To truly be giving of thanks, an amazing story

During Thanksgiving, I think it is always important to take a moment, no matter how brief, and allow yourself some silent introspection. For me, this video, represents a family that has been through hell and back and yet, still remains hopeful and thankful, in spite of the clear hardships that their son will face. It should remind us all to appreciate the health and well being of our loved ones, I certainly say my “thankfuls”, every night, for my healthy family, especially my children. I am thankful for the journey that I have been blessed to live.

Life is about the paths we choose, and, if we are lucky, we make the right choices that allow us to fully experience this one chance we get at living. Even though my ever winding path has led me through some pretty difficult times, I would never want to exchange one turbulent or painful moment, for each experience has shaped the person I am today. Hmmm, I can’t wait for some posters to have fun with THAT last sentence 🙂 Anyway, I wish for everyone a peaceful and “Thankful” holiday.

County Scrambles to Preserve Jobs

 The News and Messenger is reporting tough times in PWC this morning as County Executive Craig Gerhart tries to figure out ways to preserve jobs and meet county budget all at the same time. Some of the options county employees face are working a day without pay, cutting back on holidays or facing a general salary cut or being sent home and taking a day off without pay. None of the options are pleasant to face.

 In his presentation to the BOCS yesterday, Gerhart outlined ways to retain current county personnel and meet the budget constraints. Even with an increased tax rate of $1.13, up from $.98 homeowners are expected to pay less in taxes because of decreased home values. Less in taxes translates into more budget shortfall. PWC has been the hardest hit jurisdiction in the area with foreclosures.

 Neabsco Supervisor John Jenkins asked about the feasibility of freezing salaries of the higher paid county employees. That too will be examined. It appears that public safety departments are the only places there will not be drastic budget reductions.

 Things certainly have a different look than say a year ago, when we had citizens directing the county to raise their taxes to enforce the Immigration Resolution. But, in the words of that immortal wise sage Bob Dylan, we were so much older then…….