Citizenship does not equate to residency when in comes to college tuition rates!

A guest post by Katherine Gotthardt!  Thank for your very thoughtful contribution regarding this very important life issue for so many young people who were brought to this country as  children.

According to Inside Higher Ed, “The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of a lower court’s ruling that placed in doubt the legality of a state law granting in-state tuition rates to some immigrant students who lack the legal authority to be residents of the state, the Los Angeles Times reported. While the California Supreme Court’s ruling would only be binding in that state, it could influence debates in other states with similar laws. Higher education officials and advocates for immigrants have worried that the lower court’s ruling, if it stands, could make it impossible for many of the students covered by the law to remain in college, given the large difference in tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students and the limited aid dollars available to students who are not legal U.S. residents.” (

The LA Times article says, “The California Supreme Court case revolves around a 2001 state law, known as AB 540, that permits the tuition breaks. Under the law, illegal immigrant students qualify for in-state rates if they attended a California high school for three years, graduated here and signed an affidavit saying they will apply for permanent residency as soon as they are eligible. The law has remained in effect during the legal challenge.” (,0,3248207.story)

Before considering this case, it is important to understand the admissions and financial aid systems.

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BOCS Opens 2009 with a Full Agenda

This Tuesday, January 6 will be the first BOCS meeting of the New Year. Traditionally, the Board will decide its vice chair. The position will be held for a year and is currently held by Supervisor John Stirrup. Other annual procedures will involve Chairman Corey Stewart addressing the Board, setting the calendar for the year and adoption of the board’s rules of procedure.

News and Messengers highlights:

Normally, the chair speaks about the progression of the county’s strategic goals, said executive Craig Gerhart on Friday. But Stewart is instead going to focus on “the economy, and showing how the county’s poised to handle the fiscal challenges” that are expected over the next couple years, Gerhart said.

Discussion of strategic goals is part and parcel of the board’s meeting schedule, anyway. Following the consent agenda, supervisors will receive an update on economic development and transportation, as well as human services — key issues that were identified and listed, along with education and public safety, as the core county concerns through 2012.

The strategic goals are important because they form the basis for budget planning for the upcoming years.

One highlight of the afternoon session will be a commendation for Ms. Caroline Custard, principal of Hylton High School for being named 2008 Principal of the Year.

There will be an evening session and the agenda seems full.

BOCS Agenda

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