When I was a kid, you got your tail in bed at a respectable time because you didn’t want Santa Claus to catch you awake.  Now you can follow him all over the world.  Chris has left the link to NORAD tracking Santa around the world.  As I am posting, he is somewhere in Russia.

Some folks don’t want to sit around and watch Santa.  How will everyone spend Christmas eve?  Tell! Tell! Inquiring (and nosey) minds want to know.



17 Thoughts to “Around the world with Santa”

  1. Red Dawn

    Our family is in the process of experiencing some things out of the Griswold’s Christmas.(from travel break downs, to someone else ending up with another family member’s luggage,when they have to go to another stop , etc…LOL) We are all making due and are not going to let it still our JOY! 🙂

  2. Red Dawn

    *STEAL our joy 🙂

  3. GainesvilleResident

    CNN Live has their view of where Santa is – and claim he is over Foca, Turkey right now. The link is http://www.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream2 – a little different view than NORAD’s – both are good.

  4. Moon-howler

    Thanks Gainesville! Can’t have enough Santa routes!

  5. Red Dawn

    The night is saved and everyone is on their merry way. I am just left with the question of HOW do you tell a parent that they CANNOT DRIVE with them telling you to shush, their mind is still intact, while you have a teenager ( grandchild) in the back listening to every word?!!! WE made it home but damn, if that wasn’t SCARY!!!!

    Breath in breath out…. 🙂

  6. Moon-howler

    If they have been drinking, then you simply take their keys or refuse to get in the car with them. You handle it the same as a spouse or a sibling I guess.

  7. Red Dawn


    No drinking involved BUT the way they drove, they may have had a better chance driving while drinking! LOL
    The parent grew up here and said ” I know where I am going, I have lived here…years”
    They have moved to the country ( like Manassas was back in the day) and it SHOWS!!!!
    I said you cannot do this anymore( driving slow with horns honking while coming to almost a complete stop just because you see another car coming the opposite way…..all I kept saying was ” pay attention to the CENTER LINE, NOT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. LOL

    (the route was from here to South Riding and back, LOL )

  8. Alanna

    Thanks Moon-howler for posting this.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  9. Moon-howler

    De nada, Alanna.

    Red Dawn, I see. Say no more. Whose car was it? Now is the time to have that serious discussion with the parent and tell them never again and there is no discussion. There comes a point when the child is the father of the man. Shakespeare would allow changing father to mother and man to woman if need be. Do it now when it isn’t an issue.

  10. DiversityGal

    I got back from church about an hour ago. Earlier in the evening the family headed to Reston Town Center for a dinner at Clyde’s, and to see the skaters and Christmas lights. Now my brother and I are peacefully enjoying a brew while we watch Talladega Nights…fine holiday fun!

    A huge family gathering occurs tomorrow, as well as other family and friend gatherings in the following days. I really love hanging out with all the relatives and friends I haven’t gotten to spend time with in awhile.

    Happy Holidays!!

  11. Moon-howler

    It sounds like you all are off to a great start. I am getting ready to watch A Christmas Story. I have lied to all kids about getting to bed because Santa is in Paraguay.

    Dinner at Clydes sounds grand.

  12. IVAN

    Happy holidays to all.

  13. Elena

    Merry Merry Christmas to all! I will tell you, there is nothing like the joy of children and their anticipation of Santa visiting. We made cookies just for Santa today! Yes, we celebrate both, my hubby is not Jewish and I LOVE our live Christmas tree. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will plant it. I hope this is a year that brings peace, the real meaning of Christmas in my mind.

  14. Chris

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and ALL!!!

  15. TWINAD


    Yes, we made Santa cookies yesterday, too! I think he liked them, because there are only a few crumbs left behind! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  16. Punchak

    Christmas Eve is THE day for my family’s celebration. A European custom. Ham, red cabbage, beets, cucumber salad. mashed potatoes. After present opening, a few old folk dances (singing). American pies have crept in as dessert (Sara Lee!)
    along with super-thin ginger snaps lovingly made by grandma = me.

  17. Elena

    I love beets Punchak, thanks for sharing your family traditions!

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