In just a few days the blog – Raising Kaine will cease to exist.  It’s definitely a very sad end to an era.  Often in my internet browsing, I have landed there and over time have been impressed by its content.  On a personal note, Lowell Feld has provided me with invaluable advice on several occassions.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation for his contributions to the online blogging community and wish him continued success in all his future endeavors.

33 Thoughts to “Farewell to Raising Kaine”

  1. Rick Bentley

    I so look forward to Kaine’s governorship ending.

  2. NotGregLeteicq

    I don’t know if it’s all that sad, Alanna. The blog was first started during the height of Bush’s power, with Sen. George Allen tuning up to succeed him in the White House and continue his disastrous incompetence. It seemed as if the democratic process had been subverted by propaganda, and incompetence in government was rewarded as long as the corporate media amplified the White House’s fear-mongering and Orwellian rhetoric (a.k.a. Freedom Fry rhetoric).

    The aim of Raising Kaine was to change that by allowing citizens with internet access the ability to seek out information that wasn’t being shared in the corporate media, and add to this information database with their own perspectives.

    Not only did Raising Kaine raise the level of political awareness of Virginia voters, it helped to elect a Governor, two Senators, and the President of the United States, here in a state that previously had been highly susceptible to Freedom Fry rhetoric.

    So rather than sad, I’d call it bittersweet. We’ll miss them. But their mission is accomplished.

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Good Riddance!

  4. Moon-howler

    Slowpoke, why do you feel it necessary to say that? How about just not going to the website if it doesn’t suit your taste? Am I to assume that you supported George Bush and George Allen?

  5. Slither Hither

    You know Slowpoke Republican did! 😉

  6. Does anyone know of a good program for learning Chinese? I’m considering learning this language.

  7. Chris

    Rosetta Stone, of course.

  8. Information Only...

    Speaking of “raising kaine”. Look at “me-n-u” trying to raise a little Kaine himself by point the finger at Frank Principi. I think Mr. me-n-u should look at some of his republican amigos’ vpap pages, and see who’s really getting the big bucks from the “developer community”.
    Mr. me-n-u, you just stick to speaking for yourself. I don’t think many feel any one local politician has the market cornered on “developer money”. Honestly, the black velvets are spinning out of control.
    Obviously, me-n-u didn’t do all of his homework, or just chose certain ones to call out.

    me-n-u said on 30 Dec 2008 at 2:16 pm: Flag comment

    Look at who at the developers that gave Principi contributions.
    Contributions Reported by Principi Committees

    From 2008 2007 through 2008 2007

    Amount Name Location
    $2,500 Nova Building Industry Assn Chantilly
    $2,500 Gary D Rappaport Vienna
    $2,500 Utah Street LLC Alexandria
    $1,500 John S Groupe, IV Alexandria
    $1,500 Jefferson Plaza Manassas
    $1,000 John T “Til” Hazel, Jr Manassas
    $1,000 IDI Management Corp Arlington
    $1,000 National Capitol Land & Development Corp Woodbridge
    $800 Haymarket Center Village LLC Manassas
    $715 Donatala Pupuseria Woodbridge
    $500 RMJ Development Group LLC McLean
    $500 Barbara Siegel Lawrence, NY
    $400 Haymarket Center 38 LLC Manassas
    $400 Eugene I Siegel Manassas
    $200 Gerald R Aronson Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    $200 Castillo-Sorto Inc Woodbridge
    $200 Phyllis Greenblum Silver Spring, MD
    $200 TE Goodiel & Associates Oakton
    $-14,929 Crisis Partners International LLC Woodbridge

  9. Information only

    Here is some VPAP information on Stewart’s Developer contributions.

