Bonfadini Christmas Display-A Manassas Tradition

Christmas at the Bonfadini house is a time honored tradition for most people who have grown up in Manassas. Even if you missed growing up here, like I did, you immediately start taking your children past the house on Forrester Road the second weekend in December.

I hear rumors that this will be John Bonfadini’s last year. I don’t believe it for one minute. He took a little break about 8 years or so ago. It didn’t last. His grandchildren talked him back into it, from what I have been told. Now I expect his real children weren’t quite so enthusiastic since I feel certain they were commandeered into helping. What a task!

All of the Bonfadini displays are hand made. Snoopy, Baby Jesus, and the Little Mermaid all share the front yard. The theme? Icons and characters children love. John Bonfadini was an industrial arts teacher for many years in Prince William County before moving on the George Mason University. His talent is extremely evident and has been delighting children and adults for a good 30 years. It is a must-see if you are in Manassas over the holidays.

Computerized Christmas Light Displays

Next, displays of a different type on the order of the Fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas. Computerized lights are quite the thing in some areas. Can you imagine what the electric bill is on this creation? Many HOAs have contests for the best Christmas/holiday decorations. That’s just too much pressure for me! To my knowledge, these displays are not in our area.

Has anyone seen anything locally like this? Where are the best displays? Are there any contests? Let the Anti readership know where the good stuff is!

A young elf left an elf hat at my house tonight. The night is getting ready to turn magical. So Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the holiday.

Amazing Grace

Around the world with Santa

When I was a kid, you got your tail in bed at a respectable time because you didn’t want Santa Claus to catch you awake.  Now you can follow him all over the world.  Chris has left the link to NORAD tracking Santa around the world.  As I am posting, he is somewhere in Russia.

Some folks don’t want to sit around and watch Santa.  How will everyone spend Christmas eve?  Tell! Tell! Inquiring (and nosey) minds want to know.


The Rick Warren controversy rages on

The latest flap seems to be over the Reverend Rick Warren.  Why?  He has been asked to give the Inaugural Invocation for President-Elect Barack Obama. 


So who all is flapping?  It seems like just about everyone if TV is to be believed.  The left is howling because they say that Reverend Warren is anti gay and is a speaker of hate.  The right is growling because they say the Reverend Warren is catering to the far left and should not be appearing with Barack Obama. 


Now I think I have the flap right.  I am not sure.  Supposedly lesbian pop singer Melissa Etheridge didn’t know Rick Warren, believed the rhetoric the gays were saying, and went on a rant about him.  She met with him, talked to him, understood him, and now they are buds. 


What does the readership know about all this?  This story seems to be carrying the week.  I know absolutely nothing about Rick Warren.  Good guy or bad guy and why?