Do you hear jingle bells in the distance?

Friday, December 5 marks official Christmas season in Manassas. Santa Claus will arrive at 6 PM via VRE train. Following the arrival of the guest of honor, there will be a live concert on the lawn of the Manassas Museum, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, free hayrides, and visits with Santa.

Saturday morning, December 6 at 10 AM, the annual Manassas Christmas Parade begins. Residents line the streets of Old Town to see marching bands, floats, displays, horses, cars, animated characters and huge balloons, just to name a few of the entries. Parade watchers can always spot someone they know in the parade.

Old Town Manassas Open House is Sunday December 7 from noon until 5. This is an excellent time to browse the streets of Old Town Manassas looking for that perfect gift. Ice skating, horse-drawn carriages and refreshments highlight the afternoon.

Manassas does the holiday season right. There is something for everyone during this magical time of year.

Friday 6 PM Santa arrives

Saturday 10 AM Christmas Parade

Sunday noon-5 Old Town Open House

[Update from Washington Post:]

For the first time, the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales will appear in Manassas, helping to kick off the holiday season.

“This is fantastic,” Patty Tracy, interim executive director of Historic Manassas, said of the Clydesdales. “This is the oldest and largest parade in the area, and we are really excited about this new addition.”

9 Thoughts to “Manassas Gears Up for Christmas Parade and Festivities”

  1. IVAN

    Yea folks, come on down, say hello to Santa and spend a little money.

  2. Moon-howler

    The ‘spend a little money’ is an important part of that old Christmas spirit, Ivan.;)

  3. Firedancer

    And please, when the Latino folk dancing groups proudly to share their cultural dance traditions of Christmas, please don’t condemn them for being inappropriate devil worshippers. The dance with the devil costumes represents the fight between good and evil, dark and light, the temptation of sin, and the light that was brought into the world this season (for Christians). The devil always loses.

    I’m referring to that huge uproar on the dark screen last December.

    Hopefully progress has been made in the last year and folks will simply enjoy the highly skillful dancing and artistry.

  4. DB

    Love the xmas parade and have been going for years, and the parade has grown longer over the years too:) In the past three years I have yet to stay til the end. Would love to see the OHS football team in the parade on Sat. but unfortunately they can’t be there b/c they’re playing in the state championship the same weekend! Maybe win or lose, Manassas can host a parade for the OHS team that started off spotty at the beginning of the year, but thru hard work and determination learned how to work together as a team. Wow!

  5. Lafayette

    You go ahead and revel in the snot ladened dancers if you wish.

    I’ve enjoyed all but 5 Manassas Christmas parades in my life, and I’m still glad I missed last year’s parade. Hopefully, if that group performs again this year they will be a little thoughtful. Who in their right mind wants to look at two foot long snot from a performer?

  6. You Wish

    Do you have to pay to see Santa or just be there at 6? My daughter would LOVE this, since she is finally starting to understand the whole Christmas thing –

  7. Moon-howler

    I saw no mention of money. I think the Santa thing is free. You just go watch him get off the train while standing around, I imagine.

  8. Lafayette

    You Wish,
    Just be there at 6pm.

    What a great time of year for young children and those that are young at heart. We used to take our girls on the VRE Santa Express each year. It’s a ride from Manassas to Burke Station and back with Santa and Mrs. Claus riding the train and taking requests from all good boys & girls alike. I wish I’d thought to put the information up regarding this truly magical experience sooner. The unfortunate thing is all trains are SOLD OUT for 2008. You never know maybe some will have a change of plans and more seats will open up. This truly is a one of kind Christmas treat. Give them a call you might get lucky.

    I would like to share a link with you for the VRE Santa Express.

  9. You Wish

    Thanks! Hopefully she’ll get in a good nap so she can enjoy it. I’ll have to keep looking for VRE Santa Express – maybe someone on Craigslist will have some tickets they don’t need –

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