About 500 chickens remain in Loudoun County custody as part of a cockfighting crackdown in Lovettsville, VA. Even though the chickens which are mostly roosters will remain on the farm, they are considered evidence in an ongoing investigation.

Charges have not yet been brought but 2 farms are involved. Much cockfighting paraphernalia has been seized. The cockfighting laws have tightened up since the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal broke. The commonwealth’s attorney has not yet decided if he will press charges. If he does, this will be the first test case under the new anti-cockfighting laws.

It is interesting that this little indiscretion happened in Loudoun County. I guess the muckety mucks aren’t quite as muckety muck as they once thought.

Before I start crowing too much though, fancy roosters with spurs on have been seen running loose in Westgate subdivision. Perhaps Prince William County has a similar problem. The News and Messenger had better be ready to break this big story. Has anyone out there seen any odd animals that could be used in illegal animal fighting? Besides animal cruelty, illegal gambling is generally at the heart of some of the cockfights as well as dog fights. These aren’t your ordinary barnyard roosters.

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  1. Pillars of the Community.

    Prince William deputy charged in child porn sting:

    Are these the guys running the ADC?

  2. Marie

    I know this is off the subject of the thread Moon-howler posted but I have to comment about Mackie’s post.

    I find it interesting that on the dark screen nothing was even mentioned about this guy in the Sheriff’s Dept being arrested for distribution of child porn. They can point out every crime committed by an immigrant but nothing about this issue. I detect a bit of hypocrisy there.

    BTW-Evidently Emma and Greg did not like some comments I made and now I am blocked from even viewing or reading bvbl. So much for Greg’s support of 1st Amendment Rights……

    Have a good day.

  3. Moon-howler

    Marie, I am sure you were always polite. The black velvets do not like that we exist but have no one to blame but themselves. Apparently they want to sing to the choir.

    The people I know who were cut off from there were not rude, the content of their speech was not according to party line. There is a great deal of curiosity and grousing about what happens here. Blame Greg. He is who cuts the exchange of ideas off.

    And to the lurkers who have been speculating for 6 months, I do not post of the dark screen. But keep telling yourself that I do. It makes for good copy.

  4. Moon-howler

    Where is Chicken George? Jorge Pollo !!! Where are you!!?? I expect you out strutting your stuff on this thread.

  5. Moon-howler

    Also off topic:

    Mark Felt aka Deep Throat, age 95, died early this morning. He is the former FBI assistant director who covertly led Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they uncovered the Watergate Scandal. Watergate changed forever the way business was done in Washington.

    For those of us who lived during those times, this was a huge deal.

    Mark Felt remained anonymous until 3 years ago and was only known as Deep Throat.

  6. Alanna

    Welcome to the Club. Since the “Duecaster Disaster”, I’ve been blocked from viewing too.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    I was always amazed that Deep Throat’s identity remained hidden until he revealed it. I think he was one of the good guys.

    Years ago I had a job that sent me willy-nilly into an assortment of communities in PWC. I ran across what I thought might be part of a cockfighting operation. I mentioned it to my father, who had been involved in busting a cockfighting ring in Georgia or Tennessee, but never pursued it further. I recognized the type of bird from pictures I’d seen as a kiddo.

  8. Moon-howler

    I have only seen pictures but some of the roosters look very exotic. Some of the fights are to the death of the opponent.

    It looks like a mini bail out for the Detroit auto industry will take place. Low interest loans? I haven’t had the sound up. Are we supposed to get winter weather?

  9. NotGregLetiecq

    Pretty soon Gospel Greg’s website will be a private echo chamber for six people and their pseudonyms to cluck about all things hateful, with no audience other than themselves and their other selves.

  10. Moon-howler

    There is much clucking for sure. Clucking and speculating.

  11. michael

    Good dialog only happens with tolerant and open minded people. I have not been blocked from Greg’s Blog, but then I have not said anything more than my clamor for good ethnics, following law, and not making decisions favoring or giving advantage or discrimminating others based on gender, race, religious, or ethnic group. Greg has never opposed that concept, nor do most of you seem to unless it involves an “illegal” immigrant person.

    Is cockfighting endemic to our country in the past few years (I know it was popular in the 1900s here, but outlawed and suppressed) or has this disgusting gambling sport been imported again in the past 10 years?

