Happy Cyber Monday!

Today is the shopping day known as Cyber Monday.  It always falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Unlike Black Friday, is not associated with bricks and mortar stores but instead, with online retail.

Obviously, Cyber Monday hasn’t been around long enough to pass the test of time, but it has been well- entrenched for the past decade.  Cyber Monday has evolved into a major marketing event and is highlighted  with sales, free shipping and other lucrative enticements. 

Let us know here of any special deals you find.  Free shipping is always attractive since shipping and handling  can add quite a bit to any purchase.  Electronics, music, toys and jewelry are big items.  Let us know what you find.  All good ideas are welcome.

Do Board Actions Speak Louder than Words?

Our resident ‘Conscience of the Board,’ Bob Wills, strikes again. On November 25 at the BOCS meeting, he admonished Mr. Stirrup for the appointment of Robert Duecaster. (Despite the fact he called him Dukakis). After listening to Mr. Wills for years, I don’t doubt for a moment that he knew exactly what he was doing. The Dukakis was the insult. He told Mr. Stirrup, he just didn’t care.

He moved on to chastise about the BOCS cutting back on meals. He’s right. Those meals are paid for out of discretionary funds. It won’t cost us a penny more if they have Carrabas cater, Ruth Chris cater or go to McDonalds. The money is already there. Who cares what they eat for dinner?

He accused the BOCS of putting themselves in a box because they haven’t reconciled the assessments and the tax rates to match what they need. He gave a subtle reminder about how many supervisors use private schools for their children rather than our public schools. Hark! Is he suggesting again that they simply do not care?

It pays to listen to Mr. Wills very carefully. He isn’t just your average gadfly who shows up at every meeting to poke someone with a stick. He is sometimes subtle and symbolic. I have started listening a great deal closer. He manages to get in a lot of dig  for his 3 minute buck. While I don’t always agree with him, from now on I will always listen.

Some folks go to those meetings to praise Caesar. We saw that also. Is Mr. Wills but another Mark Anthony? He seems to suggest that “The evil that men do lives after them…”