Sometimes after you have worked hard, given it your best shot, and done all you can do, it is time to just sit back and smell the roses, or…in this case, watch the puppies.

These puppies are Shiba Inu pups, a Japanese hunting breed. Their names are Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya, Aki, Akoni, Ando–3 boys and 3 girls. The video occassionally goes dark but it comes back fairly quickly.

So, no roses but a puppy fix is in order. Please enjoy. This thread doesn’t have one iota of political thought on it. We aren’t even going to recommend one of these doll-babies for the Obama family.
Link to full story. If the puppies aren’t playing, they are asleep. If you don’t see puppies, they are out playing.

[update: I have only seen 1 puppy since this morning. I guess most have gone to their forever homes, although 5 weeks on NOv 11 seems awfully young.]

[* All 6 chaps are back now. I have no clue where they were.]

4 Thoughts to “Puppy Love!”

  1. INUS!!!!! Oh thank you! I have a Shiba Inu (named Shiba…very original) and this video made me whine like a puppy! My baby is now 13 but I don’t think she knows it yet.

  2. Censored bybvbl

    Sleep. Chew. Play a little. Chew. Chew. Sleep.

  3. See that second slide? That looks EXACTLY like my INU! My baby looks a little more gray now, however.

  4. Moon-howler

    The pups were on the Today Show today according to a friend and that all the pups have been adopted. I assume that means spoken for. Don’t you love how the adoption fees are often in the thousands of dollars?

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