    Pot Meet Kettle

    The Donations from Real Estate/Construction Reported by Stewart Committees
    2002-2008 (he’s been in office longer)
    Amount Occupation

    $250 Appraisers/Auctioneers
    $1,000 Building Materials/Supplies
    $4,200 Building Trades/Subcontractors
    $1,500 Cement/Concrete/Asphalt
    $4,500 Commercial Real Estate
    $2,690 Engineers/Engineering Firms
    $6,450 General Contractors
    $9,700 Highway Contractors
    $10,000 Homebuilders
    $1,500 Land-Use Attorney/Consultants
    $2,500 Miscellaneous Construction
    $1,000 Mortgage Lenders
    $15,000 Real Estate Developers
    $1,650 Realtors
    $5,000 Rental/Property Management
    $3,000 Title Companies/Settlement Agencies

  10. Marie

    What does the -$14,929 represent? Can’t tell if it is a contribution or not but, even if it is Mr. Stewart received about $69,900 as compared to Mr. Principi’s $32,534 which the $14,929 from Crisis Partners International LLC if it is a contribution. Hmmmmm….

    Information Only-The black velvets are spinning out of control but that is the usual course for them.

  11. You-n-yourself

    Me-n-u is pretty selective about the developer money he is posting. Why would he choose to report Principi’s contributions and no one else’s. Me-n-u tips his hand when he also doesn’t filter out donators who have nothing to do with real estate or development.

    Man up there and admit you are trying to paint Principi as a less than desirable candidate just because your boys Royse and Stewart both have big mouths. Old Royse even wants to sic the Pope on Principi because he beat him. Snortle chuckle sniggle. Bitter Boy bites the bullet.

  12. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    I like It’s free, and it gets more meaty by the week. Yes, Michael Phelps likes Rosetta Stone….never did much for me, but maybe for Chinese it’s great?? Who knows? Best of luck!

  13. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    Let me also add (not that anyone cares what I think), that Chinese is probably one of those languages that would help someone in their career (as they are our #1″silent” enemy / #1 trade partner). Absolutely not a waste of time to learn Chinese.

    PS, if you ever want to know how to start a fight in Spanish, let me know…I’ll hook you up!

  14. NotGregLeteicq

    I prefer a list of campaign contributions to the infantile attacks launched against Principi by Chris “Bitter Boy” Royse.

  15. Information Only..

    Wait no longer. In all fairness “Cardinal Chris” took a very, very small amount from the “developer types”.
    Christopher A RoyseCommittees associated with this candidate:

    Royse for Prince William County Board Chair – Christopher
    Home Money In Money Out Elections List Donors Donors by Industry Donors by Locality Donors by ZIP Code
    Contributions by Industry reported by Royse Committees

    From 2007 2006 through 2007 2006 (select all years )

    Amount Industry Sector
    $4,448 Candidate Self-Financing
    $4,050 Business – Retail, Services
    $2,276 Finance, Insurance
    $1,735 Political
    $1,450 Transportation
    $1,250 Miscellaneous
    $1,000 Undetermined
    $850 Public Employees
    $800 Health Care
    $600 Real Estate/Construction
    $500 Agriculture
    $460 Defense
    $450 Technology, Communication

  16. Moon-howler

    Some of those campaign contributions appear to be from his great aunt or something.

  17. Information Only..

    Here’s the complete list from vpap regarding the 2007 elections in Prince William County for Board of County Supervisors.
    Candidates: Prince William County
    (Enlarge map)

    2011 2007 Special Election 2007 2006 Special Election 2003 1999

    General Nomination Contests
    Election date: 11/06/2007

    All Results Incumbent Wins Challenger Wins Open Seat Office Candidate Votes Spent
    Prince William County Supervisor: Brentsville Wallace S Covington (Republican) (Winner) 98.7% $27,157
    Prince William County Supervisor Chairperson Sharon E Pandak (Democrat) 44.4% $363,716
    Corey A Stewart (Republican) (Winner) 55.3% $232,160
    Prince William County Supervisor: Coles Martin E Nohe (Republican) (Winner) 98.2% $89,197
    Prince William County Supervisor: Dumfries Maureen S Caddigan (Republican) (Winner) 97.7% $9,424
    Prince William County Supervisor: Gainesville Corey Rashad Riley (Democrat) 38.1% $18,419
    John T Stirrup (Republican) (Winner) 61.8% $82,253
    Prince William County Supervisor: Neabsco John Jenkins (Democrat) (Winner) 95.0% $98,862
    Prince William County Supervisor: Occoquan John S Gray (Independent) 32.4% $8,709
    Michael May (Republican) (Winner) 57.2% $49,713
    Prince William County Supervisor: Woodbridge Steven Keen (Independent) 14.4% $16,803
    Frank Principi (Democrat) (Winner) 41.7% $59,898
    Luis Ramirez (Independent) 11.0% $1,984
    Christopher A Royse (Republican) 32.7% $28,440

  18. Slither Hither

    I was thinking maybe some kissing cousins, moon-howler!!!