  12. Marie

    I believe Greg’s website is already a private echo chamber for 6 people.

  13. Moon-howler

    That is a good question, Michael. I don’t know about cockfighting or dog fighting. Both are illegal. I would think that both would happen in more rural areas.

    I do know that one of the senior homes had some of the cockfighting roosters making themselves at home over on their lawn a year or so ago. They disappeared as quickly as they appeared, according to the manager.

    Is this a case of where people will gamble in anything?

  14. michael

    Sorry, good “ethics”

  15. michael

    Yes, I think so, gambling is kind of like a disease, many are addicted, some have it imbedded into their “culture” where “cruelty=fun”. Sad, very sad. Severely enforce the law and it will rapidly decline.

  16. Censored bybvbl

    The cockfighting ring that my father investigated existed in the 60s. What I saw in PWC was in the 80s. I imagine it has always existed in rural areas and on the fringes.

  17. Moon-howler

    It sounds like it lives on.

  18. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Hmmmm, now what does “deep throat” have to do with cockfighting?

  19. NotGregLetiecq

    Marie, I imagine it is (BVBL is an echo chamber of six). To tell the truth, it sounded that way a year ago when it was the only game in town. Since this blog started I have only wandered into the stinking bathroom that is BVBL one or two times. Pretty much anything that is worth reading is posted here, in which case we ridicule and tear the unfortunate BVBL clone to shreds.

    The best example of that was when Chris “Bitter Boy” Royse decided to go anti-abortion freakish on the other site. He got his “Bigger Boy” butt roasted over here and that was that.

    So, BVBL still serves a purpose beyond laughing stock for county employees. They also serve as a laughing stock for Auntie BVBL and friends.

  20. Chris

    I hate to tell you are WRONG when it comes to what Greg might censor. I was one of his “top posters” last year, and it happened to me more than once. Last year, he deleted comments of mine and Red Dawn’s. To this day we don’t understand why it was taken down. We were encouraging others to “pick an angel” from a Christmas tree for the Salvation Army. This is a tree filled with cards with kids’ Christmas wish list on it. The kids usually ask for basic things like sneakers, coats, gloves, etc.. Others offered other suggestions for worthy charities. Anways, he deleted our comments! This left me with question…
    Why would a Christian delete comments promoting The Salvation Army at Christmas time??

    I also, had comments deleted asking people to participate in the “study circles”. They got all pissy about it, and then the blogmaster came along and sent the “invitation” packing into a “cyber space grave”. The study circles were regarding immigration in PWC!! There were people from both ends of the spectrum. Now, why wouldn’t a “community leader” with a “grass roots” organization not want their voices heard too?

  21. Chris

    corr: I hate to tell you. *You are WRONG when it comes to what Greg might censor.

  22. Lafayette

    We’ve had several houses with chickens. There was one house that had 15 roosters. Not a hen in the bunch. They were Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques (“dominickers”). They made noise all throughout the day.Naturally early in the morning and then again in the afternoon as kids were walking home. I do know that Neighborhood Services paid them a visit, and chickens disappeared within a couple of days. Maybe, they became dinner or moved to be with their cousins in Loudoun. I’m inclined to believe there may have been some “cock fighting” going on there given the gender of these fowls.

    Then at the Colgan’s old house there were about 6 little chicks. They didn’t last around here more than a couple of days. They may have turned into a lavish Cornish Game Hen dinner. I don’t know. I do believe a good neighbor just told them politely that chickens were not allowed to live in West Gate of Lomond.

    Then about 4 months ago, once again they were on the next street over. That was the closest had them living to me. They went on and on with their cock a doodle doing for about a week. They may have became dinner too.

    I grew up visiting a farm a couple of times a month where there were all kinds farm animals. I don’t have anything against them, just so the chicken coop is in the rural setting and not in the residential quarter acre subdivision. Waking up to roosters on a farm is quite nice. However, it’s not one damn bit nice waking up to them in a neighborhood like ours.

  23. ShellyB

    Letiecq is kookoo AND chicken! I figured he hit the censor button each time his ass got whopped rhetorically, but why quash the Immigration study groups or the Christmas tree?????

