“Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Condemn Rash of Hate Crimes “

Recently, the Anti Defamation League delivered a strong repudiation of the current toxic atmosphere regarding illegal immigration. Here is a link to the full press release written by ADL.

For those who decry, “those anti people, they are the haters”, I wonder, how are we seen as haters, when in fact, seven major civil rights organizations ALL side with our concern over the scapegoating and extreme rhetoric directed at Hispanics. ANY day, I would rather be publicly seen as aligning myself with civil rights organizations than a group led by a man that talks about human beings as dog food.

It is time to start recognizing that a reasonable and humane resolution will come with this administration, and people need to ask themselves, in ten years, how do I want to remember my words and deeds. I believe, this quote by Michael Lieberman, encompasses everything antibvbl stand for, not only as it relates to solutions for immigration, but also our need to remember we are all a part of the human race.

Words have consequences. And we must use our words, our power of persuasion, our political clout, to condemn scapegoating, bias crimes, racism, and anti-Semitism and to press for fair and workable immigration reform.

For those who accuse Alanna and I of infiltrating and influencing ADL, ask yourselves, do you believe we are so powerful that we can also determine the agendas of six other national civil rights organizations?

Here is part of the press release:

Washington, DC, November 24, 2008 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today joined with a coalition of seven national civil rights organizations to denounce the recent wave of hate crimes against Hispanics and other minorities, including the brutal murder of Marcelo Lucero, a Suffolk County, Long Island man of Ecuadoran descent.

“There is a direct connection between the tenor of the political debate and the daily lives of immigrants in our communities. It is no accident that as the immigration debate has demonized immigrants as “invaders” who poison our communities with disease and criminality, haters have taken matters into their own hands and hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise for the fourth consecutive year,” said Michael Lieberman, ADL Washington Counsel.

Michael Lieberman also said in his press release:
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Manassas Gears Up for Christmas Parade and Festivities

Do you hear jingle bells in the distance?

Friday, December 5 marks official Christmas season in Manassas. Santa Claus will arrive at 6 PM via VRE train. Following the arrival of the guest of honor, there will be a live concert on the lawn of the Manassas Museum, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, free hayrides, and visits with Santa.

Saturday morning, December 6 at 10 AM, the annual Manassas Christmas Parade begins. Residents line the streets of Old Town to see marching bands, floats, displays, horses, cars, animated characters and huge balloons, just to name a few of the entries. Parade watchers can always spot someone they know in the parade.

Old Town Manassas Open House is Sunday December 7 from noon until 5. This is an excellent time to browse the streets of Old Town Manassas looking for that perfect gift. Ice skating, horse-drawn carriages and refreshments highlight the afternoon.

Manassas does the holiday season right. There is something for everyone during this magical time of year.

Friday 6 PM Santa arrives

Saturday 10 AM Christmas Parade

Sunday noon-5 Old Town Open House

[Update from Washington Post:]

For the first time, the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales will appear in Manassas, helping to kick off the holiday season.

“This is fantastic,” Patty Tracy, interim executive director of Historic Manassas, said of the Clydesdales. “This is the oldest and largest parade in the area, and we are really excited about this new addition.”