Teenager, moved by plight of Sudanese women, raises money for fuel efficient stoves

Our discussion, from the last thread regarding the plight of Afghan women, led me to wonder, how DO we help women that are suffering in different parts of the world. Women, risk life and limb in Sudan, just to search out firewood in order to keep their families alive. Darfur, another place on Earth that more resembles Hell, than G-d’s earth, is another glaring example of women in danger.  Compelled to take action, seventeen year old Spencer Brodsky, deciding that he could not idly stand by while women lost their lives or were raped simply because they had to search out firewood, raised money to buy fuel efficient stoves. One person can make a difference in the lives of strangers.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — In Sudan’s Darfur region, where violence and genocide are rampant, women risk their lives every day performing tasks as seemingly mundane as seeking out firewood.

But, from his suburban home, one Maryland teen has dedicated himself to making life a little safer for those women.

The United Nations estimates that 300,000 people have been slaughtered in the ongoing violence in the north African country. Countless others have been forced out of their homes and are living in refugee camps.

People living in the camps are relatively safe, but there is danger for the women and young girls who leave the compounds in search of firewood to cook meals. Firewood in the desert is scarce, and the women often have to walk up to seven hours to gather enough wood to bring back to their camps. Some women have been targeted, sexually assaulted and killed.

Spencer Brodsky, 17, learned about the violence and decided to raise money to purchase fuel-efficient stoves to send to Darfur. The stoves burn 75 percent less firewood.

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John McCain, the Mack is Back!

Finding this article in the Yuma Sun, I was heartened to recognize the old John McCain being described. I am hopeful that he and Obama will be able to create the immigration reform this country desperately needs.

Remember the John McCain that many Arizonans grew to like over the years – the one who stuck by his principles but was not politically dogmatic or doctrinaire, and instead tried to represent the interests of people in general?

Well, that John McCain seems to be back after a long journey into the dark jungle of presidential politics where he seemed to veer from his familiar middle-of-the-road approach to politics – an approach that a lot of Arizonans prefer, based on their long support for him.

While here in Yuma he praised the work done on border security and fencing along the border, acknowledging the desire of many Arizonans and other Americans to have a secure, safe border as the top priority.

Yet he has not reduced his support for humane changes in our nation’s immigration policies. He wants reforms and better foreign worker programs so workers from Mexico and elsewhere who want to fill needed jobs in America can do so.

“These are God’s children, and there has to be a humane and compassionate approach to this issue (illegal immigration),” McCain told a Tucson newspaper.

Those words represent the McCain we have known for years, the one who could upset not only Democrats but also Republicans because he set his own agenda. The word “maverick” when it comes to politicians is probably over-used, but in the case of John McCain it fits.

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