    As for the latter, my guess is he just doesn’t like forums where more than one side of an argument can be heard. That’s when he starts to look ridiculous where immigration is concerned. Oh, and one other topic. The Bible!

  24. ShellyB

    Woops, I mean, as for the former! I’ve got Lafayette Syndrome!

  25. ShellyB

    Chris, how much of an issue was made of the chickens among the Immigration Resolution folks? I heard a few people talk about them on Citizens’ Time but it was not the usual suspects.

  26. black velvet reporter

    He bannishes if you mess with one of his worker bees also. Don’t mess with them hsm wimmin folk. This time it was that delightful Miss Emm@. All sweetness. All light. All Christian. Maybe he just sent Marie back here with love.

    Apparently feeding the poor is not a Christian value.

  27. Chris

    Lafayette Syndrome! Good one. 🙂

    Not the “usual suspects”? Would you consider me to fall into that categorey? Hmm..
    I did address the chickens at CT, but I don’t remember any of my nearby neighbors addressing them. I did speak from first hand experience though, and not the “usual rhetoric”. I had seen the chickens with my own two eyes, and heard them with my own two ears, got pictures, and contacted NS regarding the first flock I spoke of. Neighborhood Services kept me updated. This is something that is taken very seriously due to the sanitary conditions of such birds. This does effect public health. We don’t need chicken
    sh!t running down the street and in the drains, etc.

    Who else talked about the chickens?

  28. Cat Scratch Fever

    People always complaining about chickens. They are dirty and yucky. People don’t want to live near barnyard animals in the suburbs. Stepping in chicken doo is beyond gross. only thing worse is duck doo.

    The topic was usually connected to immigrants.

    Sounds like Chris handled it the way things should be handled.

  29. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    These roosters come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. Life is not easy for them, they must fight every day to eek out a living for themselves. The anti-rooster racists should leave these poor roosters alone, they’re just fighting the other roosters Americans won’t fight. Our economy would simply collapse without these roosters.

  30. Foghorn Leghorn

    Stop hating roosters!

  31. Firedancer

    Regarding being blocked from bvbl, i.e. the sinister “forbidden” message: One of my two computers is blocked from viewing, but whatever, I barely post anywhere anymore. I do “lurk” from time to time to see what’s going on. Last month I was traveling in Central America, and went to an internet cafe to check email and other news. When I tried to open bvbl, I got the “forbidden” message! Antibvbl and washingtonpost.com worked just fine. I suppose Greg has blocked all IP addresses from Central America. I truly doubt any offensive, liberal, immigrant loving poster has written anything from that obscure internet cafe.

    Speaking of roosters, I have a great picture of a rooster hanging around the beach we were visiting. It’s just part of the culture.

  32. ShellyB

    Chris, I don’t recall the names, but they were not the ones we now know as “Greg Hags” (sorry I did not make up that word) and that is who I meant by usual suspects. I think they were every day citizens who were not recruited to be angry. The genuinely were. And good on them!

  33. ShellyB

    I’m glad you like Lafayette Syndrome! I was afraid you’d be offended LOL!

  34. ShellyB

    Is there a picture of a dark castle and a thorney brush forest when you get the “Forbidden” message Firedancer?

  35. Chris

    Now, now!! Of course I can laugh at the LS statement!

    I know you didn’t coin the phrase “GH”. I said on any person that speaks at Citizens’ Time, even if I don’t agree with them. Thank God, we live in a country that we can speak freely and to our elected officials. Ain’t America great?

    I’ve heard others traveling abroad speak of that same “forbidden message”. I wonder if folks from Germany(or other European coutry) can read bvbl? Something makes me think they could.

  36. I wonder if Letiecq banned the whole of south and central america. Letiecq banning a whole continent is pretty interesting commentary on his mindset.

  37. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Once, Greg made an error, and much of the “banned” stuff was accidentally posted. It was easily the most vile hatred anyone has ever read. I didn’t see anything that wasn’t absolutely deserving of the bit bucket. Probably stuff this crowd.

  38. Slowpoke Rodriguez


  39. Moon-howler

    Slow, the banned stuff doesn’t ACCIDENTALLY get posted. It takes some work. We have an equal pile of filth, some of it, not all, from some active posters over your way. When you say ‘stuff from this crowd’ are you including yourself?

