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NR#291 11-07-08

Board to Meet with School Board

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA . . . The Prince William Board of County Supervisors will host a Special Meeting with the Prince William County School Board on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008, at 7 p.m. The work session will be held in room 202 A and B of the Development Services Building, at 5 County Complex Court in Woodbridge.

The purpose of this Special Meeting is to discuss the FY10-14 fiscal plan, revenue forecasts, the revenue sharing agreement, and related issues.

Please call 703-792-6600 if you have any questions.

6 Thoughts to “Board to Meet with School Board Wednesday 11/12”

  1. Oh boy. This should be interesting and not nice. Stewart is a total jerk to the School Board, thinking the BOCS should take over school management. Anyone going out there to see the brawl?

  2. Hmmm.

    Don’t know how Stirrup will be in attendance since he’s slated to be at his Quarterly Townhall meeting at 7:30pm on November 12th.

  3. Blaise Pascal

    This will be the meeting where the teachers learn they must eat hot dogs and the bus drivers learn that they must work for free. Teachers will have to buy their own copier paper. It sounds like a jolly old time.

    I expect county employees might end up picking up their own VRS tab and a lot more of their health care tab, all while having 40 kids in a classroom. Ugly picture.

    If I were God for a day the Superintendent would be making a lot less money. It is obscene that he makes 4 times more than the average teacher.

  4. DB

    Here is my theory/idea about how schools can save money…Understand that when a school system decides to buy into a curriculum they are most likely locked into a six year contract. So let’s say hypothetically school A decides to buy into Herman’s language arts curriculum. School and Herman’s lock into a 6 year contract. In the initial year school A buys all of the leveled readers and big books required by Herman. For the next 3 years they buy and use Herman’s consumable work books, but then something better comes along…a new system that can move their students closer to the vaunted AYP status. So the school system leaves Herman’s way, and buys into Sally’s way. However, even though they have chosen Sally, they still have three years of consumable workbooks that they must accept and pay for, and those work books stack up for three years. My idea is to have Superintendents in Va contact one another, find out what curriculums each other are using, and sell off surplus supplies to the jurisdictions that need them. If no one in VA can take the surplus, then they can look to to DC or MD. Rather than have years of consumables dry rotting in storage, sell them off to other jurisdictions and make at least .50 on the dollar. A sort of yard sale that that can return at least some money to those jurisdictions who over spent, and give a great discount to schools systems who need the supplies but lack the funds.

  5. Wow, DH, EXCELLENT idea! Have you sent that to the School Board and Super? I think you should.

  6. I meant DB. DH means “Dear Husband.”

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