“Blog comments reflect stereotyping and bigotry” an article in the Houston Chronicle

Once again, the ADL clearly states that there is an important discussion that needs to happen regarding immigration, and yet, still, people with little insight, miss the point. It is amazing that the for an article with the subtitle, “Blog comments reflect stereotyping and bigotry”, you will find hateful and misinformed comments replicated in the comment section of THAT article. What the ADL IS advocating, AGAIN, is that people step away from the scapegoating of hispanics and look at the historical relationship between hate rhetoric and the dangerous journey it has taken some nations.

The Houston Chronicle made some important discoveries with its recent series by Susan Carroll on the failure of law enforcement officials to deport or keep in jail illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

Certainly the Chronicle’s investigation pointed out shortcomings in our legal and immigration systems that need to be fixed. The release of any criminal who goes on to commit more crimes, whether he or she is in this country legally or not, can be called a miscarriage of justice.

What concerns us at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is despite Carroll’s attempts to reach readers with the results of research that “found that recent immigrants are far less likely than their U.S.-born counterparts to commit crimes and end up in prison,” anti-immigrant bigots seized on parts of her series to insult, stereotype, and even advocate violence against immigrants and others they perceived to be immigrants, especially Hispanics.

Here are some examples of the comments from Chronicle blogs:

• “This is a no-brainer to me. Start with the jails and get all those people deported, then construction companies, garbage companies, landscape companies, restaurants and must I go on?”
• “All of our grandchildren’s children are going to live in a third world country.”
• “We the taxpayers are footing the bill for these society leeches.The people from Katrina were bad enough. Our crime rate is still high.”
• “I got a great idea — just shoot them on the spot if they commit a serious crime in Texas.”

These comments should offend all of us, and must be challenged. One only need look at the Holocaust to see the results of relentless, pervasive bigotry. The Nazis began their campaign with words and pictures against Jews, Slavs, political dissidents, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and the mentally and physically disabled.

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