    I think most of us here have been polite to you and very tolerant of you, even though you generally post an opposing point of view. You are usually polite and do not harrass individuals.

    I saw that vile stuff on the dark screen and those who posted it probably aren’t regulars here. It was a long time ago…a year perhaps? At any rate, I agree, it was nasty. I could curl your toes with our cesspool contents also. One of the bvbl darlings who everyone does the hugs and kisses stuff with will not look like such a great ‘guy’ by most of civilization if we were to release the contents of what that individual has left here. In fact, they would look like a psychotic lunatic.

  40. Firedancer

    Slowpoke, my postings never consisted of vile hatred. Mine consisted of asking for further clarification on greg and company’s postings. For example, what was meant by terms such “breeding season” and the need to arm oneself against the invasion? Stuff like that.

  41. Chris

    You are full of shit with your post @ 15:05.
    There’s nothing wrong with offering suggestions of charities at Christmas time. He deleted those comments.

    Now, again I ask the question what kind of “good Christian” would delete these comments?
    Or my other comment to Michael. (Who’s not been back to defend deletions of such comments)
    I also, had comments deleted asking people to participate in the “study circles”. They got all pissy about it, and then the blogmaster came along and sent the “invitation” packing into a “cyber space grave”. The study circles were regarding immigration in PWC!! There were people from both ends of the spectrum. Now, why wouldn’t a “community leader” with a “grass roots” organization not want their voices heard too?

  42. Moon-howler

    In fairness to slow poke, he very well might not know what all has transpired.

    Slowpoke, did you ever notice that people just vaporized off the blog? Many of them are here. I seriously doubt that Mr. L ever told people that he was so intolerant that he wouldn’t let statements from people he continually disagreed with stand.

    Unless people find out from us, they generally do not know. Slowpoke, it was never over writing filth or harrassing individuals. Firedancer’s examples were some of the more severe.

    SPR, you can only go by what you were told there. Please consider what we are saying.

  43. Lafayette

    You are being waay to kind with your “fairness” to Slow. Even Slow herself would have to agree with that. I think she knows very well what happens to comments there.

  44. Moon-howler

    Ah, so slowpoke is a girl. Then sure she knows exactly what is going on. How nice you find time out of your busy work schedule to visit us daily.

    Let me spell it out. The only ‘people’ over on the dark screen who disagree with Greg are either people way too smart for the rest of you all like Nova Scout or made up characters. Everyone else is here.

  45. michael

    Chris, I don’t get back everyday, but I always get back, sometimes too late.
    To clear the concept up, I don’t defend deleting comments on BVBL, except when they are vulgar and obscene, just like here. I simply said he never deleted any of mine, because I focus only on ethics, the need for law enforcement and the issue of not judging or privileging people because of their race, gender, religion or ethnicity, in MOST of my comments. A few other comments I make are over science understanding and occassionaly religious doctrine (both good and bad doctrine), and occassionaly politics (Omaba vs McCain). I am consistant with that first and most important Constitutionally supported concept that “equal opportunity, regardless of race, repigion, gender and ethnicity is essential, but cannot and should not quarantee equal outcomes, without the person benefitting hurting others), and the need to equally enforce law on everyone the same, and neither side has ever banned my comments, although many here disagree with the need for law enforcement and many here disagree that “illegals” should not be given special priviliges to avoid accountability to law enforcement.

    I have also stated many times that ALL of our problems associated with “illegal” immigration are because we have NOT enforced the law, that includes reasons for why hate crimes are growing and for why lawlessness among “illegals” creates both support for them and anger for their behavior. Some people don’t like law enforcement (like mackie and some others), some people do see the need for law enforcement (like myself, and I believe many others on this blog), but with some here, they only support law enforcement when it applies to “legal” people, and will not support it when it applies to “illegal” people. I think they believe this because they themselves have a racial, gender, religious, ethnic bias and hatred of law enforcement or only look at one side of the social justice issue.

    That is where I take issue with them (Robb, Elena and a few others) who sympathize deeply with “illegal” immigrants, regardless of what they have done.

    When they support and describe the “inhumanity” and “cruelty” that is un-necessarily done to “illegal” immigrants, I agree with them (though they think I do not). I simply do not let that emotional support, lead to encouraging more lawlessness and more “illegal” behavior.

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