Caroline Kennedy to seek Hillary Clinton’s senate seat

I am truly fascinated with this story.  Caroline Kennedy has always been such an enigma to the world, always very private, reserved, and dedicated to her father’s memory and ideology in an unassuming manner.  Her desire to seek public office comes as a pleasant surprise!  I believe she would make a great senator. 

Caroline Kennedy to Seek Appointment to N.Y. Senate Seat
UPDATE, 9:00 p.m.: Stefan Friedman, a spokesman for Caroline Kennedy confirmed to the Fix this evening she is seeking the Senate appointment. Kennedy made a round of calls today to influential New York Democrats, added Friedman. She spoke to, among others, Rep. Louise Slaughter who offered an endorsement this evening, as well as New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.



Tuesday: The Last BOCS Meeting of 2008

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 16 will be the last BOCS meeting of 2008. Money will be the big agenda topic as the country frantically tries to find ways to fill the public coffers.

Ideas that were met with supervisors turning up their respective noses several months ago are now being eyed with less repulsion. Dana Fenton, director of legislative affairs, will bring up 2 previously rejected ideas. First to be considered will be a tax on admissions, meals and cigarettes. Second to be considered will be a bifurcated tax structure, where residential and commercial taxes will differ.

These ideas seem bearable if some sort of sunset clause is incorporated. Government always seems to hate to remove a tax, so auto-expire would make much more sense.

For more specific information, see the full article in the News and Messenger.

PWC Schools Reinstate Presidents Day Holiday

February 16 will be a holiday, by unanimous vote of the School Board last night.  Here is communication that was sent out in email today:

High School Testing Schedule, Inservice/Workday Modified for January

The School Board voted unanimously on Wednesday to add the Presidents’ Day holiday back on this year’s school calendar meaning students and staff will be off on Monday, February 16, 2009.

With this latest change, and the School Board previously making Tuesday, January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day, a school holiday, other adjustments also had to be made.
The high school testing schedule has been modified to help students achieve maximum success on semester-ending exams. Based on the consensus of high school principals, along with input from the Superintendent’s Staff, Wednesday, January 21, will be a review day instead of the first day of exams. Since this will push the end-of-semester exam cycle into the next week, the teacher inservice/workday (a student holiday) will now be on Tuesday, January 27, instead of Monday, January 26. The new date for the elementary school half-day/parent-teacher conferences will be Monday, February 2.

For elementary schools, the School Age Care (SAC) program will be closed during school holidays (January 19, January 20, and February 16), but open on teacher workdays and half days (January 27 and February 2).

Additional School News:

Prince William School Board Postpones Construction Contract for 11th High School

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