Our discussion, from the last thread regarding the plight of Afghan women, led me to wonder, how DO we help women that are suffering in different parts of the world. Women, risk life and limb in Sudan, just to search out firewood in order to keep their families alive. Darfur, another place on Earth that more resembles Hell, than G-d’s earth, is another glaring example of women in danger.  Compelled to take action, seventeen year old Spencer Brodsky, deciding that he could not idly stand by while women lost their lives or were raped simply because they had to search out firewood, raised money to buy fuel efficient stoves. One person can make a difference in the lives of strangers.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — In Sudan’s Darfur region, where violence and genocide are rampant, women risk their lives every day performing tasks as seemingly mundane as seeking out firewood.

But, from his suburban home, one Maryland teen has dedicated himself to making life a little safer for those women.

The United Nations estimates that 300,000 people have been slaughtered in the ongoing violence in the north African country. Countless others have been forced out of their homes and are living in refugee camps.

People living in the camps are relatively safe, but there is danger for the women and young girls who leave the compounds in search of firewood to cook meals. Firewood in the desert is scarce, and the women often have to walk up to seven hours to gather enough wood to bring back to their camps. Some women have been targeted, sexually assaulted and killed.

Spencer Brodsky, 17, learned about the violence and decided to raise money to purchase fuel-efficient stoves to send to Darfur. The stoves burn 75 percent less firewood.

Brodsky reasons that if he can do something to keep Sudanese women in the camps, this would decrease the likelihood of violence.

“We need to be able to benefit them in any way that we can so they don’t have to be out as many times of their compound,” he said. Watch Brodsky discuss the project »

Brodsky, who is Jewish, said his elders have compared the genocide in Darfur to the Holocaust. He believes that his peers should not stand for such injustice in their lifetime.

“They always taught about what was happening in that region in that the social injustice that’s happening. And how you know how people said during the Holocaust during World War II — you know this can never happen again.”

At $30 per stove, Brodsky has raised enough money to ship 420 stoves to Darfur.

The project is a joint effort between Brodsky and CHF International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the economic conditions of people in some of the most troubled regions of the world.

Naila Mohamed, leader of the stoves project at CHF International, has witnessed the reaction of Sudanese women when they receive the stoves.

“These women are so grateful for this initiative and actually thankful to the American people who are so passionate to let these women know that there is help out there,” Mohamed said.

Together, Brodsky and CHF International want to continue raising awareness around the world of the plight of the Sudanese.

No matter how old you are, you can make a difference by buying a stove, Brodsky said.

“The power of one. The power of change and that we can make a difference. Even though I may be only 17 and a teenager, I can make a difference.”

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  1. Moon-howler

    Women will be able to help themselves when they can read and write and control their own reproduction. Women who cannot control their reproduction will remain 2nd class citizens at the hands of men.

    It is in our best interest and theirs to make sure that affordable, safe, reliable birth control is readily available.

  2. Elena

    Amen M-H!!!!!!!!

  3. Juturna

    Read the article about Caroline Kennedy in today’s Outlook section. Pay particular note to the comments about men getting ahead based on potential but women having to prove themselves….

  4. Juturna


    These folks were at the Capitol last spring attempting to get the attention of Congress with these gizmos. Far better purchase to send than some of the other items send to Sudan.

  5. Juturna



    Sorry, that was an incorrect link. That is the one you can make at home – we can bop on down to Safeway to buy tin foil!!

  6. Marie

    I agree with you Moon-Howler.

    Isn’t great that someone so young has taken the initiative to do what he thought would help the Sudanese women. I say 3 cheers for Spencer Brodsky.

  7. black velvet reporter

    A PW Resident,

    please repost the following on the dark screen, WE DESERVE ANSWERS. It should be for NoVA Scout. Apparently the crude remark left by Chris Royse in insidenova got taken down.

    Posted by ( Chris Royse ) on December 22, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    This an unfortunate and unnecessary tragedy. However, we are fortunate to have such a fantastic police department protecting us. What a coward, to shoot a man lying down and and woman, then grieving Mother, upon discovering her son’s fate. While I won’t advocate for this horrible person to be put to death I will pray he remain off our streets forever. Now is the time to remember that we all are empowered by the Constitution to protect ourselves and our families and need to be ready at any instance to do so. While taking up arms to defend ourselves and our families is not necessarily for everyone, it is our right and, unfortunately, remains a necessity in today’s society. Hopefully this horrible incident will serve as a forever reminder to anti-Second Amendment leaders like Frank Principi of it’s importance.


  8. Moon-howler

    Both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin had to deal with crap that no man would have had to deal with. Caroline Kennedy differs from both of these women in that she has not run for any office. Perhaps her aspirations are a bit lofty considering she wants to start by being appointed to the senate. I would feel the same way about this one if she were male. Come up through the ranks. The Kennedys have had a lifetime of entitlement.

  9. black velvet reporter

    An attempt was made to post the missing quote from Chris Royse. It went in but was not visible to other readers. How juvenile.

    What is he afraid of? How did Chris Royse talk the MJM into taking down his comments? His comments no longer exist on insidenova.

