Open Mic Day

We decided to have an Open Mic Day. Many people here have talked about everything but the thread topic. When that happens, that usually means that you all have something on your mind that you need to talk about. So…here’s your chance. Put it here and let’s try to keep the threads to topic, or semi topic, if at all possible. Let’s roll.

Adam Walsh Murder Finally Solved

Adam Walsh, the 6 year old son of crime fighter John Walsh was murdered 27 years ago. John Walsh turned his grief into helping others, by going after child abductors and other criminals with a vengeance as the host of the TV show America’s Most Wanted.

Today, John Walsh got his final answer. The suspect, Ottis Toole, a known imprisoned pedophile, had given a death bed confession in 1997. Today the Hollywood, Florida police announced that they were closing their investigation and that Toole was the murderer, after sifting through confessions, recants, and more confessions. The Walsh family now has some justice and closure. John Walsh tonight, through his tears, told other parents never to give up.

John Walsh helped change the way America looks at missing children. He helped found the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 1984. He also helped get Adam’s Law enacted in 2006 which created strict requirements for registering sex offenders.

We have had some horrific things happen in Manassas and Prince William County. Our local police departments have been fabulous crime solvers. However, let’s face it; there are bad people out there. Just this past week or so, we have had a senior citizen sheriff deputy arrested for child pornography, a 13 year old and a developmentally delayed woman raped. This is the tip of the iceberg.

We have to continue to arrest, prosecute, sentence and incarcerate people to do evil things to other people. It does no good to single out people by ethnicity, age, immigration status, or other attributes. We need to watch our children very carefully and we need to remain vigilant and alert to protect those we love.

Above all, John Walsh has made us aware. Through his suffering and grief, he has saved many other children by his persistence. Child predators cannot continue to move freely through our society. They must be caught, brought to justice, and put where they can no longer prey upon others.

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