Well, it’s here! Brand new baby 2009! And what’s in store? No one knows.

The prognosticators on one side predict doom and gloom. Another side is all aglow with anticipation of a new president, new congress, and change. Let’s face it. None of us knows what the future holds.

All I do know is I would not go anywhere near the Inauguration–no amount of money could pay me to get in that crowd. I went in ’92 and swore off all Inaugurations.

What hopes do you have for the New Year and new era? What hopes do you have for our county, our state and our country? What is the most important national issue to you?

Hopefully everyone’s plans will involve blogging.

15 Thoughts to “Happy New Year! Welcome 2009”

  1. IVAN

    Number one issue is the economy, both nationally and localy. Unfortunately, gov’t doesn’t have the luxury of dealing with one issue at a time so get ready for a steady dose of programs and policies on any number of issues. Locally, I think we have to keep an eye on the local budget issue. With House of Delegate races coming up this fall, we’re going to have to get ready for a fight. Oh yea, we also are electing a new governor. Any way, lots to do this year. No resting on past successes. Happy 2009 everyone.

  2. Moon-howler

    Ivan, you sure make it look like there is a lot of work to do. Thanks for the reminder about what is in store. I agree with you–economy/budget are #1.

    I hope the middle east conflict in Gaza doesn’t spread into something that involves us.

  3. Tuscadero

    I’m so glad I found this blog. I used to post on BVBL but I got tired of the mean, closed minded people over there. I look forward to a New Year of discussions and solutions. Happy New Year!

  4. Moon-howler

    Welcome Tuscadero. We hope you find us more open minded. I’ll confess. ‘What part of illegal do you not understand?’ is not part of our mantra.

  5. Alanna

    Welcome Tuscadero!

    Hey, try this, it was fun. Try ranking the year’s top stories at –


  6. Moon-howler

    I got the first 3 matched with the rest of the world. After that, things fell apart.

  7. pony boy

    Here’s a New Years’ subscription gift for all the Black Velvets: A subscription to Uncle Jay Explains the News. Here’s the guy who helps little minds explain the news. Now there are plenty of Velvets who don’t have little minds but to those who rely only on Gospel Greg for their news source they might want to prevent further shrinkage by listening to Uncle Jay.


    Ya’ll have a great new year now.

  8. NotGregLetiecq

    Tusc, there is no censorship and wise, fair moderation. That doesn’t mean that everything posted here is more open-minded per se. But the type of people attracted to a blog with a free exchange of ideas tends to be a more open-minded and more well-informed crowd.
    People who even today limit themselves to the old blog do so because they prefer to be insulated from the free exchange of ideas. This makes sense because their ideas tend to be stunted by false notions and extreme rhetoric. A free exchange of ideas puts them at a severe disadvantage.
    Did you post as Tuscadero on the old blog?

  9. Moon-howler

    Is everyone knee deep in football games?

  10. Marie

    Gotta watch this! Happy New Year

  11. Marie

    Sorry I did not see pony boy’s post with the same video. Hope everyone watches it!

  12. Chris

    PonyBoy & Marie,
    Thank you, both for the video. That was too funny.
    Happy New Year

  13. JustinT

    Happy New Year everyone! Congratulations on the WaPo article. My only question is, why is Gospel Greg’s blog still getting more hits than this one now that everyone knows its a fraud?

  14. Tuscadero

    –I’ll confess. ‘What part of illegal do you not understand?’ is not part of our mantra.–

    Good! Because nothing is that simple.

  15. Moon-howler

    JustinT, why do people slow down and look at traffic wrecks? Why is it that we must force ourselves to turn away? Same answer.

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