Roland Burris has been selected by Governor Blagojevich (Henceforth known as Gov B in this article) to replace President Elect Barack Obama, the former junior senator from Illinois.

Seems straightforward enough but, Gov B has been under investigation for allegedly attempting to sell Obama’s former seat. The big problem seems that he has yet to be indicted. He appointed a replacement, Roland Burris and Burris has been denied entrance into the Senate because his credentials were not signed off on by all the powers that be in Illinois.

So, there is high drama going on in Washington D.C. as usual. Mr. Burris, (Senator Select Burris?) Senator Harry Reid has ruled that he will not be admitted to the Senate because Gov B is under investigation and that the appointment is tainted. Gov B ignored Senator Leader Reid and sent Mr. Burris on to Washington.

The Democrats are all over the place on this one. There is lots of in-fighting over this one. There are those charging racism because Mr. Burris, a black man, is not being seated. The news is consumed with this story. The Republicans are wisely sitting back and watching.

Is not admitting Mr. Burris to the senate an act of racism or are there much bigger issues here? Does this mess hurt President-elect Barack Obama? I don’t think race has a thing to do with it. I believe Gov. B’s difficulties, his arrogance and his unwillingness to work with those within his party are what it is all about. Mr. Burris could be of any race or ethnicity and the same thing would have happened. Just my humble opinion…..

16 Thoughts to “Citizen Burris Goes to Washington!”

  1. Juturna

    I hate to be a cynic, but could race have played a part of the decision to simply exacerbate the entire drama being played by Mr. Blagojevich??? Mr. Burrus is being played. Caroline Kennedy could have been the appointee it would have caused a ruckus. I just see deeper nasty here…

  2. Opinion

    Mr. Burrus is a “witting” pawn in (IMHO) a brilliant ploy by Blagojevich. On the surface, he looks like an acceptable (even prefrable, considering Chicago politics) choice. By quickly nominating an African American while he has the legal power to do so, Blagojevich significantly complicated the State’s case. Block a minority appointment? Legal grounds for blocking any appointment (since Blagojevich has not been proven guilty of any crime)? Confirm Burrus this confirming the Governor’s power and judgement? I can imagine the laughter he and his wife share behind closed doors at the brilliance of this move.

    The honorable thing for Blagojevich to do is resign. He took a “different” road.

  3. ShellyB

    I think our nation is facing so many incredibly big problems right now, that there simply won’t be enough Republicans willing to make the political exploitation of this embarrassment a top priority.

  4. Juturna

    Mr Burrus will be swept away with Blagojevich….. Too bad.

  5. vicki wi

    Mr.Burris You should got to WORK at the senate every morming And take the press with you . Let the people see you mean business. Thats all you need to do let the Americans like myself see that…. I think it will work well for you

  6. Moon-howler

    It is definitely embarrassing. Gov B is a real ass but I admire his chutpah in sort of a sick way. He definitely played it smart on this one and set up a situation where none of the Democrats can do anything right. Lions-1. Christians-0

  7. Punchak

    His name is Roland Burris; not Burrus.

  8. Moon-howler

    Thank you Punchak. I will change it. I don’t multi-task well, it appears.

  9. Rick Bentley

    Burris should be a pariah. First, he accepts the nomination from a crooked governor who his lobbying firms have done big business with in the past. Then, he plays the “race card” hot and heavy. This is a joke.

  10. Lucky Duck

    Shelly B., its the Democrats – including President Elect Obama, who have made the decision to bar Mr. Burris from entering the Senate.

  11. Juturna

    It is an African American Secy of State that won’t certify!!!!! Just had to throw that one in.

  12. Alanna

    I agree with both Juturna and Rick Bentley on this one. After witnessing the political manueverings here in PWC, I firmly believe it’s all politics for some people. Forget about what’s moral, what’s reasonable/ethical or just plain sensible. These kind of politicians will analyze every position to the nth degree and then settle on a strategy.

    So, I completely believe Burris’ race could have been a motivating factor in his selection. But, I can’t understand why Burris would subject himelf to these shananigans and be forever tainted by the Blagojevich scandal. Well, good for the Democrats for standing up in opposition to him.

  13. Juturna

    Yes, I wonder what Burris’ motivation is in going along with this…….. I also think this scandel is pretty bi-partisan. It’s simply awful.

  14. Moon-howler

    Supposedly the biggest scandal/uprising in the history of the swearing in congress. A couple of reporters got hurt also.

    Were those cop types we saw in the news the capital police and were they just escorting him from point A to point B or were they blocking his egress to the Senate?

  15. Moon-howler

    Burris has met with Senator Reid and Senator Durbin and is currently giving a press conference. What an impressive gentleman he is. He is showing a great deal of grace and poise under very difficult circumstances. He stated that he lobbied for the Senate position and many of his friends emailed and called Gov B suggesting him. I wish him well.

  16. T C

    Burris lied under oath….anything to attain his goal of being a senator and getting his big retirement money and have something new to carve on this tombstone.

    Burris needs to be impeached NOW.

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