    If anyone knows where NoVA Scout posts, other than on the dark screen, please leave a message here.

  10. Juturna

    The US has a history of appointing vacant spots. I would consider Caroline Kennedy’s appointment a step up from appointing a widowed spouse.

    You can’t undersestimate being brought up in a culture of public service as experience.

    We will agree to disagree on this one! I think she would be a fantastic addition. I think she has proved herself knowledgeable and experienced. She just hasn’t been paid cash for her work.

  11. Moon-howler

    What has she done that qualifies her for senate? How about Cuomo? Is she the best qualified for the job? My objection is the sense of entitlement.

    I don’t approve of appointing widowed spouses either. On the other hand, I don’t really care in the long run. I am not a NYer.

  12. black velvet reporter

    BVBL wins the “gold medal” for most deleted posts. Here’s a little something else that has “miraculously disappeared”. Now, I don’t think this post is in good taste.
    Who on earth would actually post their kids’ pictures on the internet? And if one is that asinine they should expect to read such comments. Kids should ALWAYS be left out the conversation. PERIOD!!

    Pipe said on 29 Dec 2008 at 4:48 am: Flag comment
    Look like the spawn of Satan to me.

  13. Moon-howler

    That actually sounds like one of the crude pig remarks made to Elena, Alanna and me from one of the crude pigs. One of them loves to talk about spawn.

    Regardless, remarks about people’s kids should not be made. Shame on pipe. They are cute kids. I would hestitate to put their pictures on the internet because there are so many creeps in the world.

    Since so much has been disappearing that needs to be brought to light, we are considering an on-going thread to highlight that which is brushed under the rug.

    Also, to the fed up person, stop speculating and making slanderous remarks about people. KG does not post on the dark screen. To my knowledge, she never has.

  14. Moon-howler

    Now where are those lurkers? I expected them to be over here giving me some lip.

  15. Moon-howler

    Lurkers still not here? Perhaps I will have to ride my magic carpet over to see if they are lipping from across the River Styx.

  16. black velvet reporter

    Chicko is so full of it and herself it’s not even funny. Once again another big fat lie from the dark side. Chicko KNOWS that information was taken down right away. Yet, keeps chirping away about. I’m not so sure chicko was not the one that posted it here to begin with. You know they like to keep the pot stirred.

    BVBL and it’s regulars are just like a sparkler. They have a short life like a candle that burns out. They are only relevant so long.

    Chicko said on 29 Dec 2008 at 7:02 pm: Flag comment

    that’s pretty interesting,

    wonder if that’s the same fool over on the other site who posted all the personal information about the supervisors family and such on the website for all the see (it’s noteworthy to mention that the management over there left it up for quite some time before it was removed)

    why do people have to take shots at the kids? Kids have no clue what their parents are up to for the most part and generally dont even care as long as they are fed and clothed, etc.

    People who do that stuff are just looking for a rise out of people, either that or they are just a$$holes.

  17. black velvet reporter

    Oddly enough the blog-miester himself has reposted Pipe’s ignorant comments. However, he still has not reposted Chris Royse’s comments that were posted. I guess “Cardinal Chris” doesn’t want those words hanging around in cyberspace. Well, ain’t that a shame, because his words live on here on antibvbl.

  18. pip squeak

    How did Royse’s words disappear off of insidenova? I understand how they poofed from the dark screen but I don’t understand how they vaporized from the newspaper.

  19. Juturna

    Hey, I posted the comment about where the Chair’s kids went to school. The point was they are not in public schools. Alanna took it down IMMEDIATELY. Just the facts….. 🙂

  20. Juturna

    Royse’s remarks had to disappear becuase he was changing his stance on the Death Penalty. NOW he does not advocate it. Why? Because like abortion, the Catholic Church is against it and someone might call the Bishop and tell him that Mr. Royse should not be allowed to receive communion. As I and others pointed out Mr. Royse can’t be a cafeteria Catholic now that he’s called Mr. Principi out on his support for Sen. Obama.

    Ha!!! Way to go Mr. Royse. Didn’t think it would catch up with you sooooo fast….

  21. Jedi Master Yoda

    Does that mean Ch!cko the s!cko lied on the dark screen? Does it mean he spoke with forked tongue?

    Yes indeedie. But with that nasty mouth, what did you earthlings expect? Confidential information was not kept on this blog.

  22. Shake Rattle N Roll

    So what confidential information was released? NONE

    What cry babies.

  23. Slither Hither

    Cry babies!! haha!! Yet they talk a “big tough game”.

  24. Juturna

    Chicko couldn’t tell it straight if it was written in front of him/her. Never has a positive comment – just tearing down or tearing into folks. What is there to respect???!!!!

    Thought I’d put the facts out there since I was the one that wrote it. Bet it won’t matter. Bet the twisted spin will continue. Betcha Betcha!!!!!

  25. Shake Rattle N Roll

    Ch!cko is just the little pet name switching annoyance the red circle chief loosens on his enemies. You know that ugly-ass dog with the human teeth always licking his you know what? Its gone now but it was a picture of ch!cko. He goes by many other names. Sort of like the minions of demons.

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