This overly embellished interview has been unearthed.
It seems like Mr. Stirrup left off the neutering process. What services are illegal immigrants denied now? How has crime dropped 19%? I thought I read where it had increased.

There is so much misinformation in this interview that I am embarrassed for John Stirrup. Either he is not being honest or he honestly does not know. Someone is feeding him bad information and it is his duty to know.

Prince William County has some immigration issues. Let’s examine them honestly rather than try to impress our friends and colleagues with doing something we haven’t really done.

It sounded to me like Forked Tongue of the State.

Editor’s Note: This is a rehash of a thread posted at the end of September. I’m including my original comments.

Apparently Gainesville Supervisor – John Stirrup made an appearance in the town or Raleigh, NC to spread outright lies. One has to wonder what his true motivation are in perpetuating these lies. Here in PWC we have had a tumultuous time since the initial adoption of our ‘Immigration Resolution’ which most likely is now being marketed as ‘The Rule of Law Resolution’.

Not having been there but having heard Stirrup’s on a couple of occasions, these facts might give you a more balanced observation of what has occurred here in PWC.

PWC County Schools has 700 fewer ESOL students
** These were the forecasted numbers which haven’t come to fruition, and some neighboring jurisdictions have had a greater percentage drops than PWC without implementing any policy.

Crime Statistics dropped 20%
** Actually, the crime rate has been dropping over the past 4 years, each year by approximately 20% even during the time frame where we had the “influx of illegals”.

Hospitals are less overcrowded
** Actually, emergency room visits have remained at the same levels but we have had about 500 less uninsured births combined with losses in L&D nurses.

What I’m sure he didn’t mention.
1. We have DOUBLE the foreclosure rates of surrounding jurisdictions that supposedly have MORE of an illegal problem than we do.
2. We have lost 25-40% of our home values, again this is DOUBLE the losses of surrounding counties
3. Our program has only identified 1.6% of those arrested as ILLEGALS
4. We have had to cut vital services to fund this program like our Senior Citizen Day Center, no new tiles in our libraries, close a health clinic, and the list goes on and on…
5. According to our County’s ‘Citizen Satisfaction Survey’, minorities including Blacks now have the lowest confidence ever recorded in our Police Department which ALSO has been cut for next year. How convenient.
6. 5% of those handed over to ICE have ended up being RE-ARRESTED in our community which makes you wonder where the other 95% really are. I suspect the majority of them were simply released by ICE and are back on our streets.

Obviously, John is now taking talking points from Corey as they try to convince the residents of Durham, North Carolina to follow in our ill-conceived footsteps. Funny how he outright LIES about emergency room visits even after receiving a report to the contrary. And, again, those crime stats being touted as if they actually had some sort of significance.

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  1. YOO HOO

    Okay but play this song in the background,lol..I am still dancing to it…just one of those you can’t get out of your head…throw your hands int air…push that ceiling..LOL

    Going to bed night ALL 🙂 LOL

    and as far as that other thread about censoring words like ILLEGAL -being PC…in a court of LAW….

    LOL…where HAS our country GONE??????? Tommy can you hear me? 😉

  2. My god, how calmly they discuss the Ethnic Removal of non-whites.

    What a disgrace to our country.

  3. Not Me, Bubba

    Civitas Instutute – another neocon collective of @ssholes calling themselves “conservatives”

    AKA: A bunch of fat, middle-aged, balding, disgruntled white men who think they speak for God and should have a say in what everyone else does.

    I wish they would return to their home planet.

  4. ShellyB

    I have seen this before. It was a while ago. Part of the reason why Stirrup has so many facts wrong could be that he has since learned better but was uninformed (or ill-informed) at the time by our Chairman. Stirrup gets his thoughts from only two sources, you know.

  5. I can’t even bear to watch this. Sorry!

  6. While these two circle jerk themselves into thinking the country hasn’t changed in the last 30 years.

    The future marches on.

    Immigrant rights organizations have called for a major march on Washington on January 21, the day after Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th US president.

    This is gonna be huge.

  7. Moon-howler

    Speaking of circle jerks, some folks are going to have to become 3 headed snakes tonight. There is a joint meeting of the BOCS and the PW School Board, a Strirrup Town Hall Meeting out at Gravely Elementary School and a HSM meeting.

