Not sure what it all means, but definitely the number of unique visitors is steadily increasing. It isn’t even the middle of the month and it appears we could add an additional 1,000 unique visitors over last month’s numbers. By the way, that would be the greatest single month increase since our inception!

Congratulations to Moon-howler and all our regular contributors. Undoubtedly we have an intelligent and considerate forum which is already exceeding traffic from blogs that have been around for many years.

26 Thoughts to “Anti-BVBL Traffic Stats Steadily Increasing”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, BVBL has been a little slow lately, quite frankly, and occasionally, this site is a bit more interesting. And it’s hard not to drop in and make fun of the “consumed with racist hatred” talk. The folks here almost take all meaning out of racism and hatred. It’s fun, I admit it!

  2. IVAN

    Congrats everyone.

  3. Bring it On

    Even if I don’t have time to participate in the conversation I enjoy checking in and getting the scoop. I am glad that some of the hate-bunnies have stopped posting here.

    So keep up the good work – Alanna, Elena & Moon-howler!


    I’ve forgotten what it was like before I checked this blog every day. Like Bring it On, I don’t always have time to post or really, I guess, gather my thoughts coherently enough to post, but it’s been great to keep up with the scoop. Thanks, ladies! Job is very well done.

  5. GREAT job ladies! It’s hard work, I know, but you really have made a difference.

  6. Juturna

    Good Work, gals. Anti-anger has more staying power than Anger. Yes, the hate bunnies have mostly given up – my point!!!

    Of course the pivotal moment in this whole show was Elena at the BOCS meeting. Are we planning an anniversary party in March?!

  7. Lucky Duck

    I was informed of this blog by another poster in the spring and have enjoyed it ever since. I sort of come and go as life permits but its always entertaining. Thank you for doing this.

  8. Juturna

    Just a quick reminder why we are here. I found these while exploring ALIPAC. There is also a video of Mr. Stirrup at a NC Civitas meeting. You all know I am technically challened and don’t have clue as to how to post that!


    We are hoping to demonstrate to others that there are significant costs associated with serving illegal immigrants,” Letiecq said.
    Stewart argues that Hispanics who are here legally will come around when they see the economic and social benefits of the crackdown and the resulting exodus of illegal immigrants from the county. That, he says, will boost Republicans who emphasize the issue.
    Stirrup said such efforts have transformed his county, where he said illegal immigrants had begun crowding into small homes, roaming the streets drunk and leering at women.

    He said the number of Spanish-speaking children in schools has declined, indigent births in hospitals have dropped and code violations have decreased.

    But he warned those who want to pursue such laws that they would spark a public outcry.

    “It’s not for the faint-hearted,” Stirrup said. “I have been called a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe

  9. YOO HOO

    I am Just glad that I can post videos…..LOL!

    I KNOW what I AM SAYING, even if some don’t…LOL-it makes it all the MORE fun 🙂

    Here is another dime 🙂 CONGRATS!


  10. Juturna

    Ms Yoo Hoo – can you go here and post the you tube video of Mr. S? Smarty pants. 🙂

  11. YOO HOO

    This one? 🙂

  12. Juturna

    Thanks YooHoo for the YouTube.

  13. YOO HOO


    It’s ALL good! 🙂 LOL- Thanks to YouTube! I think this should be the anthem for ANTI 🙂

    RD 🙂

  14. Censored bybvbl

    Congratulations and thanks, Alanna, Elena, and Moon-howler for starting this site and keeping it going. You’ve done a good job of offering a means for expressing opinions that run counter to the darkside. It’s good to read a variety of opinions from the community…as well as watch the many YouTube offerings.

  15. ShellyB

    What’s wrong with November!? Only half as much traffic????? Hmmm. Maybe it’s because the month is only half over. I dunno. But it’s always fun to panic. Why the drop off in November?!?!

    TWINDAD, we miss you when you don’t pop by. You don’t have to formulate coherent thoughts in order to post. Look at me!

  16. bubberella

    My congrats as well. I read every day.

