missed a beat…I wasn’t the only one who read it the way I did. TWINAD jumped on your “Democratic Operative” bandwagon as well. There were far too many who were quick to suggest, nay STATE blatantly, that the culprit(s) were McCain supporters…even the homeowners themselves. Those same people will lap up your “sarcasm.”

  14. Elena

    I hope he get the maximum penalty!

  15. Wendy

    AW – from your comments on the other side you are sure he is not a McCain supporter. How can you tell? 🙂

  16. Juturna

    Regardless of those that jump to conclusions without facts, the man was caught and will be punished. Publishing conclusions without facts is almost as bad in my book. But then again, some blogs wouldn’t exist if facts were required or integrity and ethics given a passing thought.

  17. It’s called logic and reason Wendy…you are familiar with the concept, are you not?

  18. BVBLwatch

    AWCheney, you say you can’t recall anyone suggesting it was committed by a Democratic operative. Are you serious? How would you evaluate the following language?

    “As campaign operations go, this is pathetically stupid, although not too terribly surprising….”

    Would you say calling the vandalism a campaign operation implies official sanction? The above was from the original post by Mr. Letiecq, not the comments section.

    So yeah, someone suggested it was a Democratic operative and that was the owner of the blog. I would assume some commenters did too, but I haven’t combed through.

  19. DiversityGal


    Perhaps I have missed something in the linked article, but where exactly does it delve into who Mr. Jackson supported as a political candidate? Now, of course, I never seriously thought that McCain supporters would really do that to their own property or other McCain supporters. I think only a small number of posters made that suggestion (3 out of 18 at my count, and only one of those “blatant”). In fact, those prior comments seemed to have been sparked by your own story of how sheriff’s deputies once vandalized in the name of who they supported, after most of the posters were saying it was probably done by kids. 2 out of 3 of those posters were just pointing out that we didn’t know who actually did this yet.

    Posters (Obama and McCain supporters alike) were making lots of assumptions about the person or people that committed these crimes when the vandalism was first discovered. This man has not stated his motives to the public, nor have we heard said motives from the police, correct? We just know that he turned himself in, and has been charged with committing the crime.

    Is this man MOST LIKELY an Obama supporter, yes…but we don’t know that for certain based on the facts we’ve been given so far. In the end, it doesn’t matter who he supports. He most likely will be found guilty (especially since he has turned himself in), and he did something horribly wrong which deserves a serious consequence. His crime should not have been and should not be used in the future to generally characterize supporters of either candidate.

  20. Wendy

    Well AW, could you tell me what a McCain supporter looks like? Or what one doesn’t look like. I believe that is the inverse?

    You are familiar with formal logic applications?

  21. It’s amazing the dearth of reading comprehension that one finds on the blogs. Never, in any of my comments, did I say that the individual(s) who perpetrated that outrage was most certainly, absolutely, or without question an Obama supporter, and I challenge anyone to copy over a quote where I did. The few comments which I did make on the issue, whether here or on the other site, were primarily directed at the ridiculous, and often blatant, suggestion that the perpetrator(s) was a McCain supporter and very likely the homeowners themselves. That this trend is continuing, despite evidence to the contrary (Do you believe for one moment that the MSM wouldn’t JUMP on that if they could find any indication that it was true?!) is absurd in the extreme. I have suggested, as you just flat-out stated DiversityGal, that it is most likely an Obama supporter, but I’ve never gone beyond that. As I SUGGESTED before, reason and logic would seem to be lost upon the majority of commenters, and I’ve seen few issues arise that more clearly confirm that opinion.

  22. Wendy

    BVBL Watch

    Maybe you missed this thread on which AW actively participates:

    “This fine looking Gainesville resident by the name of Daniel Jackson was arrested in connection with the satanist and anti-McCain graffiti that appeared on the morning of October 25th in Gainesville. As a poster boy for the ObamaManiacs……”

    Gee, you know the old adage about the company you keep, don’t you AW?

  23. With regard to your comment BVBLwatch, I apparently did not read that as “an Obama operative.” If I were to pick apart every sentence, comment, and remark made on these two blogs it could easily become a life’s work in absurdity. That YOU have chosen that sentence in a post that most people, in all likelihood, merely scanned (I challenge anyone to deny that they bother to thoroughly read every post that they see on the blogs) suggests that it stood out for you because you were looking for as many negatives as you could focus upon, and perhaps it was indeed meant that way. The fact that I did NOT focus upon it is irrelevant to the subject of this thread in general. The election is over yet you all still take great pleasure and apparent pride in STILL pointing fingers. I have to agree with a commenter (don’t remember if I saw it on a thread here or at BVBL) who said something to the effect, “are we still in the third grade around here?” Yup, we are…

  24. As I have become the apparent subject of the comments around here, and as no one can seem to come up with an intelligent argument for either their position on this, or on me for that matter, I believe I shall retire from this thread and allow the children to play in peace. Have fun folks.