    I wonder if Mr. Stirrup is going to skip the school board meeting or skip his own meeting. He can always get the cliff notes on the HSM meeting.

  8. Rebecca

    Who pays for this kind of excursion? Does the pw county pick up the bill? How many secret meetings do these guys go to and talk about the county? It never seems to be reported.

    Was this the same guy who accused the chief of police of holding secret meetings?



    I think it was Greg that started the secret meetings crap that Corey then tried to jump on and had to back peddle. Welcome to the world of posting!

  10. Rebecca

    Thank you, for the welcome. I wonder if they have a secret handshake too? 😉

  11. hello

    How exactly is this different from the other site? “A bunch of fat, middle-aged, balding, disgruntled white men”

    It still amazes me that people here say stuff like this and nobody ever says anything about it. If anyone is going to complain about what gets said on the other site I would expect them to also complain about comments like this. Unbelievable….

  12. Moon-howler

    Hello, the difference is, we don’t know who the fat, middle aged balding disgruntled white men are. On the dark screen, the person would be called that to their face.

    Difference,slight, but still not unnoticeable.

    We have never claimed to be perfect.

  13. hello

    Moon, I understand that nobody is perfect. However, how is it that when anyone says something similar on the other site (and/or here sometimes) everyone is up-in-arms about it. But when someone says anything about “white” people not a single person steps up and says “that’s not right”? Nobody Moon, nobody… It’s frustrating and to be blunt it pisses me off to think that people here think it’s perfectly acceptable to say the same type of things about “white” people. I don’t get it, is that the case? You can just bash “white” people because it’s accepted? I hate that kind of talk no matter what the race, creed or color but for some reason not a single person ever says anything about it if it’s about “white” people. Well you know what, if nobody is going to say something about it I am.

  14. Moon-howler

    And I think you make a very valid point, Hello. I try not to be the cop here. I feel you are a regular here. Feel free to call people on it when you see it. Not being a smart ass when I say that. I tend to ignore things here that might be over the top just because of the censorship issues that were put into place when this blog first started.

    I would ignore a white remark and not ignore bullying, if that makes sense. I feel that the administrative tones that have been set here allow people to speak their mind as long as they are not hurting or cyber bullying others. That does not mean that you can’t do it. And you are smart enough to do it in the appropriate way.

    As for me personally, I feel jerks come in all races and colors. I will bash anyone who pisses me off. 😉

  15. hello,

    I hardly think the racial group that owns 90% of our GDP and dominates and subjugates all other groups has much to worry about.

    The reason that comments about ‘white people’ don’t get much attention is because people recognize that white people will never be the ones who face housing discrimination, get racially profiled by police, or have their whole community become victims of Ethnic Removal policies supported by a racist public. To whine and wail over comments about ‘white people’ when they enjoy the undisputed position of privilege in our society is like a rich man complaining that his massage therapist is on vacation. I’m sure it’s a tragedy to the rich man, but relative to my world, it’s meaningless.

    On the day you actually have to worry about being a victim of Ethnic Removal then I’ll start paying attention. Until then, here’s a quarter, please take it and call someone who cares.

  16. hello

    F U Makie, really… your support of such things shows your true colors.

  17. Hello, didn’t you just complain about comments like that on the thread about the Hispanic person being killed just for being Hispanic? F U isn’t really a response. Personally, I don’t care how you respond. I’m just pointing out the irony here.

  18. hello

    Very valid point PAP, Mackie, 1000 apologies… my response was not thought out nor did it add to the debate in any way. Sorry if I may have offended in any way.

  19. hello

    Ill try a more constructive response….

    Mackie, so what your saying is that it’s perfectly acceptable in your view to say derogatory comments about “white” people because they have never felt the hardships of other races?

  20. Moon-howler

    It depends on where you are. Bosnias certain felt endangered. They are as white as I am. White females certainly do not have the same sercurity as any male of any color. Additionally, not all the white people own the power. In fact, most of the white people do not own the power.

    It is probably safer to just say who we mean than to apply skin tone labels on to folks.

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