I attended the Gainesville District Townhall meeting and here’s a quick update.

  1. Transportation projects include the widening of 15, widening of 66 and the Linton Hall Corridor Project are all on track to be completed either early or on-time. And let me just say, I stand in awe of these transportation engineers who are able to squeeze a lane out of nothing. Unfortunately, new project funding is in doubt because of current economic conditions and funding issues related to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and Bob Marshall’s lawsuit where the Virginia Supreme Court ruled the collection of the funds unconstitutional.
  2. There was literature available concerning the Journey thru Hallowed Ground designation.
  3. Transmission Lines have been approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission conditional on West Virginia and Pennsylvania. West Virginia has given the go ahead while Pennsylvania has not. Also, there’s this interesting article in today’s Washington Post about Maryland regulators requesting electric utilities to draft conservation plans.
  4. USDOT representative reports federal highway funding legislation runs out at the end of September 09 and will need an overhaul.
  5. Stirrup again refuses to answer question about his membership in ‘Help Save Manassas’ instead decides to call me an ‘illegal alien apologist.’ Okay, if you think McCain and Reagan were apologists then so be it.But I did seem to learn who’s Stirrup’s spin meister is – Mr. Murphy. By the way, you were not his first choice for the job, greater men with more integrity declined this position. Better get back to crunching those numbers since ER visits have not decreased.

305 Thoughts to “Stirrup’s Quarterly Townhall Meeting Update”

  1. SJCheney


    I’m sorry for calling you a name, I lost my temper.

    You really do need to go back and reread the posts as there were several direct personal attacks made on my wife.

    As for asking my wife, she said you are, and this is a direct quote “an idiot”.

    And I still don’t see where she lost any of her arguments unless you give others more credit for their views than you do to the ones that she has.

  2. Juturna

    Ah, maybe you guys should exchange emails and take this “outside”?

    No one want to make anyone this upset – it’s certainly not worth it. We are all human here and all of us have our failings and talents. We should accept both from all. We also need to be able to laugh at ourselves if we want to participate in this type of environment…..

    Let’s end it, eh?

  3. ShellyB

    Yes end. I just want everyone to know I’m not upset about being called a bitch and an idiot. Also, I never insulted anyone.

  4. Elena

    Wow, take a day off and a thread goes wild. The issue seems to be around one particular person as opposed to the subject at hand. AWC feels so wronged that now her husband has come to defend her honor 🙂 I think that the suggestion to end this thread is a good one. Sometimes, you just have to agree to disagree and move on.

  5. NotGregLeteicq

    The weekend warriors go to town!!!! Bravo! This is classic entertainment and I can’t believe I missed it. Thanks for not closing down the thread yet because I have not commented since like 200 comments ago.

    The moral to the story for Weasel John Stirrup is: when you join extremist groups and legislate motivated by prejudice, you make some enemies but you make a few friends too. AWC, you really laid it all on the line for the man. If John Stirrup is ever elected President, you can expect a plum White House appointment. But maybe cut back on the “how dare you post while I’m sleeping” type stuff. That be creepy.

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