Robb Pearson Joins AntiBVBL Discussion of Anti-immigrant Psychology — Rick B. and Michael Beg to Differ

Update: Today Robb Pearson, featured in the videos below, joined the conversation and answered a host of questions and comments from Anti posters. Thanks Robb for your insights into anti-illegal immigrant psychology.

For those not familiar with Robb Pearson’s story, you should watch the Part 1 before Part 2.  In Part 1 Robb tells us how a hunger for attention prompted his transition from popular blogger to infamous anti-illegal immigrant activist.  His honesty here sheds some light on the psychology of Greg Letiecq, whom he briefly references in this part of the interview.

But Part 2 contains a surprising revelation about the anti-illegal immigration mindset.  If you think you understand the mindset now, you will understand it differently after watching this.

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Citizen Burris Goes to Washington!

Roland Burris has been selected by Governor Blagojevich (Henceforth known as Gov B in this article) to replace President Elect Barack Obama, the former junior senator from Illinois.

Seems straightforward enough but, Gov B has been under investigation for allegedly attempting to sell Obama’s former seat. The big problem seems that he has yet to be indicted. He appointed a replacement, Roland Burris and Burris has been denied entrance into the Senate because his credentials were not signed off on by all the powers that be in Illinois.
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