When does it end? Why do people behave like animals?

Friday, Jose Sucuzhanay died of a wounds suffered when he was beaten with a baseball bat. His crime? He was walking home from a church function with his brother Sunday night, December 7. Jose Sucuzhanay was beaten senseless by 4 men who jumped from a car shouting anti-Latino and anti-gay epithets at the 2 brothers. Jose’s brother escaped serious injury and was able to talk to police officers.

The parents had applied for a visa to come make medical decisions about their son. Permission to visit didn’t arrive in time. Friday Jose died of head injuries sustained during the beating. He was 31 years old.

Thr FBI days that hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise.

NYC Latinos express their outrage over this senseless killing.

79 Thoughts to “NYC Immigrant Dies of Injuries Sustained in Hate Crime Beating”

  1. michael

    All crimes, need law enforcement to prevent them, including the ones in this article and including the lawlessness of others, that harm others and encourages people to comit even greater crimes.

  2. Elena:


    And it is this comment from Michael this evening that demonstrates the very need to stand up against intolerance and latent racism and stand bold witness to the necessity of tolerance and Oneness:

    When “illegals” are stopped and deported from our streets, these hate crimes against people who “look like illegals, but can’t be confirmed or denied as illegals” will go away.

    People who “look like illegals, but can’t be confirmed or denied as illegals”??!!

    Hate crimes will go away when “illegals” are stopped and deported??!!

    It is exactly these types of ignorant sentiments that ignite the very fear and hatred that inspire violence, and it is in fact Michael’s brand of ignorance that must be “stopped and deported” from our hearts and from our minds.

    And that is what the vigil is all about.

  3. Watch this video. This is why we need the Vigil, and many more like it. It’s all related.

  4. Moon-howler

    To the jackals who are coming over for a quick peek and reporting our activity: At least learn to read and get it right. Must the dark screen always be a place of distortion and lies?
    Apparently so.

  5. Chris

    A vigil is the last thing we need here in PWC. It would be the extremists that turned out. The moderates, which most people I believe are would not participate in such an event.
    The best we can do know is to move on.

    We’ve seen vigils in Manassas before, and it was horrible, and all in front of a nursing home. It still makes me sick to think about it to this very day.

  6. Moon-howler

    Oh I remember that vigil. And you are right, Chris, that was extremist for sure. Washington and Oregon and the only civilized states in the union, in my opinion.

  7. michael

    Rob, I was merely stating that people want confirmation of who is illegal and who is not. Since the law will not provide that confirmation with national identification, and ensure that only “legal” people are on our streets, then those who are violently angry that law enforcement is not doing its job, will use other forms of less accurate “inference” identification to reduce the problem of illegal people on our streets. They will guess, and that is when the problems of misidentification start. That is not an ignorant statement, that is a statement of fact that explains WHY, some people are resorting to such crimes, rather than trusting the police and the government to do their job of identifying “legal” and “illegal” people and deporting the ones they find that are “illegal”.
    I am not advocating that people should use “human” traits to identify criminals from non-criminals, in fact that is the problem that people trying to solve the local community problems are erroneously resorting to since all other means of identification tools are taken away from the society trying to protect itself from the actions of “illegal” people.

    When law enforcement enforces law, and provides an accurate means to identify legal people from “illegal” people, by requiring proper identification (ANNOTATIONS ON DRIVER’S LICENSES OR NATIONAL ID CARDS FOR EXAMPLE) that identifies those who are legal, from those who are illegal at traffic stops, DMVs, parks and resources, libraries, public facilities, voter registrations, zoning violations, schools, etc, etc, then the problem of making personal attracks on people who “look illegal” as the act of last resort will disappear from our streets.

    You can accept the reality of this, the same way a soldier has to identify a “combatant” from a non-combatant in a war zone. Since thier is no accurate Identification other than a uniform and a dog tag in the field, soldiers make decisions to protect themselves from people based on what they look like and on what actions they take.

    Humans just do these things, right or wrong when they see nothing else being done by law enforcement to stop lawlessness.

    If you want to stop the crimes, you have to make realistic assessments of why they are happening in the first place, so don’t shoot the messanger just because you don’t like the truth I am telling you about other people’s behavior, and why it is getting worse rather than better. A “vigil” will not solve your problem.