  25. By the way Wendy, I only have one comment on that thread. Even that is only noticeable because I happen to use my own name consistently, unlike most. Perhaps you should address others on this site who comment regularly on those (far more regularly than I) with that remark. I imagine that there are many who would say the same of me because I dare to comment over here on occasion.

  26. BVBLwatch

    AWCheney, you don’t think saying “campaign operations” implies Obama campaign operatives? Again, are you serious? This isn’t some twisted parsing ala Clinton’s “It depends on what is is.” You know very well what Greg suggested.

    As for reading Greg’s posts, it’s nice to know you don’t actually read them through, but many of us do and it wouldn’t have been difficult to find other lines that contradict what you claimed. This was the issue in question. You made a declaration that nobody had implied that this was done by Obama operatives, ie. people in the campaign. That is not true. Instead of admitting you were wrong, which happens to ALL of us, you decide to pretend that it is ridiculous to think people read Greg’s posts and anyway Obama operatives don’t do campaign operations. Give me a break.

  27. Moon-howler

    I think Jackson just looks like a non-voter. He was probably out being a hoodlum rather than voting.

  28. Juturna

    There you go thinkin’ again, MH 🙂

  29. Cat Scratch Fever

    What’s a non-voter look like?

  30. Moon-howler

    You just know it when you see it.

  31. Juturna

    BVBL Watch – here is a great example of why this person irks me. Calling folks on this site unpatriotic. I believe she is against this type of speak when she disagrees with it only, not in principle. ’nuff said on this poster?? Although i am sure she would attempt to point out she did not name the blog. 🙂

    AWCheney said on 2 Nov 2008 at 8:17 am: Flag comment
    No freedom…the unpatriotic ones are the ones who allowed it to happen in the first place. The fact that the Republican Party is so fractured that John McCain was the best it could offer also played a large part in that. Don’t presume that it’s only one-issue people who are faced with making a decision of conscience…and CERTAINLY don’t call them unpatriotic. That’s the kind of attempted intimidation and name calling sooner expected from the Obama people, or those over on the other site.

  32. Moon-howler, this is your thread which I was loathe to hijack…but what do you do when someone simply refuses to allow you to retire from the fray? I just couldn’t let this one pass, so I apologize to you in advance for my lack of restraint.

    Juturna, you offer proof positive of that lack of reading comprehension to which I referred previously. It’s a far cry from calling people unpatriotic to saying that some people might be QUICK to attempt to intimidate and name call (a point which you also managed to confirm)…which is what I actually said. I was, in fact, criticizing freedom for accusing people of being unpatriotic. Now that I have properly educated you on the meaning of my turn of phrase, I’d like to commend you for the obvious effort you made to dig into the threads over on BVBL in an attempt to vilify me…you must have been very determined. I suggest you leave that to people such as Moon-howler, who obviously are a bit more adept at that reading comprehension thing.

  33. Juturna

    Well, honeybunch, that’s how I saw it. Are you the only one on the planet that is allowed to interpret?? Thought you left…… Promises promises.

    Still trying to get on MH’s good side I see. Keep tryin’ fun to watch.

  34. Not Me, Bubba

    What a slimeball. Good riddance. I never understood people who would steal/vandalize another’s property for their political beleifs. Moron.

  35. Moon-howler

    I smell opportunism rather than political beliefs. Hopefully this thug dude will have a long time to think about his stupidity while he does community service. Maybe he could do some work for habitat for humanity or clean community–every weekend for several years.

  36. Juturna

    He needs to be given fifty bucks and dropped off in some inner city for a month. Then he’ll learn what tough it.

  37. NotGregLetiecq

    You know, with the election being over and all, there isn’t that much impact either blog can have by talking about this on partisan lines. I’m sorry I did so before the election.

    I was simply jumping the the opposite conclusion as my moniker would suggest. Gospel Greg hoped that this vandalism thing would help McCain win. So did a lot of partisans, so I’m told.

    Remember, this occurred a few days after a girl carved a backwards “B” in her face and claimed a tall Black Obama supporter did it to her (while sexually assaulting her). She since admitted to making the story up in order to help McCain win. This was dangerous and also offensive. It smacked of desperation. The graffitti thing looked like a similar deal to me.

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