NYC Immigrant Dies of Injuries Sustained in Hate Crime Beating

When does it end? Why do people behave like animals?

Friday, Jose Sucuzhanay died of a wounds suffered when he was beaten with a baseball bat. His crime? He was walking home from a church function with his brother Sunday night, December 7. Jose Sucuzhanay was beaten senseless by 4 men who jumped from a car shouting anti-Latino and anti-gay epithets at the 2 brothers. Jose’s brother escaped serious injury and was able to talk to police officers.

The parents had applied for a visa to come make medical decisions about their son. Permission to visit didn’t arrive in time. Friday Jose died of head injuries sustained during the beating. He was 31 years old.

Thr FBI days that hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise.

NYC Latinos express their outrage over this senseless killing.

In Russia, a Grisly Message Marks Rise in Hate Crimes

MOSCOW, Dec. 13 — The e-mail that arrived Monday night in the inboxes of two organizations tracking hate crimes in Russia carried a disturbing message and an even more disturbing photo — that of a man’s severed head resting on a wooden chopping block.

The article in the Washington Post speaks for itself. One simple question we must ask ourselves:

As an online community of responsible Prince William County residents and American citizens, can we judge the Russian people for their views, and the violence to which it has led? Do we have more right, or less right, to comment than Americans who have not gone through what we lived through in 2007?