  8. michael

    If your goal is to stop violence, I am simply telling you the fastest most ethical way to do it. Enforce the law. If you do not enforce the law, the senseless violence will continue and will grow, ultimately leading to riots and gun-toting citizens in the streets, like happened in Bosnia and in other parts of the world where people of one gender, ethnicity, race, or religion, develop a hatred and violent war zone relationship with people of another gender, ethnicity, race or religion because they celebrated differences, stopped inforcing equitable laws and refused to nurture similarities.

    The world is a lab, for proving why all of your naive approachs to “humanity” behaving nicely, will all come crashing down on you in self-destruction, because you do not understand and provide viable solutions to widespread basic human behavior. Your proposed solutions are too idealistic to work, and will backfire, if you try to ignore the fact that “illegal” people hurt millions of innocent people. Those innocent peeople if continued to be hurt by “illegals” will eventually stop it, one way or the other.

    My suggestion, that you refuse to acknowledge is to simply enforce the law, and the problem will drastically decline in volatility, just like it does in the rest of the world when law is enforced equally on all people who insist on maintaining “differences” in their ethics, morality, society, language and behaviors.

    You cannot stop ethnic wars( as evidenced by history) with “vigils”. You can only stop them by creating equltable law enforcement (or a military force) that protects all people equally from others that cause harm, and by insisting that cultures merge their belief systems into a single “nationality” that tolerates differences, but encourages social, national and ethical similarities.

    If you do not understand this, then stopping war and conflict in the streets in the middle east is doomed, and wars and conflict in the streets will eventually happen here in the US for the same reasons it happens everywhere else.

  9. michael

    Rob the simple fact is, just like for an Isreali, a Palistinian, a Shiite and a Sunni, a person who is harmed, will not lose that pain and that anger for being harmed, until the harm goes away. As long as the harm continues, that person will carry anger and hatred, and will eventually create or participate in violence in the street, until law enforcement or a military force, equitably holds all people in the region to an equal standard of protective law, ptotecting innocent people from those who would harm them for personal gain. “illegal” peolle harm innocent people for personal gain. As long as law enforcement allows people to exist on the streets who are willing to harm others for personal gain, and as long as law enforcement does not prevent “illegal” people from harming innocent people who have not harmed others, this pain and anger will continue to grow and eventually become violent. If law enforcement does not happen, to protect innocent people from people who will harm them for personal gain, then those “innocent” people, eventually become “combatants” to protect themselves from further harm and misery. You “vigil” solution will not stop this basic human nature.

  10. Information Only..

    This is just dandy! Another thread high-jacked by none other than Michael.

  11. michael

    The primary reason we are in the conflict we are in in the US today, is because the law of “illegal” immigration has not been enforced and 12 million “illegal” immigrants in the US are willing to continue hurting 294 million “innocent” people for their own personal gain. As long as law enforcement does not stop the harm “illegals” are doing to others, the problem will continue to rise in volatility, and eventually open street conflict, until the “illegals” are deported and the law is enforced that protects 294 million people from the harm and pain inflicted on them by 12 million others who refuse to follow the law.

  12. michael

    What info, you want to deny me free speech? If you don’t like it don’t read it.

  13. michael

    A lot of innocent people, including the man above will senselessly be harmed until law enforcement finally understands it needs to do its job, and people understand that law and equitable law enforcement is a necessary component of a peaceful and ethical society.

  14. Information Only..

    By all means exercise your right. I don’t disagree with all you say. I enjoy my free speech, as we all should.
    BTW- I don’t usually read your “mini-series”. I just have to do more scrolling that’s all. I didn’t mean to hit a nerve. 🙂

  15. Moon-howler

    Michael, ‘info’ and ‘information only’ are 2 different individuals.

  16. michael

    No problem Info only, sometimes I just have a lot to say. People can choose to read it or not read it, however dialog often encourages common understanding, especially when its civil, and it’s goal is not simply character assasination or political hype.

    Thanks MH

  17. Information Only..

    People can chose to read or not to read. I would read you more often if you didn’t go on and on. I know of couple people that share my sentiments. It’s just a friendly suggestion.

    I do agree with your entire post at 15:40, and including you thanks to MH.

  18. michael

    Thanks Info only. What I have done is try to break many thoughts into seperate shorter paragraphs. Its the best I can do. Like I said, sometimes I have a lot to say, not to anyone in particular, but to any readers at large struggling with the issue of “illegal” immigration and the impact of it on their personal lives.

  19. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    What we NEED to do is hook this dude up with some amnesty and citizenship pronto!!


