The original Virginia is for Lovers slogan was first used in 1969. At the time, many people thought the slogan a little too racy until Governor Linwood Holton saw the reaction of his three daughters. They were so enthusiastic that he became the slogan’s biggest emissary.

40 years ago, Virginia’s tourism industry was less than 3 billion dollars a year. Today it is a thriving $18.7 billion dollar business that employs over 210,000 people per year. So much for our racy little slogan. Now every place is for lovers.

Governor Tim Kaine also thinks the slogan is great. He appeared with his father in law, former Governor Holton to trumpet the success of the 40-year old slogan:

“Virginia is for Lovers” also appeals to Kaine.
“It’s one of the most recognized tourism slogans in the world, or slogans of any kind in the world,“ Kaine said. “It’s got enormous brand equity and marketing power.“
He added: “It’s given us a marketing identity that is fun, that is current. As current today as it was in 1969 when it started, although in 1969 it raised some eyebrows.“

Live Passionately will be added to the existing slogan. I guess this is an official state order 😉

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63 Thoughts to “Virginia is Still for Lovers: Live Passionately”

  1. ShellyB

    Amen, Posting as Pinko.

  2. Moon-howler

    Virginia has a long list of patriot activists: Jack Jouett, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry…..and that is just the beginning.

    If anyone is looking for interesting Christmas gifts that literally squeal Virginia, check out

    It has a fabulous gift selection. It isn’t cheap but the gifts are excellent replicas.

  3. Juturna

    Thank you MH – The answer to a problem is not to tell others to leave or to drop an issue. That happens far too often and get us nowwhere – it just tends to shut some out.

  4. Firedancer

    Posting As Pinko, 22. November 2008, 8:50 said:
    “Marie, Arlington is WAY more accepting than PWC. Why do you think Stirrup fled?”

    Arlington has had an openly gay member of the County Board, Jay Fisette, since 1997. At the time we voted on the marriage amendment in Virginia, signs all over Alexandria and Arlington said “Vote NO”. I do not remember seeing one “Vote Yes”. It was quite a shock to see all the “Vote Yes” signs in the rest of the state one day on a leaf viewing expedition.

  5. ShellyB

    Homophobia is a lot like any other form of prejudice, the more urban and pluralistic the area, the more open minded people are. When you get further out where people are all the same, and new information has a more difficult time penetrating, people are still set in their ways from yesteryear.

  6. Juturna

    Good point, SB, however, the way it is communicated can be troublesome. Lack of exposure is simply that. Tread nicely – fair is fair.

  7. –the more urban and pluralistic the area, the more open minded people are–

    Agreed, except PWC has become more urban and pluralistic much to the chagrin of those who think they can stop the winds of change.

    They can make PWC a horrible place to live, but they can’t stop the wind.

  8. NotGregLeteicq

    Chris, I clicked on the link you posted expecting to see something funny a la Yoo Hoo.

    It was not funny.

    This is the same Bob Marshall behind the Hate Amendment? What is UP with this dude? Frat boy love canals?????????

  9. NotGregLeteicq

    Yoo Hoo, I had no memory at all of the band Autograph, but them’s some insane hair-dos those boys got. I do remember the puppets in the Land of Confusion, which used to scare me. All that sweating too, ick. I know the song was supposed to have a message. I was too young to get it then. And I’m too grossed out to get it now. Those puppets are hideous.

  10. Chris

    I was hoping you’d check that “radical right rant” out. Well, of course it’s not funny. That clip has it’s way of popping from time to time, by a couple of us that hate it.

    A la YOO HOO? Not me. Although, I agree on their take on music. I’m just not one to throw the youtubes up. However, since you brought up puppets. I will leave this clip an ALL time favorite of mine. 😉

  11. Moon-howler

    We all know who the masters of puppets is.

    Come crawling faster
    Obey your Master
    Your life burns faster
    Obey your Master


  12. NotGregLeteicq

    Chris, I know that song! There was an alternative station in college that played it ( = So I am not totally ignorant of heavy metal. Why is Bob Marshall so “way out there” on issues like contraception and marriage equality? He must have some good qualities to offset being so out of touch with today’s America.

  13. Chris

    That song was dubbed my dogs “theme song” when I got her. These days I love to blast it on my way to the McCoart building of all places. 😉
    My family knew this, I’ve only told one other person this before.

    Now, onto Bob Marshall..
    I know one good thing he’s been in favor of at that is/was the Manassas Senior Day Care Center. Mrs. Marshall always gave compelling comments at Citizens Time, and would have pictures on the overhead of the participants at the center. I also, think Delegate Marshall is very good about addressing the board with issues that might not be in our best interest,. I don’t see any other state elected officials doing this. So, I found more than one thing. I think you both know I will give credit where credit is due, even with those that I may disagree on a great deal.

    Now, on a less positive note about contraception, etc.
    Unfortunately, there are many more narrow minded men and women wanting to inflict laws on the female body. I wonder if these men would be willing to be “snipped”?
    BTW-Did you know that a married man can have a vasectomy without his wife’s consent, and a married woman must have her husbands signature to have a tubiligation. This is absolutely ridiculous. Double standard? what’s up with this backwards way of thinking?

    We also, have those that want laws to change when “life” begins. This is scary stuff.
    We really would have to have a separate thread. This can be a very hot topic with some on here.

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