Kids on a Rampage

Prince William County Police should be commended for the quick crime-solve of the Sudley Place vandalism. Kids can do some mighty stupid things but residents should not have to bear the cost and time that go into fixing the damage. Hopefully, the group who did this vandalism will receive very inconvenient, stiff sentences that teach a lesson.

Some of us were talking about what causes this type of behavior. We seem to have had a rash of it with young adults here recently. Houses in Gainesville were vandalized. Cars and a few homes were vandalized in Sudley. Why do young adults (who basically are still kids in my mind) and kids go on rampages like this?

Is this new behavior? Is it reflective of the community? Is it reflective of the times? Is it more rampant than it used to be? Do kids have more freedom? Is it part of a hate crime tendency?

With this type of crime occurring as frequently as it does, is this the time to be cutting back on police on street? As the economy grows worse, should we expect theft to increase, vandalism to increase because unemployed people have too much time on their hands?

What county services would you be willing to give up to keep the PWC police force at its current levels rather than it suffering the same cut backs as other county agencies are going to have to do?

These are tough questions for tough times. Give us your opinions.

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