  17. Jason


    Not to throw a damp towel on anything, but it shouldn’t be surprising that your site traffic increased during an election like we just went through. Most of the political related websites I read generated more traffic the past few months. Many of them like Drudge,, etc; breaking records this year.

    Anyway. Now that you’ve attracted all of these new eyes to your website, can you keep them coming back?

  18. NotGregLetiecq

    Good question Jason.
    The crux of the matter is, “Will PWC residents pay as much attention to local politics as they did to the most historical Presidential election in our lifetime?”

    Well putting it that way you might assume not. But the fact is the local county government, particularly Corey Stewart, Greg Letiecq, and John Stirrup, has had more impact on our everyday lives than George Bush and Dick Cheney have had. It wasn’t Bush and Cheney that caused my aunt and uncle’s house to drop in value by 50 percent. Bush and Cheney didn’t earn Prince William County a reputation for intolerance and racial strife. Bush and Cheney didn’t cause a collapse of the local economy in comparison to other counties in the region, or the slashing of quality of life services that became all but necessary as a result.

    Bottom line: uninvolved citizens are victimised much worse at the local level. One good reason to stay involved.

    Another good reason is, at the local level, it’s actually easy to pull together and fight back against hate politics and bad government (as this blog as shown). Because so few people care, it’s easy to have an impact. Gospel Greg proved this by using a censored blog and automated email and fax machines to create the illusion that we lived in the most hateful county in America. Not true, no matter what our reputation is.

    Now that we are living that reputation down (see decisive victory for Obama in PWC), the question is, “:ave we learned our lesson?” Or, will we settle back into the sort of apathy that allowed FAIR, Letiecq, HSM, Stewart, and Stirrup to do such tremendous damage to our community?

  19. Moon-howler

    Thanks for all the good wishes. It is the readers who make or break a blog. You all rule!

    Hopefully we offer a variety of opinions and present factual information rather than biased info just to stir folks up.

    That election kept me hopping for sure. Please remember to send us thread suggestions. Everything will be considered, but no promises.

  20. Rebecca

    I must be honest here, I’ve been lurking on local blogs for about two years. I’ve decided to comment for the first time, because this blog doesn’t seem to promote the same hostility and nastiness as others.

    I commend the administrators for all their efforts. I hope the numbers continue to grow, and wish you all the best. The posters are to commended too, for their thoughtful and respectful posts. Although, there are those occasional comments that can be over the top at times, some silly youtubes, and some informative youtubes as well. I’ve must say I’ve enjoyed the 9500Liberty videos following the immigration debate in Prince William County.

  21. Moon-howler

    Welcome Rebecca. I hope you will find us reasonable. The 9500Liberty folks drop by periodically when we have parties. You can tell them in person.

  22. DB

    What I’ve found on this blog are people that listen and respond to one’s opinions as long as one refrains from base insults. I’ve been able to give my opinion here on this site, and some agree and some do not. However, I’ve never been victim to ugly, mean-spirited, “gonna get you fired” responses that may exist on other sites. People on this site seem to be well read, and reasoned, and though we do not always agree on certain points, and when some of us can be more excited than others, those of us on this site are still able to accept a differing opinion.

  23. Moon-howler

    DB, thank you for your words. And you are right, we don’t always agree. It probably strengthens us as a blog. Having someone say something I don’t agree with often makes me examine my own position a little more deeply.

    We are glad you are here!

  24. Elena

    Thank you to Alanna for having the chutzpah to start this blog! Let’s hope we can all be a part of more positive change in PWC. And to Moon-Howler for all her awesome threads, you rock!

  25. Elena

    Thank you Juturna, I know Corey hates me now, but he didn’t leave me any choice.

  26. Jason

    “Will PWC residents pay as much attention to local politics as they did to the most historical Presidential election in our lifetime?”

    I think that’s a great question as well. And I think you’re completely right that there are a lot of important local issues right now, many compelling reasons to stay involved.

    Not to mention that Corey Stewart is certainly a lightning rod, so I hope the answer is yes.

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