  19. Elena

    Well, once again folks I have been forbidden from the “dark screen”. So you all will just have to keep me informed 🙂

  20. black velvet reporter

    Check your email for even more.

  21. Alanna

    None of those guys were ready to hand over $3 million to developers like Stirrup was during the 2006 Toll Brothers Rezoning.

  22. Moon-howler

    Tell us more Alanna. I bet half the people here don’t know this story and we won’t get it reading the dark screen.

  23. NotGregLeteicq

    Yes, Alanna, tell us more.

    And talk about a pathetic loser.

    Chris “Bitter Boy” Royse spent $4,448 on “Candidate Self-Financing” in order to lose his bid to be Corey Stewart’s Mini-me. No wonder he’s bitter.

  24. PWC Insider

    Chris Royse was Stewart’s pet project for the 2007 election. Stewart was hoping that a fellow anti-immigrant candidate could take over a previously Democratic seat. If that had happened, and thank God that it didn’t, then Stewart would have attempted to use it to further his radical agenda under the guise of it being ‘voters mandated’. Stewart even went as far to provide financing for the Royse campaign, but, thankfully, in the end it wasn’t to be.

  25. Chris

    PWC Insider
    You make an excellent point. Do you think that last minute Independent candidate came into play at all with regards to the Woobridge Supervisor’s seat? I’ve heard a few try to blame the loss on that point. I think it just boils down to the fact theWoodbridge ‘voters mandated’ a Democrat remained in that seat.

  26. Chris

    Where’s “mom”?!!?
    The magic words Toll Brothers has been mentioned.
    Enlighten us, please. Mom knows best, right? 😉

  27. GainesvilleResident

    Yes,I agree with Chris that Rosetta Stone is the best program for learning Chinese. Although I will say personally – I have found learning Chinese very very tough – but it may be I don’t have much of an aptitude for foreign languages. Anyway, that is definitely the top of the line and the best program for learning any foreign language – expensive, but worth the money.

  28. Moon-howler

    Glad the Woodbridge Plan didn’t work out, especially after finding out about the ‘Bitter Boy’ side of Mr. Royce. I didn’t realize Corey Stewart was trying to get a mini me out of the election. Shudder.

    Anyone who wants to sic your priest on you because of who you support in an election has no business in public office, in my opinion.

    I don’t believe I have ever run into a strong second amendment person who was opposed to the death penalty. Not sure I believe all that. I believe it might just be for convenience…because of what the pope has said on the subject of both abortion and the death penalty.

  29. NotGregLeteicq

    Great point M-H about the death penalty. Pope is against it. That means Bitter Boy should be out there trying do deny millions of Catholics communion. And we haven’t even gotten started on premarital sex. Bitter Boy is going to be a busy boy if he decides to be consistent in his religious persecutions.

  30. Censored bybvbl

    I’ll miss Raising Kaine. Lowell is a good writer and it was nice to see the Democrats in Virginia grow a spine, run some good candidates, and win.

  31. Juturna

    Apparently if you say something nasty about children your post will be seen. However, ideological differences are banned. Does this make sense?????!!!!!

  32. Moon-howler

    NGL, I want Bitter Boy on sex patrol right now! I want him making a list, checking it twice, and turning it in to his parish priest. Those pre-maritials need to have that communion denied for sure! When he finishes with them, he can go after the extra-maritials and then those who think the death penalty might be ok, even though the pope says NOOOOOooooooo,

    Bitter Boy won’t have time to run for office again after he goes after all those horny Woodbridge teenagers.

  33. Moon-howler


    no it makes no sense. Nor does pretending to be someone else and saying something nasty about your own children.

    Furthermore, it makes no sense to even put your children out there, especially knowing the risks out there in cyberspace.

    Where is the judgement?

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