  20. Slowpoke,

    According to the Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics:

    * Those inmates who were convicted of committing violent acts against children were more like to have been white, a percentage of nearly 70%, than any other race.
    * White inmates were nearly three times more likely to have victimized a child than black inmates.

    Why do whites commit so much child molestation out of proportion to their percentage of the population?

    Considering these statistics, how exactly did you get the name Slowpoke?

  21. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Mackie, I on your side here! We NEED more of these people!

  22. michael

    Maybe it’s because as “individuals” rather than members of a race or ethnicity, they are “sickos”? Or do they just get caught more often?
    I think child molester’s as well as other criminal minds (thieves, rapists, murderer’s, gang members, political criminals and unethical people in general, are the last “people” we want to be giving amnesty and citizenship to…unless you are truly a member of the liberally insane who think that all people have the same basic “humanity” and all deserve our sympathy and support the same, if they also happen to be “illegal”.

  23. Elena

    Excellent point and thank you for your illuminating post at 15. December 2008, 22:26 . When Michael says that looking “illegal” is the fault of people who are here without documentation, thus you are bound to have “innocent” people killed, that kind of thinking makes me shudder. As far as I know, being here without proper papers is not deserving of a death sentence.

  24. michael

    Elena, that’s not what I said and you know it. That’s what Robb said, and you bought into the lie gleefully.

  25. Elena

    The reality is that what you wrote, clearly, to me and others, suggest one can guess at you and “illegal” is and is not. Now, since only hispanic men have been targets for death, one can surmise or deduce, that an “illegal” looks hispanic to those who may just be willing to take their chances on who to attack without any real facts. But, having said that, being here without documentation is NOT deserving of death, period, end of discussion. Instead of trying to explain why such a heinous act is probable because no one can really determine who is and is not here “legally” , you just should have said no matter WHAT the excuse, this act of murder was a human outrage.

  26. michael

    I’ll say it again, that is not what I wrote. Illegal is “illegal” and has nothing to do with race, religion, gender or ethnicity. I’ve said it over and over. I’ve also said the solution is law enforcement, over and over, including as I said the un-necessary death of this young man. I have given no excuses, except that law has not been enforced and that lack of enforcement leads to these crimes as well as the crimes of the “lawless” illegals.

    I will not accept that you or Robb twist these words into what you want to hear.

  27. michael

    People CAN determine who is legal and who is not. It’s called proper identity documentation presented to all authorities requiring it. Presently that’s a valid passport and valid I-99, a green card or a US citizen passport. THAT INFO NEEDS TO BE ON EVERY DRIVER’s License.

    Because it is not there, the police are not able to deport “illegals” and prevent the crimes that illegals do in this country, and lack of documentation and anger over lack of law enforcement to remove “illegals” encourages such disgusting hate crimes as what happened to this young man.

    Enforceing the law, in EVERY case will stop ALL of these problems, regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

  28. michael

    Citizenship by birth (certified legal state birth certificate) also needs to be on the driver’s license.

  29. From Michael:

    lack of documentation and anger over lack of law enforcement to remove “illegals” encourages such disgusting hate crimes as what happened to this young man.

    Let’s divide that up as follows:

    (1) lack of documentation . . . encourages such disgusting hate crimes

    This begs the question: How can the person committing the hate crime determine if their victim “lacks documentation”? The fact is, they can’t.

    The victims have all been Hispanic persons. And most of the victims were actually in the country legally, an irony which sends Michael’s theory plummeting off a steep cliff.

    So the hate crimes obviously have nothing to do with “lack of documentation”. They have to do with racial hatred, particularly racial hatred against people who have a Hispanic appearance.

    And that racial hatred has been fomented by many in the “anti-illegal immigrant” movement who have vilified Hispanics by virtue of their vilification of “illegal immigrants”. In other words, this equation: illegal immigrant = despised / most illegal immigrants = Hispanics / therefore Hispanics are despised.

    This was demonstrated by PWC’s own Corey Stewart in the now-infamous question he asked after learning that 4.5% of the 2008 Citizen Satisfaction Survey interviews were done in Spanish: “Do we know whether those persons were legal residents or not?”

    Non sequitur.

    (2) anger over lack of law enforcement to remove “illegals” encourages such disgusting hate crimes

    Wrong, since it has already been shown that issues of legality and law enforcement are entirely unrelated to the recent hate crimes committed against Hispanics (crimes which the FBI indicates have been on a sharp rise, and massively disproportionate to the rate of “illegal immigration”).

    Fear gives birth to racism and violence. And only abanondonment of fear will solve racism and violence.

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