What a hell of a year. Prince William County, the nation, the election, the economy, April 30.

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

Not to sound like Billy Joel….but as we say good bye to the old year we can look at our accomplishments with a great deal of pride. Granted, some of them were baby steps, but we did stop a run-away locomotive. We didn’t always win, but we chinked away some armor.

Please use this thread to reminisce and enumerate events of the year. There are also some revisionists floating about on other blogs. Feel free to make any corrections here if you know of them. If you put up corrections on the dark screen, they will last all of five minutes.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that the new year brings peace, prosperity, safety, solutions and good will towards all men, women and children. The torch has been passed.

The Kenny G Millenium Auld Lang Syne will bring back some reminders, not of 2008, but of benchmarks in your lifetime, if you are older than 8. This video was made 8 years ago. In some ways it seems like a life time. Everything looks different through pre-9/11 glasses.

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  1. Red Dawn

    Okay, later…back to the good time 🙂 Check in with ya’ll sometime soon 🙂

  2. Opinion


    Thank you for putting up this blog (and putting up with bloggers such as myself). It’s a pleasure to have such a reasoned voice in Prince William County.

    Happy New Year to you and all of the regulars who have treated me so courteously over the past year.

  3. Alanna

    Good Luck with your computer Redawn and thanks for the video.

  4. Information Only...

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in 2008, and I just found it.
    Click on the link below to see some funny posts, and more on “TASK FORCE ROYSE OPERATIONS ORDER – CAMPAIGN TOP SECRET”

    Save Us from Chris Royse
    by: NoVaCommuter
    Mon Dec 08, 2008 at 13:26:09 PM EST
    (This is hilarious! We’ll have to watch out for Royse in the future… – promoted by Aimee Fausser)

    The campaign for the Woodbridge Board of Supervisor’s seat is over, Frank Principi won and Chris Royse whimpered his way out of local politics. Or did he?

    Mr. Royse has an over important sense of his own worth, this transplant to the DC area who wants everyone’s neighborhood to be upper middle class, white collar and hailing from the heartland. Mr. Royse has delusions of grandeur, ones that make him a major player in the Republican party, a player at the center with minions to toady to his ego.

    His website was still up until recently. After the election results were in, it was just a basic page, no information, no links but look what you found if you Googled Chris Royse & Woodbridge. Thanks to the Internet WayBack Machine, this document is archived for history. You know what thy say about people who don’t learn from history, right?


    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not keen on the idea of this guy being leader of anything more important than a paintball game.


  5. Moon-howler

    Information only, funny what you can unearth when you are least expecting it. Is it satire or is it really part of bitter Boy’s campaign directives?

  6. Moon-howler

    After Edison’s recording of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Kenny G’s video starts with the Great Depression and ends up with Kennedy speaking passing the torch. Looking back from the end of 2008, there is something so ironic about that video which was prepared for the millenium.

    We are teetering on the brink of another Great Depression as we have just elected a bi-racial president of the United States.

    Of course I leave out the obvious–Edison recorded on a tinfoil ‘record’ in 1877, just 12 years after the end of the Civil War. Today we watch it on a video, made some 123 years later. Recording the human voice happened before flight. New Years is a good time for reflection.

    Alanna, I hope we are planning a big first anniversary bash.

  7. Alanna

    At first I didn’t believe that Royse’s comments had been pulled off the inova website, I just thought they couldn’t be found again, so I went in search of them myself. Lo and behold, they are GONE. Thanks to whoever captured them and pasted them here. They should live on in infamy, combined with his letter to the editor attacking Principi.

    Also, in response to Chicko’s comments from bvbl, that I had extensive personal email contact with any of the Supervisors is blatantly false. For the most part, all Supervisors would receive a copy of whatever opinion I had on a particular subject matter. I defy Widawski or anybody to show otherwise. Put up or shut-up as the old saying goes.

  8. Alanna

    Great Idea Moonhowler about an anniversary bash. Let’s plan on it.

  9. Moon-howler

    Alanna, we should all be used to the lies by now, but somehow I forget that not everyone operates on a code of personal ethics. Ch!cko the S!cko does not.

    The supervisors represent all of us in the long run. If it is a county issue, then all should know our wishes, IMHO.

  10. Information Only...

    Those words of Chris Royse’s will live on forever here.
    Posted by ( Chris Royse ) on December 22, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    This an unfortunate and unnecessary tragedy. However, we are fortunate to have such a fantastic police department protecting us. What a coward, to shoot a man lying down and and woman, then grieving Mother, upon discovering her son’s fate. While I won’t advocate for this horrible person to be put to death I will pray he remain off our streets forever. Now is the time to remember that we all are empowered by the Constitution to protect ourselves and our families and need to be ready at any instance to do so. While taking up arms to defend ourselves and our families is not necessarily for everyone, it is our right and, unfortunately, remains a necessity in today’s society. Hopefully this horrible incident will serve as a forever reminder to anti-Second Amendment leaders like Frank Principi of it’s importance.

    Below is the link to the original letter from Dcember 6, 2008.


  11. NotGregLeteicq

    Re. government by the corporations and for the corporations: we got to see that philosophy of government played out to its full extent during the Bush administration. Because they so adeptly exploited 9/11, they were able to control Congress as well, and with “deregulation” and almost no policing of the energy industry, the oil industry, the banking industry, mortgage back securities, car manufacturing companies, etc., we got to see just where a purely Republican economic philosophy leads us. To ruin. Absolute ruin.

