19 Thoughts to “60 Minutes: Deporting Widows?”

  1. ShellyB

    On the other thread, Posting as Pinko jokingly said that Robert Duecaster is “not human enough to serve on the Human Services committee.”

    I laughed when I read that. But after seeing this story, I think she has a point. One of the unsung tragedies of what happened to our county is that it robbed so many citizens of their humanity. If this same story were posted on BVBL, can you imagine the comments that would be oozing forth? They have been conditioned to respond with hate to everything that might challenge their political position. And that would include their own humanity (which this story would elicit) as well as the humanity of others.

    I hope that millions and millions of people saw this story last night and would be willing to allow a little more humanity to creep into their previous belief that the only modification necessary for our immigration policy is “deport them all.”

  2. Shelly, agreed!

    And glad you got the joke. Duecaster HAS lost his sense of humanity. But I don’t mean to say we can treat him as less than human, as he is so wont to do to others.

  3. Marie

    December 10 marks the 40 year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. Many countries signed, the US being one. My question is when will the US begin to honor it?

    These stories make my blood boil.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    OH, the HUMANITY!!!

    Watching the Hindenburg crash lately?

  5. Moon-howler

    There are some real powerful words on that footage. I am outraged on behalf of all those young women. We have let enough foreign born spouses into this country when it was politically expedient to do so!

    Hopefully the Obama adminstration will remove this kind of treatment of widows with the stroke of a pen.

  6. We need to seal Duecaster in a glass box with the label ‘Do not break except in times of war’

  7. FormerComemployee

    While I don’t always agree with the people who shout “deport them all” I am willing to bet that the very large majority of those people would see this case very differently than the person who comes across the border illegally. This is why people from the other site disagree with people from this site so much. I do not believe that the large majority of people on this site really believe that this is the type of case the other group is saying deport. Maybe if this country had enforced our laws and sealed the border and started deporting the illegals who came across the border illegally, then we could concentrate on doing what is right in this case. Not a sermon, just a thought.

  8. Red Dawn

    Cheers to FormerComemloyee 🙂

    “Maybe if this country had enforced our laws and sealed the border and started deporting the illegals who came across the border illegally, then we could concentrate on doing what is right in this case. Not a sermon, just a thought.”

    And the HUGE problem with that is, it should have been done decades ago. This has been going on for so long that ALL of a sudden people are speaking out after they have established families of there own ( even generations) But who is to blame for that?
    It is like someone ( our own country) saying come on over,don’t ask, don’t tell- now get the hell out.


    There are people that do feel like it is a SILENT war. In the beginning, I felt that way and have learned a lot since then. Even with your help 🙂

    here is a video ( not the one I was looking for, but close to what caught my attention back then.


    NOTE TIME @ 2:50 he states if we are not at war and these people aren’t trying to destroy America than he doesn’t know WHO is( not verbatim) but very telling.
    The average worker ( ILLEGAL) coming across the border in hope of the American dream or BETTER yet, make MONEY, would be a FOOL to DESTROY the hand that provides.

    Anyway…I would also like to remind everyone to please donate to SERVE or some other food pantry BEFORE Thursday as we sit down to be thankful! I went to the store yesterday and was taking back by the price per pound on the turkey I bought. Anyone else notice the difference? I have my donations ready.

  9. Red Dawn


    and was taking back by the price per pound on the turkey-

    TAKEN back. I guess my mind was PROTESTING the cost when I said TAKING back 😉

  10. Red Dawn

    Other ideas if you do not have a chance to donate to SERVE :

    Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the check out line.
    Bring a plate of food to your grumpy or home bound neighbor.
    If you still have vacation or sick time to use before the year and know that it will roll over, donate it to a co-worker that needs time off due to sickness or family struggles.

    The list can go on and on.
    As much as we all have our differences on the blogs, I do feel the majority( on both) has a HEART 🙂

  11. NotGregLeteicq


    With all do respect, I do think that it is the conditioning of minds that takes place on the other blog and in the Temple of Gospel Greg that has led to the rampant and systematic dehumanization of immigrants and people of Latino ancestry.

    If a story like this is not immediately dismissed as a sob story or another good reason to “deport them all,” then their entire argument is compromised. Their argument is, “We must follow the rule of law absolutely and without question but do not change the law to make it more effective, more righteous, or more humane.”

    They want us all to be slaves to the “rule of law” because overstaying your visa or not filing your paper work on time is “against the law” and they know that people who violate laws surrender some of their rights. Their intention is to argue that certain people have NO rights, so the “rule of law” is handy that way.

    Problem is, they have to deal with the fact that not everything is a black and white issue. Sometimes, laws don’t work the way they are written and we need to change them.

    Here is the problem. John McCain and Ted Kennedy tried to change the laws to make them more effective, righteous, and human and the Temple of Gospel Greg didn’t LIKE those changes. Their deepest fear is that stories like this will bring to the public consciousness the fact that our federal immigration laws don’t make any sense and are hurting people and hurting this country. They know that once we decide as a people to reform the laws, we will end up acknowledging things like human rights and civil rights which is a tremendous setback for them politically.

    It’s a zero sum game.

    There ARE no human rights for these people, and there IS no humanity, or else their house of cards crumble. Thus, the unspoken rule. Don’t acknowledge anyone’s humanity unless they are inside the Temple.

  12. Red Dawn

    “They want us all to be slaves to the “rule of law” ”

    Channeling Mackie, LOL 🙂

  13. Moon-howler

    I gave a turkey to a blended immigrant family. The person who carried it out of the house was an ‘illegal.’ I told them I gave it to them in the name of Help Save Manassas and Ms. W, the non-member.

    Will I be arrested for aiding and abetting by feeding people at Thanksgiving?

    [sarcasm button now off]

  14. YOO HOO



    Let me be early in posting my favorite videos of Thanksgiving



    RD 🙂

  15. Moon-howler

    Oh Dear God, to quote my husband’s long dead aunt.

  16. Alanna

    What do you mean? The federal government is actively litigating these cases for REMOVAL from the Country. You heard, they were ruled against BUT are appealing the cases. There’s an opposition to immigration attorney’s by some on bvbl. I don’t see or hear anybody advocating for these people.

  17. Marie

    Red Dawn
    Thank you for your kindness and generosity. SERVE and organizations like them are hurting in this economy and need our donations. They have huge demands to meet just to help with the most basic of human needs.

    In the Spirit of the Thansgiving and Christmas season I would urge everyone to make a donation to SERVE, ACTS or other organizations like them.

  18. Blog Holg

    I’m familiar with SERVE and ACTS first hand. Without them, many of the poor in this area would have gone under long ago. Please support them.

  19. TWINAD

    Agreed! Last year I spend $4,500 on chocolate for my three building’s employees. This year we are making donations on behalf of the tenants to the Capital Area Food Bank and sponsoring food drives in our lobbies to donate to SERVE and other local organizations. The stories I have been hearing about the dire need at Food Banks and the fact that former donors are now patrons, combined with the fact that many firm’s that may have given in the past are in no position to do so now drove our decision. I’ve been very encouraged by the response of the tenants and I’m hoping we can donate $5K to the Capital Area Food Bank and provide substantial donations to SERVE. I would also encourage everyone to get creative and think of ways to try and help.

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