This article in the Washington Post tells of a hundred cars that were vandalized in the Sudley area with anti-gay & ethnic slurs. Luckily, the police have caught the 4 perpetrators. This is yet another example of how hate is on the rise. Crimes against latinos are skyrocketing. Early last year I spoke to someone who issued me a warning that hatred is rarely focused at one particular group that once it takes hold it has a tendency to spread. Apparently, that is what we are witnessing. And Supervisor Stirrup who refuses to denounce this hatred is partly to blame. Just as Elena described in the board meeting, there appears to be a cancer in our community and we need leadership to address it.

34 Thoughts to “Hate Vandalism in Sudley”

  1. Chris

    I don’t know about the crimes “skyrocketing” against latinos. I will report a few things that have happened on my block, and this has all happened starting within a week of Neighborhood Watch signs going up.

    This first week of the signs going up on my block we had one latino business owner have their van broke into and spray rigs stolen, and some other stuff I’m not sure of. They’ve had video security cameras for a while too. Then not too long ago a German immigrant had her vehicle ransacked and items thrown all over the yards of our block.

    I saw a MS-13 tagging in Sudley yesterday. This same place was tagged a couple of months ago.

  2. DiversityGal

    This is awful. Even if it was with soap markers, it is gross behavior.

  3. Jorge

    The kids who did that actually arent racist or hateful…they just made a bad decision. Also all of the 4 kids who did it are hispanic or latino, or at least partly hispanic or latino. There were no drugs present anywhere and there were no anti-gay slurs. People need to get their facts straight.

  4. Elena

    The FBI’s statistics show hate crimes against Latino’s have been steadily increasing within the last few years. I can find the link later and post it.

  5. Moon-howler

    The Sudley vandalism didn’t seem to have any direction. The police reported it as random. Yet 100 victims in a townhouse area seems like a lot of trashing without anyone hearing or noticing anything. UFB.

    I am surprised there is not more of this type of crime in Sudley since it lacks street lights.

  6. ShellyB

    Chris and Elena, in CNN’s coverage of the latest legal citizen Hispanic man to be brutally murdered by a hateful mob, it was mentioned that 2/3 of violent hate crimes committed in the U.S. during the past year were committed against Hispanics.

    Small wonder considering the hate they present as “news” on the Lou Dobbs Show, which is carried on CNN!

  7. Chris

    I don’t doubt that crimes against latinos are happening, but I’m just not convinced it’s true in the particular instance.

    Moon is right, the lack of street light HAS always made Sudley a “great place to commit a crime”.

  8. Alanna

    No, Chris. I didn’t mean to say this was a crime against Hispanics. The articles say ethnic, I presume that could mean against any number of different ethnic groups. But surely hate breeds more hate.

  9. Moon-howler

    Didn’t the article say there were ethnic slurs and well as sexual orientation slurs?

    I am assuming since I read random victims that those words were used but not directed at anyone in particular.

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Oh, Jorge,

    ’round here, waking up in the morning is a hate crime against latinos. Facts? You came to the wrong place, my friend. Me posting here is clearly a hate crime against latinos.

  11. Moon-howler

    Jorge, you might want to choose a different moniker. Someone is already using Jorge Pollo. I already confused the 2 of you.

    I also saw nothing about the vandalizers’ ethnicity.
    There has been too much vandalism in the Gainesville District for most people’s taste.
    Thank you,


  12. Juturna

    I would target the lack of street lights as an issue here and stop trying to second guess a bunch of hoodlums motivation. Recall the thug from Gainesville – which candidate did he support!! 🙂

    Street lights in Sudley should be investigated by Neighborhood Watch, a recommendation made to the Supervisor and then it should be one of Anti’s supported budget items for FY10.

    I think it’s time for anti to take the next step to attempt to be influential – but through the front door.

  13. Censored bybvbl

    Is Sudley an exception when it comes to larger subdivisions without street lights? You know the BOCS will whine “no money”. I wonder if Vepco (Dominion Power?) would ante up some money to put them in. I’m on NOVEC and don’t know what Sudley is on.