    Ivan is right, we have to wait and see what the alternative is. If all we do is go back to the Clinton economy, that would be a great achievement. But I am hoping for much more. We have gone too far down the road of worshiping profit before all else. There has to be some other factor that outweighs profit when we decide whether to go to war, or whether to build an electric car, or whether to let corporations commit fraud in their accounting practices, or whether to outsource jobs, or whether to allow corporations to not pay taxes burdening the rest of us all the more.

    Mando is so worried that nothing can be as profitable as continuous war. But investing in America’s future can be just as profitable. It’s just that it won’t be the same group of aristocratic fat cats making all the dough. They’ve defrauded the American people long enough. Now it’s time to put our taxpayer money toward programs like education, infrastructure, universal health care, and a clean energy economy.

    BTW, am I the first AntiBVBL poster of 2009?

  12. Moon-howler

    NGL, it sure looks like you are the alpha poster for 2009.

    Don’t forget that the republicans went after Martha Stewart. Too bad their sights weren’t on Madoff.

  13. Censored bybvbl

    M-h, and the nutball faction of the R-Party has gone after Tinky-Winky as well. Better to keep an eye on fictional characters and your neighbors’ bedrooms than the nation’s finances. (Hmmm. What do these things have in common – SEX!!!) I hope this year is one marked by rationality.

  14. Moon-howler

    The last I heard Sponge Bob was under fire also because he had gay characters and was ‘dirty,’ whatever that means.

    Censored, have you ever noticed the correlation between those who lambaste about sex and those who get caught in very embarrassing situations? Larry Craig, the crying preacher whose name escapes me and the ‘let’s hire more boy pages’ congressmen, just as a place to start.

  15. Censored bybvbl

    M-h, if I haven’t told you our Congressman Robert Bauman story, remind me the next time we boost the economy. He’s another “moralist” who liked to flip the pages.

  16. NGL,

    It’s not regulation that keeps people honest, it’s fear of losing money. Fear of loss is the best regulator of the market.

    Regulation simply doesn’t work. The banking industry is one of the most thoroughly regulated. But just as all of us were ‘regulated’ when we were children, we always found a way to break the rules. So too does industry.

    Madoff is an example.

    There are no safe bets.

    It’s the regulation that’s a problem because it creates the illusion that companies can be trusted to tell the truth. Quite simply, they cannot ever be fully trusted. They will hide the ugly details. And oftentimes the ‘regulators’ themselves are corrupt or incompetent.

    The whole government is one big corporation that lies to us. After the depression worsens, they will confiscate our gold and put in exchange controls to prevent us from buying overseas securities.

    The govt is lying to us about the soundness of our own economy. You can see the official economic charts as well as what is estimated to be the real truth here at this site:


    The govt tells us unemployment is between 6-7%. Does anyone out there really believe that crap?

    Analysis of the data indicates it may be as high as 16%.

    You can find an explanation of the deception inherent in the government statistics here:


  17. Moon-howler

    Censored, I can’t wait to hear. I might even already know it but I would like to hear it again if I have.

  18. elitestliberals


    How is the foreclosure clean-up business going for you?

  19. Susan

    Why? Do you need a job cleaning toilets?

  20. Moon-howler

    elitestliberals (sic), I believe that should be Mrs. Almeda to you. Now why did you feel it necessary to come over here and ask a question like that? I know who you are and I know you don’t need to know about businesses Mrs. Almeda or her family may or may not be in. Just had to stir it up, or perhaps nothing was happening on insidenova and you got tired of looking for someone to banter with.

    Feel free to debate or discuss issues here. However, do not come here just to pick at people or discuss personal issues that have no place on this blog. Next time I will call you by name.

  21. Cat Scratch Fever

    elitestliberals is just simply an elitest. Their identy is no big secrect, because it’s the same ole crap from him/her all the time. I hope Santa brought him/her some knee pads for when she’s not stirring up trouble. There’s no middle of the road with that individual.

  22. elitestliberals

    Susan, 1. January 2009, 20:22

    Why? Do you need a job cleaning toilets?

    I am sure Mrs. Almeda has found plenty of help!

  23. elitestliberals

    Cat Scratch Fever, 2. January 2009, 9:12

    elitestliberals is just simply an elitest. Their identy is no big secrect, because it’s the same ole crap from him/her all the time. I hope Santa brought him/her some knee pads for when she’s not stirring up trouble. There’s no middle of the road with that individual.

    Wow, and a happy new year to you as well. Well, you can’t take the trailer talk out of some folks.

  24. Moon-howler

    Now what is ‘trailer talk?’ I guess you weren’t kidding about the name….which if I may be so bold, should be spelled Elitistliberals.

    What’s wrong with living in a trailer? All sorts of perfectly good people live in mobile homes. Young folks just getting started to seniors who no longer need the expensive of keeping up a larger home.

  25. Cat Scratch Fever

    What’s trailer talk about knee pads? Many use them when in their profession and day-to-day life such as, but not limited to; scrubbing floors, laying carpet, sealing floors or cleaning toilets,etc. I think your mind is into “trailer talk/thoughts”.

    I hope you do have a Happy New Year!! (sincere wish)

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