DC Examiner Leaves a Few Stones Unturned

The DC Examiner investigated the results of the 287(g) program at the PWC/Manassas ADC in an article entitled “Number of Prince William illegals turned over to ICE holds steady.” It seems like the article was just missing a few bits and nuances of the history of this program in Prince William County.

Basically, since November, 2007 the number of illegal immigrants turned over to ICE has held steady at around 80 per month. The ADC has gotten more efficient handling the 287(g) processing since it first began according to jail superintendent Pete Meletis.

What the article failed to mention is that the 287(g) program was never part of the July 10, 2007 Immigration Resolution. It also failed to investigate how many illegal immigrants are actually deported. Once they leave the ADC, there is no real accountability of what becomes of them.

Superintendent Meletis did say in a presentation to the BOCS that 5% had been rearrested here in the county. If 5% have been re-arrested then we can count on more than that being out in the general population. This seems to be the fault of ICE or a federal judge, not our folks here in Prince William County.

We have paid a great deal of money to have the 287(g) program and hopefully the feds will give us a little better service for our efforts. Jail Superintendent Pete Meletis runs a tight ship and is deserving of our support.

For those out there who are erroneously saying that we here at Anti blog do not support the 287(g) program, you are simply dead wrong. On the other hand, those I have heard comments from are not known for their accuracy or devotion to speaking the truth.