  14. Jorge Pollo

    Look at those ages they were young adults not kids. If they were kids their names would be used. Why don’t you get your facts straight.

    Just where do suggest Jorge goes to get facts? Please, don’t tell me you would suggest BVBL.

    Jorge that has arrived to day comments’ should NOT be confused with mine. I think they are a different train of thought than I am. I am one of kind, and not just simply jorge.

  15. ShellyB

    Anke Cheney has come undone on the John Stirrup thread. I think she is having a manic attack. Can someone else talk to her? I give up.

  16. Chris

    I think it’s time for anti to take the next step to attempt to be influential – but through the front door.

    This statement is very funny. You know some people enjoy the entrance through the back door. (pun intended).

    Censored, We are on NOVEC here in WG/Sudley, and I’m grateful it’s not Dominion Power.

  17. Juturna

    Ah Censored…… great thought!!! This is what I mean. We need to put our own platform together for the upcoming budget year. Of course, Mr. Stirrup should be able to get all the street lighting he wants from them. Didn’t I read where part of this power line is to be able to sell off power in times of potential brown outs and such??? So, we should be able to tap into a revenue stream somewhere..

    I think you could get a security survey for the neighborhood from the PD then go from there…..

  18. Juturna

    Chris, but the funding could come from Dominion…..

    Chris, you’ve NEVER been a back door kind of girl. Check your email.

    Would someone tell me how to italicize, please?

  19. Chris

    The security survey for the neighborhood has just gotten worse.
    I’m going to find some responses regarding the lights and post them here. This is issue came up at a Town hall meeting.

  20. Juturna

    What does Stirrup say about street lights?

  21. Censored bybvbl

    Juturna, I’ll try an explanation for italics, but I think this didn’t work well in the past. Use the word you want to italicize . Leave out all the spaces. If this doesn’t work, you may need to google html +italics for an example.

  22. Censored bybvbl

    It didn’t work. Even with the spaces, it italicized so the code wasn’t visible. Rats.

  23. Juturna

    I think I will stick to uppercase…

  24. Censored bybvbl

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    There are examples under “font style”. Just substitute the carats for the brackets and don’t forget the slash. The word that you want to italicize goes between the two sets of carats.

  25. Juturna

    [i]Thanks ![/i]

  26. Juturna

    I am pitiful…. 🙁


  27. Censored bybvbl

    You got it! Yea! Just needed the carats instead of the brackets.

  28. Moon-howler

    Those thingies > < are greater than and less than signs (respectively). Waaaaahhhhh, Juturna wouldn't believe me. I think 'sideways carats' might also work if we are going to be casual.

  29. DB

    The townhouse complex Sudley Place has street lights along Copeland Dr. Once you pass the town houses, the street lights cease. Some people in sudley manor have little light poles in their yards, but most of the homes do not. Last winter I sent an email to Stirrup’s office to ask for more lighting to be put in the sudley manor neighborhood. This is especially important when we look at the fact that high school students are walking to and standing at bus stops in the total darkness of the early, winter mornings. When I emailed Stirrup, I was told that a feasibility study would be conducted as to the placement of street lights. The study would take several months. Then I never heard back, and there are still no lights. I do know that in sudley manor, the electric lines are beneath the ground, however if part of copeland drive can support street lights, it seems feasible to me that the entire road should be able to have lights as well. I haven’t paid attention, but are there street lights in front of Sudley ES?

  30. Juturna

    Are you calling me names, MH? [i]WELL?[/i]

  31. Juturna

    I am a failure at the thingie…. carot, greater than, makes no difference to me. I am just going to stick to caps….

  32. Juturna

    It sounds like a more than one inquiry has been made for street lights. I would suggest that one person contact the Supervisor ask what the status/results is/are from and go from there.

  33. Juturna

    I did find the correct spelling, caret. ^ Bracket , { }, [], ()

  34. Moon-howler

    brace { }
    bracket [ ]
    parentheses ( )

    Good about caret. I had no clue.

    Nah, not calling you a waaaahhhhh. I am just kidding around…or I was.

    & What’s its name and why does it now look funny?

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