Seriously, “Obama the Magic Negro”, sent out by RNC committee member?

Really, the whole story should make any mature adult wonder, “Seriously, are these people in a position of power?”

Apparently, Chip Saltsman, RNC member hoping to gain RNC chairmanship, actually thought, hey, sending out an offensive CD is a good idea! If I recall correctly, this past election, demonstrated clearly, that the Republican Party, in order to thrive, must deviate from old habits and start enticing a more diverse population to join their party. Ahh, hint Chris, THIS, is NOT the way to draw a more diverse membership.

Even the current RNC Chairman, Robert Duncan was “shocked and appalled” that one of his possible successors had sent out a CD this Christmas with the 2007 parody ” Barack the Magic Negro”. It’s one thing when Rush Limbaugh does it, but when such insensitivity is codified by the RNC, not good, not good P.R. at all.

(CNN) — A candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship said Friday the CD he sent committee members for Christmas — which included a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” — was clearly intended as a joke.

“I think most people recognize political satire when they see it,” Tennessee Republican Chip Saltsman told CNN. “I think RNC members understand that.”

The song, set to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon,” was first played on conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in 2007.

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